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Eliminate Negative Thinking with Amethyst Jewelry
Amethyst is a purple quartz stone closely associated with crown and third eye chakra bracelets. It promotes critical thinking and helps to get rid of negative thoughts. In fact, it is one of the few gems with the specific purpose of improving intellectual thinking!

When to use Amethyst
Amethyst bracelets are a powerful aid in meditation that can help you:

• Clear the mind of negative thoughts
• promote peace
• Increased intuition and awareness of spiritual jewelry
• Increase self-awareness
• Think critically about any situation you face
• Find Balance Jewelry
• Help with grieving loss

Heal your soul with these Mantra jewels
Did you know that the word "amethyst" comes from ancient Greek and literally means "not intoxicated"? Amethyst is believed to have special properties of healing and clear thinking, and has been used for centuries to enhance inner strength. Here are some useful Mantra bracelets to clear your mind while meditating with Amethyst:

• Every day I am getting better and better.
• I change my mind, I change my world.
• I am in Peace Jewelry. I forgive you. you forgive me.
• I am where I am right now where I need to be.
• I am very calm. I'm on a peace bracelet.
• I don't need to reward myself for any form of excess to feel good about myself.
•I am me. you are you.
• Light and energy flow through me
Interested in using amethyst to soothe your soul and clear your mind?

Try one of our Women Jewelry to bring positive thoughts and clear thinking to your next meditation.

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