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The Taurus Crescent Women Jewelry arrives on May 11 (and technically the 12th), just two days after Jupiter jumps into Pisces, giving us a rare combination of creating rituals around material needs and spiritual crystal needs.

We tend to lose our way and direction when it comes to monetary evolution, and this is the Moon Necklace, creating a deeper "soul" connection between material wealth and spiritual jewelry enlightenment.

Taurus is strong, energetic, and dedicated, while Pisces loves to swim in emotional avoidance, deflect any squabbles, and stay in a fluffy and happy world. Both have magic power, as long as you don't stay in them for too long.

The energy of this crescent necklace will allow you to interweave and connect on two levels, but the work must be done and the jewelry of intent must be set to embody this transformation.

Every bracelet of intent placed and executed over the next six months will come into play between this new moon and the full moon (eclipse) cycle in November. Those who are more conscious of their efforts will find it easy for cosmic energies to open up in a more positive way, allowing for a shift in the other direction.

Luxa will also have a more pronounced space, metaphors "to others as yourself" and "go out and do good things" are essential. In other words, treating everyone the way you want to be treated and finding ways to give them is also the key to the growth and abundance of your high-end Necklace.

Ruled by the goddess Venus, the energy of Taurus is about luxury jewelry and material wealth, hard work and money love necklace gold. Known for experiencing life's greatest joys, Taurus know how to use their senses.

Most importantly, they are very creative, love pearl necklaces, and live in harmony. All Constellation Jewelry can now take advantage of this by focusing on what's important and how to bring about the future.

How? Step by step, the first step is to ask yourself, "What can I change", write it down, and then go after it with confidence. There's never been a better time than 2022 to address this, as this moon phase will help you grow from there.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the May 13 transit of Jupiter into Pisces, a blessing to be sure and to take advantage of this sooner rather than later. Jupiter is the star of luck, abundance and growth in the Taurus season, and is so striking that every sign should make the most of and live in the money spell bracelets we create below.

This is the perfect time for you to shine, sow, use this spirit to protect the jewelry space, and set your intention earrings for love your bracelets, money and joy.

Let's turn off the outside noise and use this time to embrace our miracles, express our deepest desires, and light up our blessings. The spell jewels below are basic. Write them down, put on your crystal earrings, and either go out or find a comfortable place at home and speak them out.

New Moon Release Ceremony
During this time, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

Who or what needs to leave your life so you can make room for something new and improved?
What are you resisting?
What you can start today (i.e. exercise, take a walk, journal, new job) to help you move in a more positive direction and achieve the goals you so desperately desire.
Stay focused and write down your intentions and blessings to stay energized.

Raise Your Good New Moon Ritual:
A wonderful jewelry ritual I love to do during a new moon is to create a quiet space, light a white candle, and sit and meditate/prayer. This allows me to connect with my spirit and center on my intentions, so I know what actions I need to take over the next few weeks.
Purify your aura and reconnect to your core with a warm bath with nature's jewels, sea salt, baking soda and fresh lemon.
Another great ritual is to put your Swarovski crystal earrings under the new moon overnight. If you can't, place them on a windowsill that catches moonlight. This will clean and charge your Swarovski crystal stud earrings so they continue to work at their highest vibration frequency.
Reach out to the moon and say "thank you" to the universe for all your blessings.

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My new moon money spells and beliefs:
The trick to manifesting anything is to believe in it, work on it, and make it alive. Let's start by "believing" and say each spell necklace aloud at least three times a day for the next 30 days (between lunar cycles) and breathe deeply between each spell.

Create an area of balance or "chi" in your house. It can be your home office, personal office space or where you work. We must focus on creating wealth and abundance, allowing good airflow to bring the energy of money into your environment.

We encourage you to respect the talents and challenges that define your essence. Brighten up your universe naturally with these delicate Zodiac & Constellation necklaces for women.

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