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If you have an obsession with the Pumpkin Spice Latte that Starbucks releases each fall, you'll be excited about fall fashion jewelry! On the catwalks at Fashion Necklace Week, nearly every collection featured an orange hue. What makes it everyone's favorite color of a bracelet - it suits almost all skin tones!

The 1960s are back in the '90s, and the '90s are back this fall. Yes, we're talking about the miniskirt and suit order. Pumpkin spice colors were mixed with a variety of tweeds on display by Michael Kors and Tory Burch. Pair the tweed suit with a white tee and necklace featuring unique orange beads, a turquoise bracelet and a Luxa pendant. Any negative energies are dissipated and everything is aligned and balanced with this beautiful appearance.

Show your seams!

This fall's fashion statement earrings are there! Invisible seams disappeared, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and others let them show and even accentuate them. The structures of their pieces are linked with metal chains, oversized shoelaces and large whip pins. If you're an edgy person, this season's fashion is for you.

Adorn your edgy look with a multi-colored gemstone wrap bracelet made from exotic and captivating gems. Amethyst bracelets, black onyx bracelets, hematite bracelets and jasper are the perfect gems to add the finishing touch to any edgy look.

This edgy look can be incorporated into your wardrobe for a taste of fall. Jeweled skulls are all the rage in high-shine silver necklaces or soft rose gold, and are adorned with diamond rings or other precious stones. Some might consider them moody pieces, but with the right outfit, they can look elegant and dangerous at the same time.

Cowboys Never Die

No matter how much anyone wants to get rid of denim, it's not going to happen. Designers reinvented denim by cutting old jeans, then mixing and matching them and sewing different jeans together. The look is unique and artistic and pairs perfectly with chunky ankle boots. Style it with a white tee and red rope lace bracelet with red Evil Eye bracelet charm. Once considered a protective shield against jealous glances and jealous speech, haters can't touch you in this chic outfit.

Jackets are chic this season

New York Fashion Bracelet Week brings us the shearling jacket show. They are available in a variety of colors, cuts and styles. Pair it with a classic black or brown cut or cocoon with denim as described below and you'll have a unique look. Any '90s fashion lover will absolutely love the throwback signature sweat necklace! We're talking baggy sweatpants and oversized hoodies for the weekend.

Oh, the printed maxi dress is back! You can dress them up overnight, or make them sophisticated enough for the office. The print screams '60s, and jewelry like a pair of hematite pearl bracelets and CZ drop earrings are perfect. Pearls symbolize charity, faith and innocence, but this fall's fashion Women Necklace is anything but innocence. There are many styles of brooches that are trending this fall. Pair it with a bold look or a sophisticated look, strictly business or completely on the fringes. The trend today is to do whatever you want, whatever you want, whatever you want.

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