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We've heard a lot about our Money Spell Bracelet articles via Instagram, Facebook, and email, and how helpful they have even influenced a lot of people to overcome their money phobia and develop a healthier money mindset.

It was then that a BFF of a talented woman and a Luxa employee told us about her adventures in making money and how it all happened on New Year's Eve 2005. A friend of hers persuaded her to go to Spirit Crystal Yoga Center to celebrate the night with yoga, prayer, dance and breathing exercises for the new year, instead of donning her new clothes and having a night out partying with her friends.

"All I think about is what a boring way to bring in the new year. I'd rather get dressed and hang out with my friends for a night out. It's just, I realize I've been doing it this year and year after year," My life hasn't changed much. I struggled with money; my career had nowhere to go, let alone my relationships with men. So I reluctantly agreed. "

Dressed in yoga pants and a T-shirt, she ventures away, taking her far away from a passionate friend, on a journey that unites her mind, body and soul with little to no eyeballs and disbelief.

When she arrived at the yoga center, she was stunned by the Protection and Peace Jewelry of the studio space, and how many people were already there, front and center, happy to be there. She noticed the high beamed ceilings, the stage, the beautiful bracelet pillows everywhere, the friendly energy bracelets, and her perspective on how to spend New Year's Eve constructively.

Forced to take off their shoes and socks, the girls walked to the middle of the crowd, grabbed pillows and seats, and sat down. As a New Yorker who now lives in Beverly Hills, she was struck by how nice and friendly everyone was, and her nostalgia for spending time with drunken friends and strangers disappeared.

A surprise awaits her. Tonight will be a game changer. A night of kundalini yoga (breathing exercises), affirmations, chanting and finale performances where everyone clasped their hands and built a (love bracelet) bridge that everyone had a chance to walk across.

Four hours later, they were happily exhausted when they sat down to a delicious vegetarian meal. Just next to their plate is a booklet with 365 daily spell bracelets to carry around.

She came home exhausted, watched a few spells, and fell asleep. The unforgettable night was with her every day for weeks, as was the incredible positivity. This caused a paradigm shift in her thinking. Now that she knows the difference between thinking and feeling a lack or prosperity, her primary focus is generating more income and working with people she's known for years but fears reaching out to.

With all these updated energy balance bracelets, she knows it won't last unless she takes action. "It's like exercise. You can't just do it once and expect results. It has to go on." At this moment, she knew what she needed to do.

She went back to the center and started exploring all the courses they taught and was amazed that there were so many courses in different subjects. Now a huge fan of Kundalini Yoga, she wanted to sign up for a course that would change the trajectory of her relationship with money and her confidence in owning her own business.

She considered herself "fearless" until she started making money and starting a business. The thought alone made her numb. Can we get in touch? We can. She doesn't have a positive relationship with money and realizes that she has a toxic money mentality that prevents her from jumping.

What common money mindsets do we live with day in and day out that prevent us from being successful?

Everything starts from the heart. How rich, poor or weak we think we are, we are! Most of us didn't grow up with a lot of money and had working-class parents looking after their kids, paying the bills, and saving up to take us on vacations. That is a beautiful necklace; hard work is honorable. However, many of us today want more for ourselves and our families than just working hard to survive, we want to thrive.

We live in a generation where we understand the importance of positivity versus negativity and how it affects our day to day. We don't need to live like our parents unless we also choose to. Otherwise, we can make anything happen, and to do that, your mindset needs to focus on what you can create and what you can't.

This is a 7-day drug money detox program that will free you from the drug money mentality you carry around and replace it with hope, possibility, action, and accountability. It's interesting. Not only that, but miracles and transformations will begin to happen. Like tidying up a room, we do this with our minds.

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Detox Day 1: Attitude Of Gratitude

If you don't appreciate what you have now, you will never be rich or happy. Write down 7 things you are grateful for right now. Look around you; you probably take many things for granted. Here are some examples:

I am thankful for my hair
I am grateful for my child
I am grateful for my house
I am grateful for my dog/cat

Once you're done, place it where you can see it every day for 10 days.

