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Celebrate The Art Of Dreaming!


We hope everyone had a great holiday and are ready to wear beautiful Women Jewelry rings in 2022. The beginning of a New Year's necklace is a great time for all of us to think about new beginnings and adventures we want to embrace. Most of the things we dream about are things we can do if we are willing to work on it, adjust our choices to support it, and be flexible in making it happen. You don't need to believe it's going to be easy, or that it's going to happen quickly, or that it's going to look the way you think it is. You just have to believe in the possibilities, which means you need to believe in yourself.

"I dream of my paintings, I paint the necklaces of my dreams."

—Vincent Willem Van Gogh

This quote is a great inspiration for you to start figuring out what your dream earrings are and how to achieve them. If you can imagine them, you can live them.

Start With The Big Picture!

Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what your dreams are. What goal do you want to start with. Listen to your intuition! Think about what you really want for yourself, don't focus on what you think others want. What do you like? What are you passionate about? What excites you? What, for you, brings that momentary smile? Make a list and write it down. In order to realize your vision for yourself, it is important to consciously think about your dream bracelet and then take action.

Be Specific And Write It Down!

Write a specific and clear statement that you can imagine and think about every day. It should describe what you want to happen or what you want to achieve. It should be measurable and have a time frame attached. A USA Today study on New Year's Women Jewelry resolutions found that people who wrote down their goals were 46 percent more likely to succeed than those who didn't.

Outline The Steps That Will Make Your Dream A Reality!

What do you need to do to achieve these goals? Do you need new skills or knowledge? Do you need more time? Determine what needs to be done and start with the project that provides the most value. Write down a list and update it weekly with actions you will take to move you forward. Doing something consistently, no matter how small, builds momentum.

Don’t Let Yourself Get In The Way!

Remain optimistic! How many times have you dreamed about what you want, and then thought about a lot of ways it couldn't, wouldn't, or shouldn't happen? I don't have enough time. I don't have these skills. I'm not smart enough. I shouldn't have done that. I am too old or too young. I do not have money. What if my family thinks this is a bad idea? Instead, decide what you want, believe in it, dream about it, act towards it, and commit to it every day! It might mean waking up early or joining a program, but you can make anything happen! You are worth the effort!

Never Give Up!


Learning is one of the greatest gift ideas in a woman's life. Don't let fear be part of your decision-making and keep you from mastering all that life has to offer! Mistakes are an inevitable part of success and translate into opportunities to learn, redirect, move forward, and recommit! Think Thomas Edison who made 10,000 attempts to develop the light bulb! Each failed attempt brought him one step closer to his goal.

Take the time to applaud every step you take and the others who helped you get there!
Every decision we make helps build the life we want. For example, getting up early to exercise may be a small decision, but every time you make that decision, you're getting closer to achieving your goal. You made it once, so you know you have what it takes to make it again and again. Cheers to yourself and your spouse as they cook breakfast for the kids, or make sure you have gas in your car for the early morning drive to the gym. If you have a workout buddy, thank them for walking with you and encouraging you to keep going.

Take One Goal At A Time!


This is the hardest rule of thumb and the biggest challenge we all face. There are so many things we want to do in this short lifetime, and we tend to take on so much. If we accomplish one goal at a time and achieve it before we move on to the next, it will give us more time to commit and work hard to ensure our success. If one goal builds on others, it can also provide you with a solid structural foundation and the confidence to move forward.

We at Luxa Women Jewelry create dream brooches for everyone! We all have the power to make changes in our own lives that will have a positive impact on ourselves, our families, and everyone we come into contact with. The unique pieces in our Luck & Success collection will help you bring prosperity, abundance and good luck into your life. With these jewelry artisan pieces, you will be adorned with gems and symbols that will attract new opportunities and positivism in all areas of your life.

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