Women Charm Bracelet - Virgo Season: Are You Crystal Clear About Your Future?

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We are counting down to the start of the Virgo season. Are you ready to reveal your own future "destiny"?

The Virgo season begins shortly after the August 22 full moon in Aquarius, and all of these high-energy planetary shifts will positively affect every sign.

After the fiery, bold and brave energy of the Leo season, the Virgo season offers a different, more solid rhythm. Represented by Virgo, Virgo symbolizes female independence and inner strength, and is also her complete and powerful cosmic source energy. Virgo is the second largest constellation. In almost all ancient cultures, the Virgo girl was the "queen of the sky". She is recognized as a great goddess associated with virginity, purity, fertility, agriculture, and good harvests.

Flashing back thousands of years, Virgo's fundamental strength is the ability to recalibrate, repair, and adjust to the never-ending and changing circumstances of life. So you could say Virgo is about planning and preparing for a bumper harvest, or in 2022, a bumper future.

Let's get a clear picture of what the Virgo season will bring, as this month will allow you to hone and design your future. With the upcoming full moon on August 22 and the new moon on September 6, you can enhance your intentions as long as you are clear about your direction. Regardless of your sign, you can benefit from the energy of Virgo.

Let's start your future.
Virgo attributes and traits will affect you when the Sun enters Virgo season on August 22, so keep an eye out for their traits as the planetary alignment now creates a lot of high energy vibrations that you will definitely want Take advantage of these vibrations.

Virgos are perceptive, discriminating, and highly selective. They worry about details, are zealous planners, always consider the consequences, work hard, and strive for perfection. So now is the perfect time for you to harness all this fiery energy to boost your self-confidence and dig deeper into your innate desires.

As we leave the Leo season, you may begin to feel more productive and lean on your inner strength for the first time in a long time. Everything you need is inside. Time to click.

Now it's just a matter of creating future intentions, and the most awesome news is that the Virgo 2022 season is at the midpoint of the astrological school year, marked by the September equinox. So what exactly does this mean? It's as if the music in your house has been on for the past month, and all of a sudden, it's off and you can clearly hear yourself thinking.

So let the fantastic journey begin.

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Vibe time
Commitments and long-term goals are now in the planetary vibe and will continue beyond the Virgo season. This includes work and romantic pursuits. The Sun in Leo is most influential between August 22 and September 22, and you'll want to use this time to start honing Virgo's most powerful energies, which are self-sufficiency, focus, flexibility, introspection, and reflection. Let's break it down.

Self-sufficiency: Stop relying on others to be your sounding board. You know what you want and what drives your passion. Instead, find a quiet place to sit and think and write about your strengths and passions. When you combine the two, you'll be amazed at the power you have.

Devotional: The Virgo season is the perfect time to apply your devotion. But first, you need to know what and where your greatest allegiance is. Start by committing to your own health and well-being. Eat, sleep and think healthy. Once you've honed that, then find out who else might benefit.

Flexible: Routines are a good thing. Covid certainly didn't help until they got us in trouble. During the Virgo season, apply some flexibility to your routine and change it up. Literally, yoga or Pilates can definitely make you more flexible. These benefits will bring more oxygen into your system and provide your brain with an incredible energy boost. If that's not your jam, go for a walk and take a deep breath. Also, think flexibly. If you have bigger ambitions than you are now, this is the perfect time to start showing your future. It's best if you know what you want. Pen.

Introspection: Time to focus on some deep introspection. Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to create the life you want. But more often, we are either skeptical or worried that we will not be able to achieve our desires. For the first time in decades, we have two consecutive full moons in Aquarius during the Lions Gate entrance and a new moon on the same day of the Virgo season. If you don't believe in miracles, then maybe some science combined with spirituality might convince you more, because it all boils down to that anyway. believe.

Any form of meditation can help you visualize and focus. If sitting still and concentrating is an issue, then get some Mala beads with specific gemstones for your target. Touching 108 crystal beads while staying focused and grounded is a great way to keep your mind aligned.Shop Luxury and Fashion Jewelry | Gift Ideas for Wife | Luxa Wish

Reflection: The above are the key elements and ingredients of Virgo's superpowers that you can hone in and use to your advantage. Astrologically speaking, the Virgo 2022 season is all about showing your future and getting a clear picture of what you really want from yourself. Sometimes the best way to reflect, especially when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, is to lie down comfortably, hold crystals and gems close to your third eye chakra and breathe.

As we approach the equinox at the end of the Virgo season, you can review your journey, understand where you are now and start planning for your future. But one very important thing to remember is to be grateful wherever you are right now.

Here are some important dates to watch out for during the 2022 Virgo season.

2022 Virgo Astrology
August 22 - Sun in Virgo
The Sun enters Virgo shortly after the full moon in Aquarius. Time to slow down and focus. Tonight's full moon is also a great time to go out to meditate, pray, or express your feelings to the universe. Put your crystals outside or by a windowsill and let the full moon purify their energy. After reading this article, click here for the Full Moon 30 Day Money Spell article.

August 29 – Mercury in Libra
Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, will enter Libra, the planet of communication. Use this energy for the perfect day of fun in your home or work space. So let the iPod music play and start cleaning. Add some fun feng shui to your space, move things around, and bring crystalline energy into your bedroom, living room, and home office. Packed with gems, Luxa's Wall Blessings look gorgeous in any room. But most importantly, they keep reminding you to count your blessings as they radiate positive crystalline energy.

September 6 – New Moon in Virgo
The new moon will align with the Sun in Virgo. In line with the Virgo seasons we discussed above, this new moon is a time for a fresh start and the perfect time to set some goals, starting with your daily schedule. Also, this earth sign is the perfect time to inspire and strengthen your intelligence and responsibility. Read more in our new moon article.

September 10 - Venus in Scorpio
Moods are changing today. It's a Friday, and as the week winds down, this may heighten the sensitivity. So take it easy on yourself today and do some self-care in your everyday life. Maybe a hot shower (with a lover), some comfort food, and a good TV binge should do the trick. Stay away from conflict.

September 14 – Mars in Libra
Schew, get ready to experience all the "feelings" of Mars during the next month in Libra, while it will be conjunct the Sun until October. This masculine energy can make us feel like we're lifting a mental weight. On the positive side, Mars can boost this energy level (think future warp speed) and bring productivity. You need to exercise yourself because you will burn out very quickly. Balance is key.

September 20 – Full Moon in Pisces
Wow, sweet, sweet Pisces full moon energy encourages us to be more sensitive to ourselves and others, and we need some time today to reflect and calm down. Take advantage of this gorgeous moon, go out and sing the longing in your heart. Think 1960's hippie meets 2022's badass and fuse the two together. Learn more in our upcoming Pisces Full Moon article. Don't forget to clean your crystals.

September 22/23 - Sun in Libra - Equinox
As the Virgo season draws to a close and the Sun moves into Libra, the vernal equinox will be a very powerful time for renewal and new beginnings. In fact, the subject of this article is during these powerful planetary transits. This is the perfect time to get into nature and draw strength from its healing powers. As we transition from summer to fall, this is an ideal time to come up with some physical and mental goals. The vernal equinox is a good time to hold a ceremony. You don't need to be an expert. However, starting and maintaining ritual practice will make you a master in no time.

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Features of the Tree of Life of Love Harmony.

Happy Virgo season. Dressing up just because, wrapping yourself in gems and slathering on a delicious cream, feels good. Surround yourself with a positive attitude. This is indeed a very good month to get a clear picture of your future by reading and understanding how powerful this time is for reflection, building confidence and improving a good Luxa.

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Much love from your Luxa Women Charm Bracelet family.

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