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The last full moon of 2021, amid the sensitive signs of cancer, will bring us some much-needed fresh and wonderful energy bracelets as we head into the new year. The intensity of the past few months has left us feeling "feeling" and a little vague.

This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius
That's right, we've entered the Age of Aquarius on December 21st. Change is in the air and all constellations will feel it. While 2021 has been a great year for millions of us, we won't let it go into 2022.

Are you ready to harness your superpowers and show off your 2022 at this full moon?

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Transition from Capricorn to Aquarius
The Protection and Peace Jewelry meaning of the December 2021 Full Moon will bring a welcome change, allowing you to feel more freedom and depth in your intuitive abilities. This magnificent full moon also brings good health, and feelings of money and limitations will begin to dissipate.

Now is the time to try something new!

When you believe, you will achieve. It's that simple, this full moon, in Cancer, will give you the opportunity to really tap into the hypersensitive and expressive side of your personality.

You may feel some mood swings at first, which is completely normal. Go with the flow and get rid of everything that's not good for you while manifesting what's working for you.

Break old habits and start replacing them with new ones.

Miracles and manifestations of the full moon
As 2021 draws to a close (thank God), we're getting into some of the freshest and most incredible energy bead bracelets under the December 29th full moon. You will feel a new ethereal energy, start a new beginning, a new beginning, give you a chance! ! ! Remember; you can also do bracelets and manifestations at any time throughout the month, but try not to miss this moon.

Since many of us don't bring our usual New Year's Eve in the traditional way, let's bring its spirit crystal necklace. What you read and implement below is likely to change your mind and thus change your circle of life in a positive way.

This special moon will give you a sense of power to activate your free-flowing rich energy balance bracelet. Saturn will magnify it as it leaves Capricornus, where it has resided for the past two and a half years, and will begin in the magnificent energy of Aquarius.

You have to remember all the hard work you've done this year, be grateful for where you are, and show your desire when a new Aquarius enters. Here are some questions you can answer in your head, on paper, or out loud. We will do this together.

Where have you grown the most this year?
What is your greatest achievement?
What is your biggest challenge?
Where do you see yourself in 2022?
The Full Moon Good Energy Bracelet of the 29th (which will last until January 2nd) is a great time to activate your creative awareness and reach your highest intuition, highest potential. Read on, good stuff is coming.

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The literal magnets and frequencies emitted by the full moon aren't just spiritual protection jewelry; it's science, so get your full moon mantra bracelet ready and let us make you aware of your power and walk confidently into 2022.

Just because the full moon is gone doesn't mean the work you did on those days is gone. No, it's a very powerful time for expression as we're in Capricorn season right now. Keep the Spell Jewelry below handy.

A specific power stone bracelet that appears during a solar eclipse provides a fresh start. The Universal Lifeline Necklace is so open and ready to give you what you want as long as you are free to receive it. Is your mind open or closed?

2021 has brought all kinds of twists to our thinking, but it won't serve you during this incredible full moon energy care bracelet. Time to clean it up, get it out of the way, and focus on what it will show for you: money! To do this, you must turn your attention to the abundance of energies, to be grateful for what you have, and to appreciate your ability and the coming of cosmic energies to make this happen.

Let's turn off the outside noise and use this time to embrace our miracles, express our deepest desires, and light up our blessings. The spell necklace below is essential.

If you can, go out at this full moon and write these mantras down and recite them aloud. Put them somewhere; you'll see them every day as a reminder that you can manifest whatever your heart desires.

Full Moon Release and Money Spells:

I regain my strength and embrace a new beginning
I'm showing everything that aligns with my highest potential.
I invite abundance of all forms into my life with a charm bracelet.
I light up my light with ease.
I forgive myself for the past and I am open to a better future.
I let love fill me.
I have the ability to shape my reality.
I am gentle with myself and compassionate with others.
I am open to all things that serve the purpose of my soul.
So, the full moon in December 2021 is perfect for getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and trying something completely different, all while keeping yourself safe during the coronavirus. It's especially great for injecting life jewels into stale relationships and resolving lingering relationship issues with a partner or family member.

With the power of protecting bracelets and necklaces with our Original Red String Bracelet, you can live in your money spells and intention jewelry every day. They will keep you aligned in prosperity, happiness and success.

Much Love from your Luxa Protection and Peace Jewelry

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