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Time to wake up
The "Flower" Full Moon in May is the biggest and brightest of the year. Not to mention it's also during a total lunar eclipse. Also known as the "Blood Moon," it's the second and final "supermoon" of 2022.

If there is time to sit down, reflect, and take decisive action to bring about change, this is it. On May 29, we begin Mercury retrograde until June 22, but fear not! By the time you'll get this sorted out, you'll be learning 10 powerful spiritual practices to implement between this full moon cycle and the next.

This eclipse and full moon in the curious, independent, fierce, fiery, free-spirited zodiac sign will ignite a desire for spiritual growth. Things will be more emotional than usual as the full moon conjuncts its ruler Jupiter in full force, but again, you shouldn't be afraid.

That's why...
The full moon and total lunar eclipse are at an important transition point, and this is the perfect time to start questioning and reflecting on what should be released and accepted on your true path.

Questions to ask yourself include:

What bad habits can you break?
What's holding you back?
Who is holding you back?
who I am?
Astrologically speaking, this moon phase is very powerful, and letting go of fear and replacing it with intention will get you the result you're looking for. But there is work to be done - both mentally and physically.

Remember that our brains are used to taking actions and responding to certain behaviors, and the way to get out of this pattern is through meditation and mantras. The results are magical because there is continuity, balance, self-worth, expression and release. You can even feel your vibrational shift taking place.

From the full moon of May 26 to June 24, you are asked to make better choices and dare to follow through. Learn the art of discipline and protect your energy during this time. Our 10 steps will help guide you, but before that, please understand this: your spirit or soul has no boundaries, and the possibilities for what you want to create are limitless.

A philosophy that embraces hope, love, self-worth, and inner/outer beauty are all choices. The same goes for disgust, fear, and lack of self-worth.

The most important thing is the intent of your attention and the seeds you are sowing now. You don't need to do this yourself; find a support system you trust and let them go with you on this full moon journey, as you may feel vulnerable and resisted.

If you choose to do this work alone, believe in yourself strong enough to know that growth is inevitable in all the areas you seek: relationships, love, money, work, body, and health. Time to wake up and show up.

10 Steps To Waking Your spiritual Soul

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When we were kids, our innocence was pure and our hearts were open; we jumped up and down, made mud pies with kids we didn't even know, and said the craziest things.

As adults, we forget how much fun we have, and while we may not want to jump into the mud (though many do), the purity of thought behind it should also have a place in our hearts. How we use the word "enlightened being", harnessing our youthful energy, realizing that the universal "oneness" energy and vibration is very powerful and that we are all interconnected.

This full moon, go out and say a silent prayer and repeat the mantra "I am connected to all good things."

Transformation happens when you wake up and realize that you are a divine being and can work miracles in your life. It's not about religion, it's about tuning into the divine higher vibration within you and harnessing that peaceful, loving energy. You don't have to look too far; it's here, a part of you. Click in.

Forgiveness is release. This impressive super full moon is the perfect time to unleash your inner hurt. If you need to be forgiven, find a way to reach out, ask, and if it's too much, write it down and either send it or jot down the pain and forgive yourself.

There is no way to live in pain, and we are all doing what we can with what we have at all times. The beauty of this release is that you can create even better moments of joy, peace, and deep love. It's a choice. Make informed decisions for yourself.

Never take kindness as weakness. Living in compassion is indeed the strongest in your life. Empathy is a superpower that vibrates into cosmic energy. As you navigate your emotions toward a higher awareness of love, you become a spiritual superhero, or a "spiritual gangster" in today's terminology.

Awakening to the plight of Earth can be downright painful at times, but knowing that you are among the millions of conscious creators is all you need to join the group. Then one day, you will wake up and realize that you are different.

Want to see real and authentic miracles unfold in your life? Learn to move your life forward with love and a sense of charity, because giving without a retention agenda will make you worth a million.

Find a cause you love and find ways to give back. Start small and grow. You will meet the most amazing people, have all the sensations for a few days, and before you know it, the universe will open up to you. Your angel never neglects kindness.

This is probably one of the most challenging questions for us because it requires us to look at everyone with a divine eye, to respect them, and to begin to understand that we are all broken in some way. The question is; who or what is the glue?

God, the universe, or anyone, no matter what higher powers and beliefs you have, can be the glue in many ways. It is our duty to be with each other, to be kind to all beings, to wake up and stay awake. Nature always finds a way to correct itself, even through storms and destruction. We ourselves are not far from this ability.

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Make sure you see through them clearly, especially when looking at other people. Many times you can tell if a person is happy or sad just by looking into their eyes. vice versa. There is no deeper connection than this.

Be there for them, open up, be humble and ask for what you need when you need some soul relaxation. Remember what we said above about being "one" and connected to each other?

There is nothing better than being there for someone and having them be there for us. You'd be surprised how much support there is. Tap into your soul energy and awaken those chakras. Joy is always in front of us, it is in our hearts.

The most beautiful word on the planet, however, most people shy away from it. Learning and applying spiritual principles to our lives will give you goosebumps forever and catapult you into places you could never have imagined.

Take the first part of the word "spirit" and wrap your thoughts around the word. The dictionary tells us that the human spirit includes our intellect, emotion, fear, passion and creativity. In the model of Daniel A. Helminiak and Bernard Lonergan, the human spirit is considered to be a mental function of consciousness, insight, understanding, judgment, and other reasoning abilities. how delicious.

Imagine exploring and learning everything about your spirit, your spirituality. Nothing beats opening this door for your soul. Start by listening to an audiobook or video on Gaia and let it penetrate your soul because it will. Read books, talk to people you know, join online groups, and dive in. Before you know it, the best mental swimmer of your life will be an Olympian.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the word is that everyone wraps it around church or religion, which is far from what it really means, literally: hope, belief, worship, and desire.

Whether you believe in heaven on earth or elsewhere, or tend to be more resilient or even agnostic, prayer still works when speaking to the universe. The beauty behind worship is that it is similar to meditation and has been shown to reduce stress.

Prayer is powerful, learning the art of remaining still, placing your thoughts, feelings, needs, wishes and desires in the unknown, knowing that you are heard is all you need to know. It takes practice, practice makes perfect.

Build your sanctuary by creating a place where you feel safe and calm, and start listening to your breath. Spicy beads should be an important part of your prayers and meditations as they help keep you focused and disciplined. They contain 108 beads that guide your attention to peace, manifest and reach the divine energies of the universe with your truest desires.

You know nine ways to awaken your soul, and this one, the perfect 10, is going to be one of the most important because it's directly related to the other nine.

How do you stay positive all the time? Well, you don't. It's a conscious decision to turn your attention to your blessings rather than your predicaments, and to find solutions rather than excuses. Practicing the first 9 principles will help you improve your mood, attitude and outlook.

It only takes a moment to go from anger to understanding, especially when you don't even really understand it at that particular moment. A change of mind can make all the difference. Train your brain to start living an active life and eliminate negativity.

The beauty is that your brain is a trainable muscle, and the more you exercise it, the stronger and more focused it becomes when shifting gears.

Don't miss the Super Blood Moon on May 26. You'll even see its brilliance the next day. Take your crystals outside or put them in windows to cleanse them with new energy.

Before going out, take an Epsom salt bath to remove toxins from your body. Sit still, calm down, communicate your deepest desires to the universe in words or thoughts, and believe.

These 10 spiritual practices are timeless and powerful; start them now so you can be fully awake in this lifetime. In doing so, you will impact those around you with this beautiful and positively infectious energy.

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