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African-American traditions in the American South have practiced hoodoos for centuries. Also known as juggling, laying skills, rooting, and rooting, this southern folk magic Women Jewelry has a theory that's hard to ignore.

The tradition of using hoodoo's ashes for spiritual jewelry has different uses. This includes name paper ashes or prayer and scripture ashes, as well as remnants of incense on the altar. Here, we'll sample the area to give you ways to incorporate ashes into your own practice.

A well-known practice by Quassia Bark is to triple distill a name by burning one, then folding the ashes into another name sheet, and burning it. The ashes from the second burn were folded into another name sheet. This practice allows people to focus on one name without any personal issues.

In the past, it was common to use a pen and sprinkle the ashes of the name paper over the ink on the second and third iterations, as the ashes would stick to the liquid ink as it dries.

prayer or scripture
A prayer written by one's own words or scriptures from the Bible raises awareness of prayer. When we write something like a chapter, psalm or verse in the Bible, or especially when we write our own prayer, it builds up through our hands from our mind to our heart stronger connection.

Prayer has its own meaning and weight. But the ideas we use to compose the material and write it out make these concepts communicate more powerfully. The body is washed clean from water soaked in prayer papers. Another common way of working is to burn the paper to ashes and then mix the ashes with other materials used in other spiritual bracelet work.

The paper can be burned with a candle until ashes form, allowing them to float upward. However, using a bed made of incense is the more common way because it concentrates the energy.

Ash from combustion is used for a variety of purposes, the most common being one of the following:

**Sprinkle on own property to protect jewelry

** boiled

** Mixed with sachet powder, then used to draw patterns on the altar

**Add to candle tray or censer

Ash deposition or disposal
If you have a brass bowl on your altar, this is the perfect jewelry place to collect ashes from your work​​​. Such as the ashes collected during the weekly ritual of working for money. Another good example is a professional root doctor who has separate altars working for different clients, and they can collect ashes from each client to fill their containers.

Regardless of how the ashes are captured, whether by a specific time, job, or container, when the right time arises, the ashes are properly disposed of in a ritualistic manner, depending on the type of work that produced the ashes.

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