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Shouldn't we all feel a little more dreamy and a little less stressed? The upcoming "harvest" Full Moon in Pisces on September 20/21 will make you feel creative, a little sensitive, and intuitive.

Don't worry if you're reading this after the full moon phase, as this energy isn't leaving us anytime soon, and you don't have to be a Pisces to absorb it all, as all signs will benefit.

Most of us know about the four elements that influence our personal horoscope: water, earth, fire, and air. Since Pisces is ruled by the element of water, and the moon needs and loves water (causing high and low tides), we all feel the ebb and flow of energy on dry land, and it's a beautiful moon.

Neptune, the ruler of Poseidon and Pisces, is associated with inspiration, daydreaming, spirituality, psychic intuition, and magic. Not the kind where you pull a card out of your sleeve, but the kind where you start believing you can show your future.

Neptune, the planet of fantasies and dreams, is in effect during this full moon, bringing a variety of emotions (support or embrace those feelings, you choose) that you may wish to take stock of as this is more about your heart than you s head. So you have the ability to use your intuition and seek answers to questions that may linger.

This harvest moon begs you to be free from the "need" to know yourself and connect intuitively to your core, while Neptune gives you carte blanche to evolve into a higher, more sacred space.

After all, Neptune is the planet of compassion and spiritual enlightenment. So, is it time to dig out that side of yourself? That area you know exists and tunes in occasionally, then turns off when life gets hectic.

Chakra Meditations and Mantras
The best way to take advantage of this full moon is to start a mini-meditation, close your eyes, place your hands on the third eye chakra, take three deep breaths, and imagine a beautiful blue light over your head. Set your phone to 10 minutes and focus on your breathing. Then, open your eyes and ask yourself, "How do I feel."

Here are some mantras you may wish to recite while practicing mindfulness. If you continue to do this for 30 days, you will most likely begin to tap into your more intuitive nature.

Don't forget how powerful your subconscious is and how redirecting with positive mantras can dispel negative thoughts. The full moon is a good time to embrace the crafting spell.

I'm not afraid to chase my dreams.
I will want it; then I will work for it.
I am the most important item every day.
Today is the perfect day to believe in blessings.
I am enough because I am.
I am on my way.
I can slow down, but I won't stop.
I have a beginner's mind and focus on what I can do.
I speak love language.
I believe in myself.
This moment, my moment, my joy.
I embrace my strength.
Keep up with the practice between this full moon and the powerful new moon on October 6. A good goal to achieve.

What to Expect from the Full Moon in Pisces
Autumn is a time of change. Nature creates such gorgeous hair; as the weather cools, our desire to feel warm and fuzzy is stronger. The full moon in Pisces will spark more enthusiasm to try things you've been thinking about but a little hesitant to do.

Pisces are known for being receptive and creative, and not afraid to express themselves. You feel this energy right now and definitely want to make the most of it. Time to click.

Do you have any hobbies? The creative side of Pisces is in the air, and we can all take a break from everyday stress.

You may not be the next Picasso, but you may be eager to start drawing, painting, or maybe writing a children's book, because Pisces loves to play. For those who like to be in constant motion, the Pisces energy is sure to encourage you. Play tennis, golf, or pursue something tangible and fun.

If none of these resonate with you, but need some time off for self-care, the energies of the Pisces Full Moon will always support you because they love to be pampered. So what does this look like to you? Manicure, massage, new haircut or color? Whatever your pleasure, enjoy.

Some of you may be more eager to deepen and release your feelings by journaling and performing release rituals, followed by a hot bath in Epsom salts and lavender.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. You may feel like you only need a day or two, or you may need a few weeks—a perfect time to let go of everything that is useless to you now or in the future.

So while the full moon in Pisces may have a stronger energy, align it, and then when the new moon arrives on October 6, 2022, you will feel relieved and can bask in a lighter energy.

Raise Your Good Luxa Full Moon Ceremony
Whether you choose to go out or stay indoors during the Pisces Full Moon, you will maintain the same efficacy and effect. Also, it is important to understand that Indian sitting and keeping the fingers in the meditative position are not essential for getting the right results.

What matters is your comfort and how you feel. It doesn't matter if your mood is good, bad or indifferent, you're welcome. The goal is to create a sacred space for you.

