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At Luxa, we are committed to blending cultures around the world and promoting the health of everyone. That's why Bali holds such an important place in our hearts. The local artisans we work with create beautiful pieces of Balinese jewelry that reflect the island's unique traditions.

With rich symbolism, intricate designs and stunning crystals, the outstanding artists behind our Valentine's Day jewelry incorporate Bali's unique religious, social history and powerful environment into each exquisite piece.

Indonesian gems
Bali is located in the southern region of Indonesia, among the country's 16,000 UN registered islands! But compared to the rest of the country, Bali is different, which is why...

Special island among islands
Indonesia has some puzzling statistics, but perhaps two of the most interesting facts have to do with the incredible number of people who inherited island cultures, including Bali. The country has the fourth largest population in the world, and it is the most populous Muslim-majority country in the entire world.

While heavily influenced by the religious culture of the rest of the country - as seen in the traditional Islamic motifs of the golden evil eye necklace in Balinese designer fashion jewelry - the island province itself actually adheres to a form of Balinese Hinduism . This religious tradition stems from a long but somewhat chaotic history of interactions between Balinese natives and Hindu conquerors.

Unique religious practices
Balinese Hinduism combines elements of ancient animism with Hindu belief systems that were brought from India to other Southeast Asian islands through trade and conquest until reaching Bali.

This is how Hindu symbols find their way into Balinese artisan Valentine's Day jewelry in unique designs, such as our Divine Harmony - Amethyst Triple Protection Jewelry Bracelet, and the Knowledge Hunter - Women's Silver Snake Head Gold Necklace and other powerful animal amulets.

Religious practices are integrated into Balinese architecture and agriculture. The island's irrigation system, known as subak, is used to support rice production and is actually religious. In this system, temples play an important role in blessing the water delivered to the plants and are erected on rice fields. In addition to this, there are thousands of other buildings that serve as the home of the gods.

More common may be the penjor bamboo pillars built to commemorate and welcome deities and ancestors to visit and bless each family. Beautiful ornaments are attached to each pillar, including colorful produce grown on the island, which hang from these towering totems.

Penjor has many different origin stories that testify to the fusion of Balinese cultures, but more importantly, these gorgeous towers showcase the sophisticated aesthetics of Balinese art.

Handcrafted Charm and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Other Spiritual Crystal Traditions in Bali
In other ways, Bali resonates with the meeting point of modern, spiritually centered lifestyles. To this day, Bali celebrates its cultural New Year in Nyepi, a day of silence. This is not just a suggestion - everything including airports will be closed for the day. And in some parts of the island, power has been cut for 25 hours to make sure everyone takes time to meditate and reflect.

Bali Valentine's Day jewelry sales, like Luxa's Meaningful Presence - Red Rope Mantra Bar Charm Bracelet, echo this powerful tradition of quietly assessing our place on earth.

Another interesting tradition reflects Bali's connection to the spiritual and divine. Balinese believe that for four years after a child is born, he or she will have the peace symbol jewelry of the four guardian angels who always accompany him or her. This deep-rooted relationship with the divine can be channeled through Bali fashion jewelry rings, such as in our divine knowledge.

The influence of history on Balinese culture
Religion isn't the only dozen or so traditions that have left their cultural imprint on Bali wholesale fashion jewelry. Political and royal influences have entered art design and style.

Political Rules
Bali, along with other islands including Indonesia, was a hotbed of colonial conquest. The Dutch docked in Bali as early as the 1600s to establish the Dutch East Indies and benefit from the incredible natural resources of the Indonesian islands.

Eventually in the 20th century, the Japanese took control from the Dutch and ruled temporarily until Indonesian nationalists gained independence from the island nation.

As colonial powers took hold, many former colonies had to work hard to preserve their culture. In the jewelry store of the Bali Fashion Fair Mall, we can see the influence of trade routes over the centuries, especially the annotation of cultural symbols.

For example, the Evil Eye Bracelet is combined with natural materials in some pieces, such as our Healing Empathy Protective Jewelry - Agarwood Evil Eye Necklace, showcasing the Islamic traditions that have permeated Indonesian culture as well as those native to the Southeast Asian region. wood and materials.

The Buddhist and zodiac images that resonate from East and South Asia and meet on the island are equally present in Valentine's Day jewelry sales styles - just look at our cosmic origins - for example, the women's antique bronze spinning wheel zodiac necklace.

Handcrafted Charm and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Royal Tradition
In addition to colonial takeovers, there is a royal tradition in the region that can still be seen in Balinese fashion jewelry today. In terms of royal bloodlines, ten exist according to different geographic regions. Royal blood is considered the guardian of the Hindu faith, so these families helped influence how Balinese Hinduism fuses animistic traditions with Hindu mythology.

When we think of royalty, amethyst enhances our minds with images of crowns and thrones. Balinese luxury and jewelry, incorporating precious, decadent gems like the Spiritual Jewelry Harmony - Amethyst Chakra Necklace, reminding us of the important role royal leaders play in inspiring traditional longevity.

Bali Beaches and Environmental Jobs
What haven't we mentioned yet during our trip to Bali? Of course the beach! The deep sea that surrounds the island floats on the Soothing Thoughts - Aquamarine Evil Eye Ring, crafted by Luxa artisans in Bali.

However, Indonesia's beaches and some of Bali's most popular beaches have reached dire status, as plastic polluters contribute about 10 percent of the plastic waste to the world's oceans. In response, Bali has taken the amazing step of eliminating all plastic use on the island.

Contributing to the cause of beauty in Bali, Luxa has partnered with local artisans to design and create the elegant Balinese artisan fashion jewelry earrings you know and love. We do not work with factories that mass-produce trinkets; instead, we work with production facilities that pay attention and attention to the materials and craftsmanship of handcrafted luxury goods and jewelry.

Final Thoughts
Perhaps now is the time to illustrate the importance of Balinese fashion jewelry necklaces at Luxa - more than half of our collections come from amazing artists on this exotic island.

Bali is more than just a beach resort. It has a long political history that has influenced how the island's culture incorporates religious symbols with its amazing natural resources such as bamboo, fruits and gems. Together with Balinese artisans, Luxa has been committed to respecting and sharing the island's wonderful tradition of spiritual crystal necklaces around the world.

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