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Chrismas Gift

The Greek goddess Gaia created the human world and gave birth to the sky named Uranus, the mountain named Urea and the water named Pontus.

She collaborated with her descendant elements to create the entire universe between gods and humans. She also faced the struggle to incorporate these different elemental forces into balanced jewelry, and understood that destruction and rebuilding was sometimes required.

When we call our planet Mother Gaia, we are paying homage to this Greek legend. Reflected in our human existence, we can see how the elements of earth, water, air and fire sustain us. However, our human behavior has unleashed the power of these elements into an imbalance. With heart and mind, we can reposition elements to heal our living world.

What are the four elements of matter?
In this vast expanse of Mother Gaia, the elements of earth, water, air and fire work together to create a balancing bracelet that nourishes life and existence. Let's get to know them...


We start with the earth element to clear up the confusion between mother Gaia and earth. While the Earth does consist of the Earth and the stuff we find on its surface, it doesn't by itself support life the way the elements come together. However, it does stimulate fertility and growth.

Earth has rocks, from the tiniest grains of sand to gigantic rocks. It provides the foundation for trees to gain strength and resilience. Represented by the colors green and brown, the earth element utilizes logic, grounding and hard work.


Water plays a symbolic role in sustaining all life. Fish in the sea breathe through water, and plants, animals, jewelry, birds, and humans all rely on water to replenish their form on Earth. Water represents cleansing and healing.

In a slow but steady flow, water can be the essence of peace jewelry as we gradually wash away things that no longer satisfy our passions. In a hurry, it may violently undo the accumulation of pain and error and misuse, making way for rebirth and full recovery.


While we think of air as the power to breathe, it has to work with water to keep us alive and strong. Just like water, it purifies our body.

We can think of it as we invite knowledge and information within ourselves, inspiring us to imagine and create with our bodies and souls. As it expels from us, its actions represent communication and sharing of our truth and purpose.


Mother Gaia's truest form of transformation, fire brings us into being by teaching us how to change. Fire has the power to wipe away, to erase all traces, leaving a pure slate from the start, but it also has the power to turn things from unusable to nutritious - just as we use it to cook.

Our willingness to change and grow takes courage and passion, and the element of fire provides an example of the unstoppable rage at our disposal.

How the Four Elements Support Our Transformation with Mother Gaia
The key to unleashing these elements to heal the planet lies in finding the necklace of homeostasis between them - recognizing when they tend to be unstable and using mindfulness to bring them back into balance.

Healing with Earth
When strong and balanced, the Earth pushes us onward through horizontal motion. Out of balance earrings, its energy bracelets hold us back as our minds harden and resist the true path to achieving our intentions.

We can use earth energy bead bracelets with crystals such as tourmaline, emerald and hematite, as well as powerful spiritual symbols such as a pentagram or an inverted triangle bisected by a horizontal line.

To reconnect with the earth, we need to nurture our root chakra in nature over time, touch the soil, and make our bodies feel embraced by the earth.

A powerful mantra for connecting with the earth: "I am here with the earth in this form now."

Water renewal
Just as it cleans and refreshes, water also has a destructive side that can bring chaos and tragedy to Mother Gaia. Even so, when we recognize the erratic, indifferent movement of water, we can struggle to accept the feelings of vulnerability and emotions that arise when water washes away our old version.

With symbols such as moonstones, aquamarines and pearls and the inverted triangle, we capture the energy balance bracelet of water through our sacral chakra. By engaging in bathing rituals and filling our bodies with water-filled fruits and vegetables, we call the water element into our bodies.

An inspirational mantra for Moving Like Water is: "I embrace the creative flow of the flow of my life."

Because water and earth are both feminine elements, both have downward symbols, reminding us to stay grounded in order to manifest and grow taller.

Restorative Air
If we allow the air to carry our thoughts and concepts too high, we will move away from the realm of Mother Gaia. When we lose touch with the trusting arm of Earth, we find ourselves feeling frivolous and vulnerable, beset by doubt and deceit.

When we spend time outdoors with free-flowing air, the air element resonates with the heart and throat chakras, gaining a gimbal. We can use gems like amethyst and smoky quartz and symbols like butterflies and birds or upright triangles with horizontal lines to remind us to spend time in divine communication while remembering to always return to our human space on Earth.

The Peaceful Mantra of the Breathe Air Good Energy Bracelet is: "I feel the air on my skin because I am human today."

Chrismas Gift

Fire Healing
When our enthusiasm and courage overflow, the flames burn in the form of jealousy, obsession, and anger. We must restore it to steady heat by taking care of our solar plexus chakra.

By providing our bodies with movement and exercise, we moderate the destruction of fire into a powerful form that will drive us to adventure and discovery. Crystals such as citrine and carnelian and the sacred geometry in the upright triangle can connect us with the element of fire.

The powerful mantra that balances the fire of the brooch is: "I burn with the love and inspiration of the universe."

Shared similar symbols pointing to the sky, fire and air correspond to male power stone bracelets to inspire action to connect with higher power and the power of knowledge.

Elemental bundles that support Mother Gaia
In partnership with Ecodrive, an organization dedicated to reforesting mangroves in Madagascar, we have developed bundles corresponding to the four elements to help you find balance and inspiration while giving back to our life-giving planet.

Each bundle contains a Gem Tree of Life and a Red String Bracelet, two incredible tools of healing and transformation.

When you buy one of these bundles, we donate funds to plant a mangrove in a special coastal area of ​​Madagascar. Mangroves play a vital role in the world's ecosystems, are among the tree species with the highest rates of carbon sequestration, and are central to maintaining coastal wildlife and ground structures.

Most importantly, local residents gain employment and a path out of poverty by working to keep the mangroves thriving!

Plus, we'll even show you the farm online so you can see where a new tree found its roots!

Mother Gaia continues to nourish our well-being and provide life, and we can actively strive to return gratitude and care as we work to balance the energies of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

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