A wonderful ritual to do during a full moon is to create a quiet space, light a white candle, and sit and meditate/prayer. This allows you to connect with the spirit and center on your intentions, so you will know what to do in the coming weeks.

Take a warm bath with natural sea salt, baking soda and fresh lemon to purify your aura and reconnect to your core.
If meditation/prayer is not for you, then reach out to the moon and say "thank you" to the universe for all your blessings. This excellent practice can begin at the full moon and continue every night until the new moon. You will start to feel the shift.

Another great ritual is to keep your crystals outside, overnight, under a full moon. If you can't keep them out, place them on a windowsill that catches moonlight. This will clean and charge your crystals so they will continue to work at their highest vibrational frequency.

Yin and Yang
While we always want to be the bearers of good news, there are still some things to consider, as well as upcoming dates that may affect your sign, as Mercury retrograde (more on this below) is not far off. However, with the autumn equinox approaching on September 22, you may feel different from your usual game.

The Virgo season is coming to an end and we're entering the Libra season from September 23 to October 22, 2022, which is great news. While most signs will be affected by the upcoming retrograde, there are many positive and negative goals to weigh, which we'll list below. Remember, the most important thing is to never "fear" anything. You control your reactions and destiny.

With love planet Venus in Scorpio and action planet Mars in Libra in September and October, feelings of love, peace and harmony will prevail as long as you open your heart and are ready to receive. So, as mentioned above, pay attention to doing full moon meditations and mantras.

With Mercury retrograde on September 27, things can get a little off balance and unstable. That's why it's crucial to keep yourself steady and stable through meditation, yoga, exercise, and mindful thinking.

Libra light energy is something you want to tap into constantly, remember, they are the masters who have the most. So if you're craving more of a social life then go ahead and have fun with it. Just stay safe.

September-October at a Glance 2022 Astrology Overview
The planet of love and intimacy is here
When Venus enters Scorpio on September 10, many of us may need to delve deeper into the feelings and emotions of love, especially intimacy with a partner. Keep this energy flowing for the rest of September into October, as transformation is key and romance is in the air.

Don't think, just do it and fall in love. With Mars moving into Libra on September 14, and Libra season to follow, you may want to carry your partner on your back and explore all this hot, intimate Mars energy in and out of the bedroom. have fun!

Libra Season and the Autumn Equinox September 22
We'll be publishing a great article on the upcoming Libra season and the equinox on September 20th. We'll introduce you to Libra's hypersocial, romantic, and need for harmonious relationships.

Since it is related to the autumnal equinox, the first day of fall, our days and nights will have the same time into winter. Social relationships will play an important role in Libra season, while shedding old relationships and investing in new ones. Libras are the perfect lover and we will have all the vibrations of fire, passion and deliciousness.

The last Mercury retrograde of 2022 will begin on September 27
Remember that while Libra's enthusiasm will play a role in ours, you may be left behind by the last Mercury retrograde of the year. That's why rituals, meditation, and holistic physical, spiritual, and emotional self-care are relevant during this full moon.

Miscommunication will play a big role in this retrograde until October 18, and you have no reason to fall under its spell. However, due to Libra's energy during this time, there may be unresolved issues in the relationship that need to be disclosed.

If this happens, don't forget to keep a low profile and emotional balance, and don't jump to conclusions or make rash decisions. This retrograde will pass, the last in 2022. The holidays follow, and Scorpio season begins on October 23, bringing with it the promise of great success in both personal and professional life. Yeah!

Don't get too caught up in what will happen in the near future. Instead, stay in the present every day, starting with this gorgeous "harvest" moon, and remember that this is the time to adjust your intuition and reap those dreams.

Next, follow our suggestions above for rituals, meditations, and mantras. Finally, don't forget to let the full moon cleanse your gems/crystals while guiding you towards peace and love.

Wearing your gemstone every day is an effective way to stay in touch with your goals and dreams, recharge yourself, and align with your goals. In addition, the energy of gemstones can neutralize blockages that can lead to sluggishness and nourish all aspects of your life.

Match any of Luxa's gemstones with your Moissanite Diamond Necklace, horoscope and birthstone to feel and define your true essence and your innate desires.

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