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We are all trying to achieve balance in our lives. Even if we can't maintain tree pose in yoga, it's important to keep our mind and body in balance to stay healthy. These spiritual crystal bracelets use symbolic charm and gemstone jewelry to balance the forces within us, including stress, fear and self-doubt.

Whether you wear loose beading, structured cuffs or glamorous cords, you can find a spiritual jewelry bracelet to suit your style. Even better, choose a spiritual crystal necklace that can provide various forms of protection throughout your day.

Spiritual bracelet meaning
We wear lucky charm bracelets for many reasons. Braided threads can symbolize friendship, while crystal hoop earring beads can help us achieve our goals and intentions.

The Spiritual Rock and Crystal Mama Charm Bracelet combines beautiful stones, symbolic charm, special cords and lace knots to provide spiritual protection jewelry, mental and physical protection.

The meaning of each rose gold bracelet depends on the type you choose, and we'll take a look at some of our favorite jewelry choices below.

10 Protective Spirit Bracelets
Let's take a look at 10 healing vintage charm bracelets for your spiritual healing crystal effort. Their goal is to protect us, whether we're seeking protection from threatening forces or things like negativity, grief, energy blockages, indecision, or accidents.

The stones and symbols used in these stunning pieces can help you maintain balance and positivity in the face of adversity.

Lingzhu bracelet
It's easy to get overwhelmed by emotions during the day. Spirit Jewelry Wholesale Beads Lovely Charm Bracelets not only help us connect to a higher consciousness, but they also have an amazing connection to the earth's grounding force.

Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Gemstone necklaces such as tourmaline, emerald, amethyst, and onyx exude an essential grounding energy that brings us into alignment and balance with natural jewelry.

Our Positive Emotions Gold Plated Tourmaline Bracelet brings color to our lives with gemstones in shades of black, brown, pink and green. Tourmaline has deep protective properties, as well as the ability to encourage positive thoughts so you can balance your emotions.

As you strive to stay grounded and balanced at work, at home, and in ballet class, a glimpse of your spiritual stone and crystal bead best friend charm bracelet will remind you of the great universe that keeps balance and provides you with shelter.

The moonstone necklace in this Divine Cosmic Moonstone Christmas Charm Bracelet showcases the vastness of our existence and the gravitational pull of our own body as a complex universe, and thus the need to nurture it.

Chakra bracelet
Speaking of balance, how about your chakra necklace pendant? That's right, our body can be visualized by the 7 energy points of our spine, each of which corresponds to 7 colors. Aligning the chakra necklace gold is essential for a silky balanced life.

Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Wearing spiritual crystal jewelry containing all 7 colors helps to balance and protect your chakra healing necklace.

The Balance Chakra Amethyst Bracelet provides an extra boost to the Crown Chakra Tree of Life necklace with a string of purple amethysts. Soothing thoughts will abound to reduce stress and protect your positive mental state.

Wear the Aligned in Vitality Hematite Chakra Bracelet as visual proof of the work you are doing to protect the health of your Spirit Crystal Store and how your Spiritual Friendship Bracelet can help guide you on this journey.

Red rope bracelet
Our red string bracelets have protective properties. Drawing energy from artisans around the world in Jaipur, Bangkok, Istanbul and Bali, Red String radiates protection for body and soul.

Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

These women's gold charm bracelets have a sleek, simple design. The Essential Guard Red Rope Triple Protector Bracelet uses red rope and 925 Sterling Silver - 18K Gold Plated to provide triple protection and protect you from harm.

With the symbols of the OM, the evil eye, and the heart, you have the protection of the universe that surrounds you, deflecting negative dangers, and offering love.

With the Ultimate Safeguard Red String Evil Eye Jewelry Amethyst White Gold Charm Bracelet, you can stay away from danger and bring a positive, healing vibe to your body, mind and spirit. This is done with the combination of the evil eye bracelet charm, red string and amethyst.

Plus, the Red String Protection Bracelet from Luxa goes one step further to achieve our goal of bringing peace jewelry, kindness, and protection to the world. With every purchase, three meals are provided for a troubled family to nourish and protect their physical health.

Bracelets for different purposes
We apply sunscreen to protect us from harmful UV rays and wear masks to avoid viral aerosols. These are there to protect us, but many people don't realize that protecting a grandma bracelet can do the same!

The protection of the devotional sister bracelet is against many dangers: thoughts of self-doubt, negative intentions of others, imbalances in a stressful lifestyle, lack of motivation and depression, to name a few.

Dissolve Negativity Silver Evil Eye Necklace The Charm Swarovski Charm Bracelet is a sophisticated spiritual bracelet that delivers an epic punch to negativity. The diamond ring on the Evil Eye Ring Charm reminds us of our strengths and successes, helping us avoid the skepticism and jealousy that creep in.