Detox Day 2: Scarcity Is Absurd

Scarcity, or the belief that you don't have enough, can trigger an all-consuming stress and anxiety that prevents you from focusing and trying to understand that it has no power over you unless you give it power. It also means you don't trust your ability to "bring me money" and you have everything you need. For the next 10 days, you will practice gratitude every day.

Take a one-dollar bill every day and keep it in your hands. Sit quietly and repeat the mantra necklace "I have confidence in myself and my ability to make money." Put that dollar bill on your nightstand or next to your computer. You will do this with new dollar bills every day for 10 days. At the end of the 10 days, you will see the money pile up and your drug money mentality will dissipate. If you need to do 30 days, do it. you will transfer. You can always put those dollars in a jar or piggy bank.

Detox Day 3: Write Your Negative Money Thoughts

Sit quietly with a piece of paper and a pen. Notebook, printer paper, it doesn't matter. Take a deep breath and write down your fears about money. Don't kid yourself. This will help a lot.

I don't have the first clue how to make money.
I hate my job.
People take advantage of me.
I wish I had more confidence.

Now with those negative, toxic money thoughts, fold the paper in quarters, walk to the trash can, kiss the paper, and throw it away with those words. "You don't serve me anymore, thank you." Done!

Detox Day 4: I Have No Lack In My Life

As above, sit quietly with a piece of paper and write down 10 positive money mantra rings. You don't need to look them up. If you're stuck or let your creativity flow and write your own, here are a few to get you started.

Put that piece of paper somewhere; you'll see it every day for 10 days. Bathroom mirrors are great but watch out for the heat in the shower. It is important to recite them every day for 10 days.

I am not lacking.
I am connected to a good energy bracelet of money sources.
I live in peace with other wealthy people.
I am creating my wealth.
I have confidence in myself and my ability to make money.
I am showing my dream job.
I am showing connections to help me make money.
I am mentally aligned with the universal healing energy bracelet around money.
I am cutting the cords of negative thought patterns.
Cash is out of my control.

Detox Day 5: Believe To Receive

In this moment, you will forgive all your money mistakes. Say it out loud, "I totally forgive myself for making a financial mistake." Done! Now let's move on, you've forgiven yourself, it's a huge shift.

Now go on to say, "I release any guilt about money, and I'm willing to accept it." Recite this sentence 10 times with one breath in between. Inhale, Tibetan mantra bracelet, exhale, and repeat. You can do this on day 5, and if you need to release your Toxic Money Mindset, you can continue to do it every day for 10 days. It works just fine.

Detox Day 6: Enjoy The Here And Now

We have been doing a lot of practice for the past 5 days and today you will spend the whole day re-aligning and adjusting your mind. All day, no matter what, you'll be repeating, "I'm here now, and I'm grateful." Over and over. When your mind starts to turn to anything negative, you take a break, take a deep breath, and repeat that charm bead bracelet. Most importantly, as you lay down for bed, repeat, "I'm here now and I'm grateful."

Detox Day 7: Unlock Your Wealth Potential

"I don't have money, so I can't invest." The oldest word in the book when it comes to toxic money mentality. Money is fluid, fluid, and you can attract it anytime, anywhere, but only if you believe in yourself and take action.

Now you will invest in yourself, get rid of toxic money thoughts and unleash old patterns. On day 7 today, you will write "I am a money magnet" and you will start taking action to be that magnet.

Take a piece of paper (by now, you should know this is the key : ) and write the words verbatim. Put that paper on the refrigerator. Every time you go to the refrigerator, you will chant this money mantra bead necklace before opening the door.


I am mentally organized and aligned with making money.
I go all out to make money.
I am totally open to help with making money.
I'm all for the luxury jewelry life.
Regarding the idea of cash, I totally agree with forgiveness.
I release any guilt and shame about money.
The law of cause and effect surrounds me in the positive money energy stone bracelet.
I have absolutely no shortage in my life and understand the principles of being a money magnet.
Freeing your mind from a toxic money mentality is critical to your ability to release fear rather than remain rigid. You deserve to be happy and prosperous, and if you follow these exercises, it will make a difference.

The woman we talked about earlier who owns a very successful gym in Burbank, CA is a true BFF who has transformed her life from an employee to a business owner and thrived… Such inspiration.

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