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Unfortunately, things are a little different this year! Rather than giving kids gifts back to school at Christmas with a focus on enlightenment and knowledge, we have a very different focus and perspective; keep them healthy!

We understand this as we too are parents and concerned about the current Covid climate and how best to keep our families safe. So our mission was to create a collection that could help achieve the school's goals this year.

Ionic Bracelet

ION is important for longevity, boosting mood, soothing tension and stabilizing the flow of energy bracelets. You just have to keep your energy balance bracelet high and positive, and let the negative ions do their positive things. Now you can stay super focused and show off all the success Women Jewelry you need this semester.

Now, for most parents, teachers, and educators, protecting our teens from getting sick or harmed is just as important, if not more important.

Despite health being the focus, parents, teachers and students hear and feel a lot of disappointment on social media, how important daily interaction and education is, how much it affects everyone, keeping morale low and fearful and surrounding scary Fear of the situation.

We're looking at a country doing everything it can to bring happiness into their families, keeping everyone noble, and continuing to make sure education is a priority, and we want to help.

Red String Protection Bracelet

We've picked out specific red string bracelets to nourish your soul this school season. Each Charm Bracelet comes with a Charm/Symbol to meet your specific needs on the way to the perfect result.

At Luxa, we know the importance of knowledge and we want to make sure you have all the necessary tools and mindsets to help us provide cheap gifts to kids, young people, mothers, fathers, teachers and everyone affected by these times, to Achieving success and continuing to guide you towards the Success Bracelet during these uncertain times.

We've put together a collection of powerful gemstones designed to help you and your family maintain healthy jewelry and focus so you can excel in 2022, whether at school or homeschooling.

We understand that parents are also taking on new roles this year, with many becoming teachers and guardians to support, guide and protect their children to ensure their learning and follow the curriculum offered to them by their educational institution seamlessly and efficiently interesting.

Not always the easiest to do. Especially if parents also have to work from home. Stability, routine, and positive energy shifts always help.

No matter what your back-to-school situation is this year, stay balanced, focused, consistent, and energized with our Feng Shui Tree of Life so you can deliver flawless results in all areas of your education or your child. We've chosen a specific tree of life, paired with powerful gemstone jewelry, to surround you in peace.

If your priority is maintaining healthy necklaces and maintaining balance in your life so you can ensure your children are successful in wearing necklaces and help them develop healthy bracelet habits and a strong attitude, we want to give you our full support. Journey and provide you with daily reminders about how you manifest your reality.

This year we've got little kids in mind, so whether you're sending a gift for kids under 10 back to school or homeschooling, keep them playful, protected, and happy with the Luxa Online Kids Collection's adorable gifts. Each crystal bracelet features the evil eye for protection and is adorned with super cute charms they'll love.

We struggled to figure out how to combine spirituality with academic endeavors because they definitely follow each other. Our Back to School Collection Red String Bracelet, ION Little Girl Charm Bracelet, Feng Shui Tree of Life and the lovely Good Luxa Gift Collection for Kids and Girls Gem Bracelets and Symbols will bring you good luck, protection and prosperity in your own or your child's studies score.

Most importantly, keep this in mind...you can show joy and happiness in any situation. We're really glad we can help you feel good and get an education with ease, elegance, and fun!

Much love from your Luxa Women Jewelry

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