Women Jewelry - Taurus Season 2022 And You!

Hello Taurus jewelry season 2022. You desperately need it now. We've all been feeling very anxious lately. We are all ready to feel your collective sensual energy bracelet.

Known for experiencing life's greatest joys, Taurus know how to use their senses. Most importantly, they are very creative, love life Women Jewelry and live in harmony.

For all non-Taurus people, this is also your time to shine, and here are some ways you can use this time.

Money, luxury and comfort

Most of you know Taurus and how stubborn they are. Cancer, Scorpio and Gemini pay close attention to this. It's time to make your mind more flexible.

One thing you all have in common is your undeniable loyalty. Good to know during quarantine. Don't drain yourself by "giving" too much.

Earthy Taurus, you are everything in the material world. You Love offers bracelets for your money, luxury jewelry and comfort. Neither of us. Especially your Earth equals Virgo and Capricornus. But you can be stingy, and this is something we can all learn from you this month.

Libra, Pisces and Aquarius, watch out:

Libra, Pisces and Aquarius, now is your time to focus and focus on your goals. You tend to live as you please. Taurus builds a safe life, and that's something you can do too. Sit down and write down your wishes and goals. Expand if you currently live in it. If you're currently struggling, get creative (God knows you are) and "feel" where you want to go. Your intuition will never lead you astray.

Slow It Down

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Slow down the fire signs:

Aries, your time has just ended, and that's a good thing. You and your fire-sign partners Aries and Leo are particularly disturbed because you both love necklaces to get work done. Um. Do not! You'll find a way to relax, breathe, read your favorite book, and get more pampered. Put that fire out for a while. You'll be blown away by the creativity oozing from your magnificent brain.

5 ways to make Taurus your season:
So what can we do to make the most of this earthy, fixed Venus season? Here are some handy tips for all 12 flags.

Read and take note, it could be a game changer.

1. Move it
Rarely is a Taurus sitting on her/his booty or laurels in this matter. We can all use this time to delve into the Taurus Moon Energy Bead Bracelet and move our bodies around. Don't use quarantine as an excuse to sit and do nothing.

Go out to the yard to play with your child for an hour every day.
Find exercises you'll love on YouTube. It's free and does it every other day.
Practice social distancing, and if you feel comfortable, get outside and walk around on the sidewalk.

Find your athletic mojo and stick with it until it's over. You will feel better and you will enter another dimension in your mind.

2. A little luxury
Everyone is affected by what is going on. So it seems a little out of place to ask you to pamper yourself a little. but it is not the truth. We all deserve to feel good, and there are cheap ways to do it.

Buy a candle that smells great and relax with the warm water while you shower. Cancer, Scorpio, and Price, it's a natural fit for you. Wind, fire, and earth constellations, draw that bath.
Because we don't go to work every day is not an excuse to let go. Every logo has some vanity, more than others. Shower, do your hair and spray your favorite perfume at least Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, it's all over :).

3. Self-esteem boost
Taurus your confidence is always shining. That's why you do so much. You're also great in your day-to-day work, which is what we've all been doing during this time.

If you've developed bad habits during quarantine, break them. In fact, as soon as possible. A bad routine can damage your self-esteem. Create continuity each day, even if it means making your bed while tidying up your meals and completing a project. You will feel great (especially Gemini and Libra).

Also, if this is a sad time for you, write it down and add a positive affirmation after each sentence. We wrote an article called Add A Comma (,) and Raise Your Luxa. it works. Do this every day until you start to feel better.

4. Commitment
Taurus season is a wonderful time to commit yourself to something. Do whatever you want. a relationship, complete a project, learn something

Taurus keep their word, and it's a bond they won't break. There are lessons to be learned from many of us during Taurus season. It exists in the stars, the moon and the air. Literally. Use this time to be your promise and fulfill your obligations.


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One thing to remember during Taurus season is to slow down and learn the art of patience. with yourself and those around you.

Take a step back and see what's important to you. Learning the art of breathing and meditation is key to reducing stress and oxygenating your brain.
If that's not your thing (Scorpio and Leo), make it yours. Every sign will love to slow down, breathe, relax and stretch.

Taurus 2020 is the time to use the perfect energy balance bracelet including joy, love knot rings and commitment. Learning the art of balance during this time is key. The more you practice what we have written above, the more peaceful and happy you will be in your heart. Have confidence.


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Don't forget to indulge in something super decadent. We're putting this one last, so you won't be ordering that pizza until you read this. What fun do you have? Chocolate, pizza, steak and chips? Find a way to incorporate it into your diet. Have fun with your kids during this time to keep their spirits up. But don't forget, this is a cheat meal, not a cheat day.

Make the most of each day, because this too will pass.

Much love from your Luxa Women Jewelry family.

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