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The Chinese New Year begins on February 12, the beginning of the Year of the Taurus. The ox is the second symbol of Chinese Zodiac jewelry. It comes after the mouse and before the tiger.

This year 2022, according to the Chinese horoscope, it is good to focus on relationships, whether they are friends, work or romantic jewelry partners.

Ox people are very diligent. In 2022, as long as you are willing to put in the effort, you will see the rewards of hard work and the flow of abundance.

Because this year is a metallic year, the color of the year is white.

Cow also has lucky colors, green and yellow. Try not to wear them both at the same time :).

To add to your lucky jewelry this year, wear metal accessories and Swarovski crystal earrings to enhance your lucky bracelet and add positivity and a lucky necklace.

Crescent Moon in Aquarius Jewelry
On Thursday, February 11, at 11:05am PST / 2:05pm EST, we have a beautiful jewelry crescent moon in Aquarius. New moons are about new beginnings, new beginnings, and sowing the seeds of intentional jewelry for the growth, prosperity, and expansion you hope to see in the months ahead. So, even if you miss it, you can still take advantage of the energy bracelet.

Aquarius Energy Bead Bracelet Enjoy all things unique, different, radical, unconventional, innovative and humanitarian endeavours. Like all new moons, they occur monthly, and only once a year for each sign. So, Aquarius, this is a new moon for you this year, and it's an amazing new moon!

This new moon in Aquarius is a great time to step out of your comfort zone, do what you've always wanted to do, and expect miracles to happen! At this new moon, we will have Venus (love bracelets, money, values ​​and self-worth) and Jupiter (expansion, growth, luck earrings and abundance) meet in the sky! That means goodness is brewing... access it in your mind, activate it with your Jewel of Intention, and let the universe put it into practice.

All zodiac signs will be affected by this powerful new moon, but the ones most affected will be Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. are you ready? Let's feel the luxurious jewels and confidence of this Aquarius Energy Balance Bracelet. Read on for more.

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Below are some simple exercises that can really get you into a positive space and help you clear your bracelet of good energy so you can summon bigger and better opportunities.

5 to 10 minutes a day:

Breathe in the positive and exhale the negative while stretching. Get rid of your worries first thing in the morning and start your day with a positive vibe.
Sing your favorite songs out loud every day to get those endorphins flowing. If you want, dance like no one is watching, and if someone is watching, have them join you.

Get healthy with self love bracelets and show yourself a variety of love necklaces by boosting your self esteem in 2022. Whether you're looking for a love knot necklace, a love stone, falling in love necklace, or wishing to surround yourself with a more loving power stone bracelet, be in the spotlight by documenting your deepest desires for love earrings.

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15 minutes, at least once a week:
Write down your wishes and thoughts. Through journaling or post-it notes (leave positive affirmations at home). Great if journaling is your job, otherwise do what you feel comfortable with
Meditate specifically on what you wrote and your intentions (love pearl necklaces, money, family, relationships). The universe is listening.
Read a few pages of inspirational (spiritual jewelry or inspirational) books or articles each week. It retrains that brain and it is powerful! ! !

This is the perfect time to call your money mantra bracelet, get some physical activity on the menu, and take time to breathe.

Walk outdoors for at least 30 minutes while practicing social distancing.
Let that walking app measure your distance and steps.
Listen to your favorite music or inspiring podcasts.
Chant the money mantra jewelry as you walk or meditate in a quiet space.

** I am not scarce.
** I am not lacking.
** I am connected to the Qianyuan Healing Energy Bracelet.
** I am totally willing to make money.
** I am fully open to help with making money.
** I am all for the Lifeline Bracelet for Living Luxury.
Create a vision board. Even a tiny one can affect your day-to-day thinking about what you really want. It can be about money, vacations, a dream job, or anything you can cut out of a magazine. Express your thoughts.

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Bake something absolutely delicious once a week. Cookies, cakes or the special you've always wanted to try. Sometimes we need to feed our stomachs and our souls. If it turns out perfect, it's perfect! If not, that's fine too.

Spread the sweet love by sharing recipes with friends, family or on your social media. It's Valentine's Day after all.
These simple, daily and weekly self-care routines will make a difference both physically and mentally.

Lunar New Year, New Moon and Valentine's Day are all incorporated into the same energy care bracelet, the perfect time to manifest, manifest and manifest.

Share the love with your friends and family too. It’s so important to support each other right now, and together we can turn it into a fun and dynamic experience.

Much Love from your Luxa Women Jewelry

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