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There is a lot of interesting research as well as great ancient wisdom that we get more of what we expect in the Ring of Life necklace. If you want to show more, it helps to look at all the positive aspects of the situation, to be optimistic, and to look forward to winning.

Your home and all the objects you interact with can be the key to making life more optimistic and richer.

In feng shui jewelry, your environment is considered a mirror of you. Every object around you is filled with energy bracelets, as well as messages and cues that trigger thoughts and memories.

We naturally think about what we see throughout the day. A pile of clutter near your desk catches your eye and can trigger a spiraling overwhelm. Your thriving plant sends you a message that growth is happening.

Embark on an energy scavenging adventure
Starting today, you can adapt your space to exude even more joy, starting with an at-home energy bead bracelet.

Burnt bay leaves
To eliminate heavy energy balance bracelets, worries and stress in your space, you can burn the dried bay leaves on the spice rack one at a time in an ashtray (*you may need to relight them to fully burn the leaves). They release calming and purifying properties that reset the energy around you.

Clear Clutter
I also strongly recommend that you take the time - no rush, no stress - to clear out any obvious clutter in your home.

It's great to clear all the clutter in your Flower of Life necklace, but when you start by clearing clutter in spaces you experience regularly -- like your bedroom, your closet, your desk, your kitchen, or Your car - this will instantly open the door to more mobility and power, creating room for more wealth to flow into your life.

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Light the Way
Next, take advantage of more sunlight by placing some water in the sun for a few hours to be activated by the sun's rays. Use sun-infused water to mop floors or mix it with some white vinegar (50/50 mix) to make a cleaning spray for your windows!

Opening curtains or blinds in the morning to get more sunlight and installing brighter bulbs for light fixtures in dark rooms can also help brighten your home and life with a charm bracelet.

Make your Mirror Sparkle
Cleaning your mirrors can be a shiny way to elevate your home, and create a shinier self-reflection in the process!

You can try saying affirmations in the mirror over and over again, like Louise Hay's famous affirmation, "The Beloved Jewel of Life Loves You," until you feel the waves of love wash over you in the morning.

Another one of my favorites is the affirmation, "Amazing things are going to happen today!"

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Wearing Gold and Tarot Jewelry
The Sun Tarot card is filled with the brightest prospects: renewal, joy, peace, success and self-confidence. When you want to reinforce all the most positive affirmations, you can wear the Sun Tarot necklace.

Many energetic therapists find wearing gold attractive for successful outcomes. The metallic elements in feng shui bracelets help focus and enhance the power of your good energy bracelet, so stack all your golden jewelry too!

Charge the crystal with your intent
Crystals are great for enhancing your intent and staying focused on abundance. You can program any crystal according to your intentions. Light an incense stick (or your favorite cleansing smoke) and run the crystal through the smoke to clear any old power stone bracelets.

Next, place your crystal in your hand, think about your desire, imagine your intention entering the crystal through your hand.

Place crystals in a prominent place, such as a desk or nightstand. Hold the crystal for a few minutes each day while imagining your intentions. This exercise can help you manifest quickly!

List with Citrine
You can amplify your wealth intentions with sparkling and inspiring citrine. By wearing the citrine in a conspicuous way like the Happy Success Wrap bracelet I see on my left wrist all day long, you will experience the happy success message of healing energy bracelets, beauty and expanding crystals all day long.

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Final Thoughts
As you adjust to greater expectations and limitless possibilities, practice noticing every good thing that happens every day. Since everything we focus on grows and multiplies, focusing on these positive things - big and small - will make you more attractive!

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