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As Ash Tree jewelry spreads across the universe, its roots go deeper and deeper into the earth. The old Druid proverb "Know yourself and you will know the world" means that inside each of us we are able to see how we relate to the world in our own way.

But ash bracelets are known to be beneficial in other ways as well, such as medicinal purposes. Ash bark is used as a mild diuretic and laxative. It is the bark with the most potent astringent properties. It has been used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, liver disease, kidney and urinary tract infections. It is known to reduce fever and flush out intestinal parasites, and even treat malaria.

The magical properties of Tree of Life Jewelry
According to ancient Greece, it came from ash and oak trees formed by humans. The leaves of the ash tree are said to attract love, and at Christmas the wood is burned as it is believed to bring prosperity. Putting ash leaves under your pillow before bed can bring prophetic or psychic dreams.

Some people say that placing ash leaves in a bowl of water by the bed while you sleep can prevent disease. If you wear a garter belt made of green ash tree bark, you are protected by the magician. It is believed that passing sick children through the split trunk of an ash tree will heal them. When you sprinkle ash leaves around, you will have harmony, strength and a real sense of presence.

Traditional uses of ash
Because Ashwood's grain is straight, it's perfect for use as broomsticks and druid wands. A witch's broom is said to be mostly made of ash, but it is the wood used for healing and magic jewelry. Caution is advised during thunderstorms, as the light will be attracted to ash trees.

When a person feels lonely, the ash tree is believed to be the key to healing. It is said to connect us with the gods and the spiritual world. The ash tree is regarded as the tree jewel of enlightenment, holding the key to cosmic wisdom and universal truth.

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