Women Jewelry - Fall Jewelry Trends Are Here: Beads, Stones, Multiple Rings And Chunky Necklaces

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With the end of summer, autumn, autumn and winter, the fashion jewelry trend of 2016 is here. The fashion bracelet statement for several seasons has been otherworldly baubles, gemstones, rose gold mixed with 14k yellow gold, white gold and yellow gold. We wore rings that layered the fingers and tight/thin cuffs lining the armor, only one held high in a sleeveless dress. We have multiple earrings adorning the top of our ears to the lobes. Don't forget, silver bracelets with turquoise bangles made a comeback from the 60s and 70s.

For summer 2016, trendy necklaces play down these statement dimensions with thin bands and tiny bead and jewel inlays, but it's more about it. So what will trendy earrings do for us this fall? Well, we're not exactly shrinking or minimizing!

Minimalists and minimalists - there's something for everyone
There's something for the minimalist as well as anyone who likes to push fashion rings to the extreme. The whirlwind that engulfed the catwalks, along with the presentation of the upcoming fall 2016 fashion statement, has lost many of the details of the pieces.

The smallest jewelry is also the most attractive in bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Examples include plate-sized earrings, necklaces, and even rings that may or may not have beads and semi-precious jewelry set in and on them. These plates often look like a large coin and include dangling earrings or even a fringed tassle dangling from the top of the jewelry.

Chains are also making a comeback, and our belts, chokers and necklaces run from our necks to our navels and beyond. They are adorned with scattered beads and semi-precious stones. Even chain necklaces have embedded small stones and/or tassel earrings that hang from them.

There will be fashion for the eyes too - chains and necklaces with stones and beads are in!

Beaded jewelry and semi-precious stones aren't just for ears, head, neck or waistline. This summer, fashion brooches will also make a fashion statement with glasses chains worn around the neck. String and bead chains will make wearing glasses an ideal fashion statement.

Whether you need prescription glasses or just to keep out the sun, styles will include large links or jeweled cords. Even the back of your head will have a fashion statement because you'll want to show off your jewelry glasses chain because it hangs in your hair rather than under it.

For the minimalist - bigger is better

For fashion actresses who love jewelry, this fall is even bigger. Large pieces of jewelry in natural shapes or ground into circles, squares or triangles, all joined together to form a long chain that becomes part of the garment. Or various large metal shapes joined together with beads or semi-precious stones embedded in them.

Some might call it bulky, but fashionistas call it style. The bulky shapes in different metals all hang from a strap that wraps around the neck, with various beads sandwiched in between, adding a little mean to the bold statement.

For the minimalist - safety pin

Something as simple as a safety pin will make a statement in minimal fashion this fall. Beads and jewels will slide onto them before they connect to each other. Or they can be joined together and then a medium-sized stone is attached to the center of the safety pin to create a chain. An oversized safety pin will be attached to the ear with tassels, a simple item that makes a big statement.

Large plain hoop earrings are also making a comeback with one more addition. Large beads or jewelry centered on solid gold or silver jewelry hoop earrings. Or maybe there will be a stud hanging down from the ring with a gem at the end. These will be perfect for long or short hair and make a statement in an easy way.

Fall 2016 fashion is coming

Ring. Many of them. On the one hand, multiple rings are making a comeback this fall. And bigger is better! Wearing a beaded ring on your finger next to a ring with semi-precious stones will be all the rage. Not only is the ring bigger, but the more rings you have, the more stylish your statement will be. Things hang over them, dangling from your fingers, and you get a loud and clear statement.

Let the beads and jewels fly over your head

The simple fashion of plain headbands was yesterday's news. This fall, we'll see headbands adorned with beads, semi-precious stones, and more. The hair clips will make our avatars as decorated as our fingers and wrists by being attached with flowers and jewels. This year, the decorated crown will adorn the heads of many people on the runways and streets.

It's still a "everything goes" world

With all the fashions making their way up the runways and heading to the stores, this fall is still going to be a season for everything. In precious metals of all sizes, semi-precious stones or colored beads sliding over chains and safety pins, fashion statements are our creations.

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