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When we surrender to the universe and listen to what our intuition has to say, we work directly with divine power. We can only do this by fully embracing the gentle and powerful divine femininity of jewelry.

Just like yin and yang, it cannot exist harmoniously without one. Let's take a moment and focus on the jewel of gentle power that can move mountains and attract blessings just by setting intentions - the Goddess.

What is the Divine Feminine?
Everything around us is made up of two fundamental principles that drive the world to perfect harmony.

It is the Divine Feminine Principle, which together with the Divine Masculine creates the perfect unity of creation that drives everything on earth and the spiritual jewel level.

Divine Feminine Permits and Attracts
Unlike pursuit, compulsion, and action, the Divine Feminine allows, seduces, and alters reality through changing vibrations and cooperation with the Divine. The divine feminine qualities nourish, allow growth, attract rather than act. It operates on the principle of receptivity and alters reality through emotion, intuition, and trust in the divine.

Divine Feminines Are Everywhere
Like the Divine Male, the Divine Feminine is always present and present in everything around us. It is an inseparable part of the soul. It exists in natural jewelry, plant jewelry, animal jewelry and people. It is part of masculinity and femininity and is a gender-neutral concept.

Divine Feminine is Powerful
The Divine Feminine is majestic, soul-based, and mesmerizing. It is a passive force that attracts blessings not by seeking, but by attracting, manifesting, and working directly with the Universal Law. It can change the vibration through the sole force of intention and creation.

How to Show Your Divine Femininity
By embodying the divine femininity, we become the magnet for our inner desire to effortlessly attract success, love bracelets or prosperity. When we wear this Magnetic Bracelet and have the knack for exhibiting these qualities, we operate from our highest self, working in synchrony with the Universal Law.

Getting in touch with your intuition is all about embodying the Divine Feminine in its best form. To improve your connection with your inner guide, you can:

Practice believing in yourself and letting go of the need to know the outcome.
Meditate silently and listen to what your inner guide has to say.
Sleep in or wear intuitive crystal earrings and symbols.
Try wearing natural intuition-enhancing jewelry, such as our Divine Spirit Crystal Necklace, which inspires inner strength, helps you reconnect with your inner compass, and teaches you to trust the wisdom of the universe.

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The Divine Feminine is an energy bead bracelet of creation, fertility and growth that is directly related to our ability to generate life and thoughts. To awaken your divine femininity and reach out to your sacral chakra earrings and creative energy, you can:

Follow your intuition and curiosity.
Release the need to create perfection. Create for creation's sake.
Connect with your inner child. Practice spontaneity rather than strategy.
When blocked, try the Inner Creativity Charm bracelet. It is designed to awaken your creative potential and features the Tree of Life, a powerful symbol of growth and fertility that brings fresh ideas and fresh perspectives into your reality. Moonstone beads will spark your imagination and help you co-create with the universe while supporting your authentic expression.

The loving and compassionate, balanced Divine Feminine Energy Balance Bracelet helps us fully embrace positive femininity, own our emotions, develop empathy and practice healthy self-love. It has a deep connection with the realm of emotional and spiritual protection jewelry, intuition and heart chakra bracelet crystals.

The Love Necklace Harmony Feng Shui Tree is the perfect tool to help you harness and cherish the divine femininity, immerse yourself in gentle yet powerful vibrations, and safely open your inner space.

Another heart-centric product, the Women's Charm Bracelet is the perfect wearable tool to help you connect with the divine feminine good energy bracelet on your travels. It will help you accept what cannot be changed, trust more in divine guidance, and awaken the power of universal love for earrings.

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When we are fully immersed in the meaning of the Divine Feminine, we open our hearts to accepting and being able to work miracles through our cooperation with the universe and others.

Harmonious Unity Mala incorporates powerful spiritual healing crystals to help you practice openness and receptivity. The Hamsa bracelet and heart symbol create the perfect vibrant environment to help you feel more connected while protecting your power stone bracelet from harm.

Equally charming, colorful and sweet, the Abundant Harmony Crystal bracelet will bless your interactions with the world, allowing you to safely embrace your feminine power. Tourmaline gemstones will bring you down to earth, ensuring that only loving and healthy energy can be delivered to you.


Divine femininity is about allowing things to happen. This energy is graceful, gentle, and meant to attract rather than chase. To engage with it is to become receptive and open so that we can effortlessly attract what our soul needs most.

The Graceful Flourish Ring is a gold-plated piece of jewelry that gives a luxurious feel and helps us surrender to God wholeheartedly and effortlessly. The Tree of Life is a powerful foundational force that can help you stay focused and open to flow through life bravely. Most importantly, it helps us cooperate with God by manifesting, gently letting go of control, believing that God is always in our favor.

When we operate from the Feminine Principle, we are reflecting rather than analyzing, and we are feeling and receiving inward rather than expanding our energies outward.

Serene Reflections Red Rope Bracelet allows you to gently release troubling heavy thoughts that cloud your vision and disconnect you from the truth. Jade provides deep energy cleansing and creates a calming atmosphere that allows you to go deep within and find the answers you seek.

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Adjust to Emotions
The Divine Feminine operates from an emotional, intuitive self. When we allow ourselves to simply feel and immerse ourselves in our feelings without analyzing or judging them, we draw strength from the divine feminine. To help ourselves do this, we can log, meditate, or make ourselves emotionally vulnerable without labeling our emotions.

Jewelry like the Divine Emotion Moonstone Heart Rosary can help us find a balance between our feelings, our desires, and the action steps we take. It opens the heart chakra necklace pendant so that gratitude and love pearl necklaces can abound.

Tuned to Mother Earth
Luna symbolizes female strength, intuition, fertility, and is closely linked to divine guidance. Women are especially suited to the cycles of the Moon and Mother Gaia. The Divine Feminine represents all things that grow. To embrace and own it, we need to reconnect with nature bracelets and life itself.

Designed to help strengthen your connection to the Moon and Earth, the Nocturnal Power Necklace incorporates the symbolism of the stars and moon to awaken the Divine Feminine within, helping you connect with nature necklaces and supporting your ability to empower the life you set your intention.

See the Beauty of Everything
When we connect with our female selves, we accept, open up, and trust. Divine femininity keeps things as they are and grows as they are meant to be. To reconnect with these femininity, we need to turn our attention to seeing the magic and sparkle of everything and beyond the illusion of perfection.

To help you achieve this, the exquisite emotional bracelets in our collection can help you rejoice and find true appreciation in even the smallest things around you, shining a light on all beauty in spiritual crystal jewelry and the physical realm. Pearl gemstones will provide you with the necessary vision and illuminate your blessings, while the Hamsa necklace will resist the low vibrations that interfere with positivity and the flow of light.

Final Thoughts
Having our female power is the key to attracting blessings, manifesting our desires, and working with our guides. It is an integral part of the universal balance. Along with divine masculinity, it is an essential element that transforms and complements the harmony of our lives and the world around us.

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