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Finally! We have reached the end of March and the beginning of spring! ! Who doesn't hate winter? Cold and wet days kept us locked inside. We feel restless and bored, impatient and short-tempered. We are tired of the stale air of the past 3 or 4 months.

As we recently wrote here, the nose knows more than we think. That being said, the nose responds best to 6 scents to help the mind and body:

Cinnamon stimulates and enhances your concentration.
Lavender can calm you down and manage your emotional stress.
Lemons can boost your focus and ease anger and anxiety.
Jasmine can calm nerves and relieve depression.
Peppermint improves your concentration level and energy balance bracelet level.
Rosemary can improve your memory and fight headaches, mental fatigue and physical exhaustion.
Smell is the fastest way to change our mood, thoughts and state of being. So to get your body, mood and mind out of winter fears and into spring mode, here are some aromatherapy tips we recommend:

1. Essential oils: luxury is a worthwhile investment
In addition to apples and cucumbers, lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety, while limes and oranges are great for healing energy bracelets. Simply add 3 to 5 drops to the bath water or inhale from the eye pillow. Concentrated versions of essential oils are recommended to avoid possible allergic reactions from additives.

2. Out of the box, away from the coffee table
Incorporate aromatherapy into your daily environment. Use essential oil pills in the shower and a plug-in diffuser in the car. A shower routine will get you up and moving, while an in-car routine will lift your mood as you commute.

3. Get a massage - even if it's a favor
You know all these little things you do for your significant other? Nothing pays off better than an aromatherapy massage. As your partner massages your arms, back, neck and shoulders, relieve stress with just a few drops of your favorite Women Jewelry scent and neutral carrier oil.

4. One banana a day for weight loss
While eating an apple a day can keep the doctor away, smelling bananas and green apples when you're hungry can reduce weight. Studies have found that there are certain smells that release hormones that make us feel full.

5. Quit smoking with the help of black pepper
In 2013, a study of smokers found that when they smelled angelica oil or black pepper oil, their nicotine cravings decreased. The inhaled black pepper gave their throats a burning sensation, like a cigarette. Participants using angelica oil became more relaxed, just as smoking helped them relax. When the craving hits, just put a small drop of oil on a cotton ball.

6. Almond Pain Relief
Canadian research found that when women smelled pleasant scents like almond extract, they experienced nearly 40% less pain. Their pain levels became higher with strong odors such as vinegar. Experts believe that post-operative patients may need a specific scent for comfort compared to more medications.

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