Spiritual and Calm Jewelry - 15 New Arrivals For Fall 2021 & Beyond: Uplift, Awaken, Beautify

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In case you missed it, the autumnal equinox passed on September 22. This moment, when the sun's rays are aimed directly above the equator, is full of celestial, symbolic and physical importance. It marks the turning point of the seasons - depending on whether you're in the northern or southern hemisphere, we'll refer to North here based on the location of our headquarters.

Fall moves from summer into winter, and the vernal equinox provides an extra window of time for the full moon to reap the rewards of summer and prepare for winter weather and reflection. Yes, the daylight dissipates as the night lengthens.

Rather than bemoan the shorter days and early sunsets, look at how we can gain more time with the night sky to gaze at the constellations and consider the universe. Celebrate fall's transformation with these new jewelry trends to inject spirituality into your everyday style.

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Fall Jewelry Trends and New Arrivals
Fall fashion is a great medium to showcase our incredible collection of crystal jewelry, accessories and home decor. Layered necklaces and layered bracelets add warmth to long sleeves and knits, and at home we can sit comfortably with radiant wall treatments that warm our souls.

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Let's not pretend that shorter days are easy - we all need to get plenty of vitamin D in the summer. To take care of our emotional and psychological needs during this cycle, we can find positive ways to prepare for winter by embracing the incredible shifts that take place in the fall.

Wearing the Evil Eye Amulet helps deflect negative thoughts we might start feeling when the air gets a little prickly. POSITIVE FEELING - The Diamond Evil Eye Red String Bracelet is a delicate piece that brings protection through the evil eye and red string symbolism.Handcrafted Charm and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Firm Hope - The Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace reminds us to slow down our bodies and refuel. The emerald stone inspires the rich minds of the moment. We can make sure that these thoughts are positive and nourishing, happy thoughts - the powerful blue crystal in the lapis lazuli opal aquamarine necklace leads us to new forms of expression and creativity.

Accessories for Balancing Chakras
The equinoxes represent the epitome of balance - the sun and the earth in a perfect straight line separating light from darkness. A key way to stay fit and healthy throughout the seasons is to work and tune our chakras.

The energies in our chakras are constantly changing and we need to pay attention so we can bring them back into balance and alignment. Wearing the Balanced Path - Enamel Evil Eye Chakra Necklace combines seven resonating chakra colors with the Evil Eye symbol to protect us as we move forward with purpose.

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Vibrant Growth - The Matte Jasper Red Rope Chakra Bracelet keeps us active as we continue to work towards our goals. The colors and symbols of each chakra, super driven by the red string symbol, are our constant reminders throughout the day to check and adjust our energies.

When we need to take a moment to re-establish our balance, we can turn to Balance Meditation - the Multi-Stone OM Chakra Necklace that reminds us to meditate and breathe through the soothing rings of the OM. The stunning subtlety of Nurturing Feelings - Black Enamel Chakra Stick Necklace continues to infuse our aura with the frequencies we need to find balance.

Spiritual Ornament
The changing seasons can make us anxious about what's to come, or make us want to return to a warmer phase. Rather than fear, we can prepare for the fall transition and make it a spiritual experience.

Embrace the elements of the earth with spiritual energy - Baiyu Shoushan Stone Agarwood Mara, an incredible meditation tool used by both men and women to focus and stabilize the mind.

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Let the seasons carry you along the waves of spiritual change. We can take divine lessons and open our hearts to receive clear, intentional messages through the Spiritual Abundance - Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace, which showcases the incredible Sri Yantra Chart, a sort of mystical map of the universe. Combination of Lapis Lazuli and Mantra Disc in Divine Knowledge - Silver Black Stone Lapis Mantra Bracelet helps us process and apply this wisdom in our lives.

One of the greatest gifts we can receive this season is our ability to share our spiritual life with others. Spiritual Energy -​​ The rose gold plated Sutra bracelet echoes this intent and purpose into the world for others to witness and learn from our transformation. Wearing a Spiritual Life - Sterling Silver Gunmetal Blackstone Ring puts us on the right track and becomes a model of how the modern spirit fits into our way of life.

Protective Home Decor

Over time, we will start spending more time indoors. Make our home a den of spirituality, solace and safety, and transform our space into a sanctuary for relaxation, reflection and learning.

First and foremost, we want to feel safe and protected at home. Vivid Protector - The Hamsa Wall Blessing Plaque features the hand of Hamsa and the spiritual symbol of the evil eye. Its energy surrounds all who enter our home with positivity and nourishment.

Peace of Mind - The Turquoise Yoga Chakra Hamsa Blessing reminds us to find a balance between rest and renewal as well as action and movement.

The cross symbol often resonates with people in the Christian faith, but it also applies to many other belief systems. The Ultimate Believer - The Great Spanish Bible Blessing Across the Wall invites biblical wisdom into the home as an ongoing presence in everyday life.

Final thoughts

Fall is an exciting season of change, and we prepare for the colder months ahead. On a spiritual level, we have the opportunity to reflect and re-prioritize, evaluate what we want to build on and keep in mind.

By embracing these stunning new additions to jewelry and home decor, you can enhance your intentions as you enter the new season and the many terrains the universe has to offer.

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