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Whether we buy a new drill, washing machine, coffee maker, or any other device that helps make our lives easier, the manufacturer sends a very specific command before using it.

We can think of our overall therapy toolkit in a similar way—it may seem daunting and complicated at first. As we learn to use the various tools God has given us, we unleash a powerful bracelet of jeweled energy to stimulate and enhance optimal well-being.

Our astrological jewelry and protection symbols act as icons and signs, reminding us of healing intent, while tarot card readings provide travel instructions and pathways. Placing healing crystal jewelry on our bodies increases our resonance with the universe, such as the constant maintenance and care of our health kit.

How to Make This Year Your Best Year with Astrology, Tarot, Symbols and Crystal Earrings
If we have all these amazing symbols of protection and healing - from astrology and tarot to horoscopes and gems - within our reach, let's learn how to use them to truly transform your year into an enlightened path A conscious, fulfilling journey on the

Know your zodiac sign and flaunt it

One of the best ways to start a healing process that leads to empowerment and purpose is to understand our deepest, most natural selves. We can check out astrology zodiac bracelets to see how our lives are shaped from the moment of birth.

Using astrology horoscopes, we can gain insight into our birth chart, revealing the unique combination of Sun and Moon signs that correspond to the moment and position of our birth.

Everyone on Earth has a different personal reading than everyone else, and as we learn about astrological symbols that resonate with our innate nature, we can use them to grow into our consciousness.

Of course, many of us have concepts about what each zodiac necklace means, which leads us to make assumptions about the personalities of our favorite Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, etc. Why not rely on it?

Embrace the gentle soul Pisces constellation necklace that guides you to take the time to easily realize your dreams. Transform your fiery energy bead bracelet with the Truth Seeker Sagittarius Constellation Necklace to achieve your potential and goals.

Remember, we're not limited to just associating with our own zodiac earring signs. By taking advantage of this season's astrology, we can study other aspects of our personality that require attention.

During the summer months, experience the femininity and compassion that energizes your relationships by capturing the essence of the Cancer Energy Balance Bracelet in the sentimental Cancer Ring Anklet. Carry an Alien Concept Aquarius keychain with you as a reminder to connect with God by giving back and bringing a balance of positive energy to the universe.

Get A Tarot Reading & Wear Tarot Jewelry As A Reminder

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Tarot cards and astrology go hand in hand. We hold on to our natural signs through astrology, and tarot cards guide us into how the universe exerts other forces, challenging us to grow and strengthen.

It is important to understand that tarot readings are not the same as metaphysical healing practices such as clairvoyance, although they can overlap. Tarot relies on symbols and our human processing of stories and myths to help us confront and interpret the people and events that affect our lives.

This is not an unfounded one when we consider that psychoanalysts, philosophers and writers - such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell - have explored how human beings across cultures relate to similar myths and stories healing process.

Tarot readers can rely on metaphysical connections to tap into our subconscious during a session, but ultimately, our deepest minds will help us unravel the stories that are meant to be told.

As we read, we look at two types of cards or cards in Arcana, the Major has 22 cards and the Minor has 56 cards. The suits of these cards correspond to elements, numbers and symbols. Arranged in various shapes like a Celtic cross or tree of life, we can interpret the cards as an answer to a pressing question, or understand what's happening to us.

To commemorate the Tarot card reading process, we have launched a limited edition Tarot Jewelry Collection, showcasing particularly poignant cards from the deck.

Wear a satin tarot scarf as a reminder of the very human experience of spiritual evolution. Or accept your key role and place in the cosmic plan with the World Tarot Hamsa Diamond Necklace.

Discover the protection symbols that resonate with you

Conservation symbols serve our healing needs in a number of ways. On the one hand, they can simply remind us to connect with God throughout the day in order to keep spiritual guidance in our hearts. On the other hand, these spiritual symbols can resonate with powerful bracelet vibrations to create a force field around our aura.

With symbols such as the Evil Eye, the Eye of Horus, and the Hand of Hamsa, we can protect a shield around us, repelling negativity and doubt from our bracelet of good energy. Combine the protection symbol with another powerful amulet like the red rope, like the Brave Gaze Red Rope Matte Onyx Eye of Evil Bracelet, to maximize the spiritual protection we can rely on.

More abstract spiritual symbols like Infinity and Om remind us of the infinity of the universe and the gifts it can give us. Wearing the Eternal Protection Hematite Infinity Bracelet infuses endless power stone bracelets and passion into our thoughts.

Geometric shapes like the Star of David provide direction and ancient wisdom, but this stunning collection featuring the Wise Journey Lapis Star of David Necklace is only available for a limited time.

Turning to nature, the lotus, the tree of life, the moon, and the stars strengthen our connection to Earth, as all these spiritual explorations allow us to float in the atmosphere. We need to remember our roots and be with the earth, knowing that anything we experience here can be overcome, especially in the Obstacle Crusher Red String Lotus Bracelet.

Wear High Quality Healing Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Finally, the timeless nature of gem and crystal drop earrings makes these powerful pieces ideal for healing and transformation. The Healing Crystal Drop Earrings feature powerful necklace gemstones such as moonstone, emerald and tiger's eye that tap into the different auras of our bodies - spirit, spirit and body.

We can choose from Swarovski crystal stud earrings that align with our various chakras. These are examples of stones corresponding to each of our physical chakras, from top to bottom of the spine:

Crown – Amethyst
The third eye - labradorite
Throat - Aquamarine
Heart – Rose Quartz
Solar Plexus - Citrine
Sacrum – Pyrite
root - hematite
Another way to incorporate healing Swarovski crystal drop earrings into our daily practice is to target our intentions and what we need to do. For example, Onyx has important grounding qualities that help us feel balanced on our two feet while being able to trust the divine plan. The Brave Beginnings Onyx Tiger Eye Necklace inspires us with this message.

Lapis enhances our concentration while opening our minds to perceive cosmic knowledge, and like the Wise Glance Lapis Evil Eye Bracelet, it can hone our awareness of spiritual guides.Hamsa Fatima | Shop Women's Charms and Jewelry | Luxa

Final Thoughts
Nothing can stand in the way of an incredible transformation. Add protective symbols, healing Swarovski crystal hoop earrings, astrology zodiac signs and tarot jewelry to a range of wellness practices so you can start a full, fulfilling year full of intent.

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