Women Jewelry - Celebrities: What Jewelry Have They Been Wearing And What Are They Going To Wear?

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Whatever appears on the runway in Los Angeles, Milan or New York, we want to see it in stores. But then our beloved celebrity will be in beautiful jewelry, glamorous jewelry, cute jewelry or rad, we just have to have it.

Take celebrity-shaped fashion jewelry, for example! The choker was as around last summer as it was in the 90s and even the 60s and 70s. They add vibrancy to jeans and t-shirts, but also make the perfect bracelet for a night out.

Like Poppy Delevinge and her entry into the night in black, gold and anything in between. And those low necklines that are all the rage, Miranda Kerr filled the neckline space with a simple but thick choker. Taylor Swift is keeping things simple this summer while serving as a trendsetter for D.I.Y. Stylized collar made of chain or ribbon. Girls on the street might want stretch braids, which were a hit in the '90s.

Jeans do it again in dresses

The summer of 2016 still sees denim. It's a year-round material, suitable for anyone at any time. The question we face every season is "How do I make denim look different and new?" The summer of 2016 answered us. Wear a dress! From Bella Hadid's well-done tank top dress or Karlie Kloss's mini denim dress. We see tailored shirt dresses paired with sandals, tennis shoes, and even lace-up heels.

In denim and other fabrics, off-the-shoulder outfits are ubiquitous on this summer's star scene. They're an effortless look for those early morning studio appointments that go straight to dinner. As always, Kourtney Kardashian looked great in pairing her ripped jeans with a wrap top.

Dakota Fanning looked perfect in a ruffled off-the-shoulder dress with low-top sneakers and a mirrored bomber jacket. Vanessa Hudgens made her shoulders more refined by pairing her bare shoulders with strappy stilettos.

It was a bright yellow summer!

The color of summer 2016 is yellow! It's bright and underrated. Gigi Hadid kept it simple in a pencil skirt that hugged her figure for a night out. Kirsten Dunst gave us a glimpse of the 1950s in this Grace Kelly look in a pale yellow shirtdress.

Blake Lively is the one who wears yellow from summer to fall, paired with a velvet midi dress tied around the waist. Her simple drop earrings, like our Hematite Bracelet Pearl Necklace CZ Droplets and lace-up sandals, give her a perfectly elegant style that can be worn effortlessly from day to night.

What will happen this winter?

With fall coming and the idea is to throw in a chic new coat, we can expect to see celebrities sporting parkas with furry collars and hoods. Patent leather, fluffy coats, all trimmed with clever fur. What makes this look so great are the many budget-friendly different versions on the market? You don't have to break the bank just to get the image of a celebrity designer.

From statement knitted sweaters to sock socks, '50s looks are back, baby! A jumpsuit with a turtleneck underneath for extra warmth. In fact, you'll see more turtlenecks this year! They can be perfectly paired with our Druzy Turquoise Bracelet Natural Stone Necklace for Women.

This fall, the pattern will also get big. Kendall Jenner is a fan of Chanel and Marc Jacobs. Whatever she wears from these two designers will be a hit in stores. This year, short girls own the fashion necklace world, starting with Anna Kendrick. She found a way to draw attention to her slender waist rather than her short height by adding a wide belt to her bold midi dress.

Regina Hall brings us bold striped suits that will make you look taller. Or opt for a deep V or deep V neckline, as Emma Roberts has already started, which elongates your upper body. High-waisted trousers will make the legs look thinner and longer, and tops with bomber jackets are a sporty look this fall.

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