Set an intention for a positive spiritual path and stay true to it with the Safety on Track Gold Plated Hamsa Gold Evil Eye Necklace Bracelet. The Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye pendants swap positions on this spiritual vintage gold charm bracelet, looping endlessly on the wrist, leading us to a safe path forward.

Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Spiritual Protection Bracelet
Let's face it - the outside world is tough and it's hard to keep our spirits up. With the best charm bracelet for spiritual protection, we plated ourselves with armor that protects the soul.

The Universal Protection Red String Eye of Horus Bracelet has a simple and stylish design with the powerful symbol of the Eye of Horus. This charisma wards off harmful negativity and penetrates deep into our minds, allowing us to focus on growth and positive progress.

As we harness the different energies that bombard our mind and body every day, we can protect our spirit by turning it into a bastion of positivity and acceptance.

In the Spiritual Transformation Malachite Diamond Bracelet, tourmaline, pyrite and malachite work together to propel us forward, giving us the strength to persevere and maintain balance as we face new challenges.

Signature Charm Bracelet

You may have noticed some powerful symbols on these spiritual bracelets and there are many others besides the Evil Eye Talisman, Hamsa Hand and OM.

The tree of life bracelet on this branching destiny red rope tree of life charm bracelet symbolizes the strong roots that provide us with the foundation of protection, and the branches that grow that allow us to expand our world.

On this Eternal Protection Hematite Infinity Charm Bracelet, Infinite Charm represents the eternal protection you have in this sacred universe.

Ionic bracelet
With all these negativity-busting bracelets, it can be hard to believe that something negative can have a positive effect. But that's exactly what ionic bracelets do!

Our ionic bracelet attracts negative ions to the body to enhance the flow of positive energy.

These bracelets consist of simple center stones that focus on different intentions. The Grounded in Balance Citrine White Ion Bracelet calls upon Citrine for joy and sunshine.

Jadeite purifies the spirit and makes room for the spirit purifier Jadeite Black Ion Bracelet.

Wrap bracelet
Like prominent spiritual jewelry? Check out these wraparound bracelets! A little more stone beads than some of our other spiritual bracelets, these wrap around your wrist twice and feature a spiritual symbol for some added charm.

The Emotional Balance Mother-of-Pearl Necklace Wrap Bracelet wards off negativity by relying on the charm of the Little Devil's Eye Earrings, while the Mother-of-Pearl String Drop Earring Gemstones thrive when you tap into your feminine intuition.

The Inner Peace Wrap Hamsa Charm Bracelet features a dark blue lapis lazuli bracelet gemstone that evokes truth and positivity, and the Hamsa Hand shelters this shifting perspective.

Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Bangle Bracelet
On the other hand (or should we say the wrist), for the more subtle fashion earring accessories, the bangle bangles are simple in design and have great spiritual significance.

The Absolute Protection Enamel Silver Evil Eye Necklace Diamond Bangle is an elegant spiritual bracelet for formal events. However, its airy, simple design makes it perfect for wearing in yoga as a reminder to always strive for positivity and peace of mind.

More details can be found on the Eternal Wisdom Infinity Lapis Bracelet, switching between infinity symbols and gemstone bracelets, echoing eternal harmony.

Women's Spiritual Bracelet
An important aspect of mental health and protection is targeting our inherent feminine and masculine energies. The right bracelet for women can help us embrace femininity and protect our strong, divine femininity.

The Grounding Tranquility Lotus Bracelet Flower Bracelet features a lotus flower with Swarovski crystal stud earrings, allowing you to sparkle as you clear the spiritual path ahead and move forward as a down-to-earth woman.

The Caring Nourishment Mother and Child Elephant Red String Bracelet utilizes the ultimate symbol of femininity - the mother - and will remind you of your innate female capacity for nurturing and love, even if it's against you.

Men's Spirit Bracelet
Men, while possessing a different masculine energy than women's necklaces, still need spiritual protection. The Men's Spirit Bracelet is an important statement that exudes strength, confidence and strength.

Protector Bracelet - December Birthstone uses a string of black onyx gemstones to protect and store masculine energy. The turquoise in the center is the December birthstone bracelet (but anyone can wear it), providing balance as you grow.

Adding more visual elements, the Balance Toxic Emotions Red Charm Bracelet includes the hamsa evil eye and the Hamsa charm to deflect and prevent negativity. Tiger's Eye bracelet empowers men and empowers them.Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Final thoughts
We have so many things to deal with every day, it's easy to lose our balance. Spirit bracelets provide protection from these forces that are always in the background.

These 10 bracelets provide protection for mind, body and soul as we balance positive and negative energies in our daily work. Something so light and simple can really help make a positive spiritual change in our lives.

Spirituality and Calm | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

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