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Given the incredible heritage we draw upon when designing our jewelry and home décor, it's clear that we believe that culture, heritage and lineage have many contributions to well-being and health.

Research has even shown that acknowledging and maintaining a connection to cultural traditions can heal wounds and boost self-confidence. It's important to celebrate our ancestors, and Grandparents' Day is a great time to do so.

Our grandparents have been around a little longer than us, kind of like our precious crystal earrings (except Nana isn't a thousand years old!)! They have lessons, energy bracelets and experiences to share that can shape the way we see the world.

Let’s show grandparents how much we value their role in our lives with these grandparents day ideas to nurture these timeless relationships.

9 Grandparents Day Ideas For Lasting Memories
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While unique, handcrafted luxury jewelry is sure to please, grandparents often just want more time and memories for their grandchildren.

Consider one of the ways to create lasting memories with your grandmother and grandfather this Grandparents Day…  

Start a tradition
Grandparents often take on the responsibility of passing on family traditions. It can be a real treat as their offspring strive to make their mark on family affairs.

When we talk about traditions, we often think of holiday meals and coming-of-age ceremonies. We can make grandparents' day activities easy while still emphasizing the importance of doing things together on a regular basis.

Consider teaming up with a cousin who lives nearby (or out of town) for a grandparents' Day picnic in the backyard or local park. Or you can stay one-on-one and offer to hold a tea ceremony between you and your grandparents, which you can do once a year.

Take your grandparents to the next level by giving them a weekly or monthly tradition, such as Sunday brunch the second week of each month. The point is your presence - if it's a tradition for you to gift women, keep it for them.

Cook or Bake Family Recipes Together
The best part of a celebration day usually comes from the delicious food and decadent desserts. For a delicious Grandparents Day idea, pull out the family recipe book. Ask your grandmother or grandfather what their favorite food or dessert was growing up and try making it for them.

The beauty of cooking or baking is that you can team up to create a beautiful feast together! Even if Grandpa's contribution is just licking the whisk after making the cream, the time spent together in the kitchen is sure to bring back memories.

Just make sure you're willing to pick up the slack - it's Grandparents Day after all!

Surprise them with unique gifts
Given the busy work schedules and distance between us and our grandparents, gift ideas for women that will awe and delight your grandparents may be the best way to celebrate.

Luxa offer unique gifts for grandmothers to convey your love necklace to your grandparents. With our assortment of Swarovski crystal earrings infused in their designs, your gift will exude a healing energy balance bracelet and intent for your grandparents.

Celebrating the family roots that rooted you and helped you grow, our collection of the Feng Shui Tree of Life is a truly meaningful gift for your girlfriend. Choose designs that meet the different needs in your grandparents' lives, such as courage, protection, and wisdom.

The wall blessing incorporates various symbols that symbolize spiritual meaning and power. Give your grandparents a bright decorative reminder of your love necklace every day by sending a wall wishes to your grandparents.

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Interview them
Sometimes we don't spend enough time listening to our grandparents, and Grandparents' Day is the perfect time to change that. When you show interest in the lives of your grandparents and their history, including ancestors they know you never had the chance to meet, you can get a wealth of family history.

As a grandparents day idea, develop a family tree with your grandmother and grandfather to trace the roots and branches.

Then, you can get a lot of information to dig deeper into your family history. Maybe before your next grandparents day, you can show them a beautiful family story or create a piece of art from a tree.

Make a surprise visit or video call
No matter how far apart we are, grandparents love to spend time talking to their grandchildren. Phone calls may be fine, but if your grandparents are more tech-savvy, make a video call on Grandparents' Day. Take them on a tour of your new apartment, or simply sit together and chat from around the country or the world!

To elevate the idea this Grandparents Day, take a surprise visit to your grandparents' home. You won't regret the cost of your airfare and time off when the excited faces of your grandparents greet you at their door. They'll want to pet you for a weekend visit, so in a way it's also a gift of self-care.

Mow their lawns

Your grandparents may be healthy, but mowing the lawn is always a chore.

Take it off your grandparents' hands over the weekend and do it for them. They'll appreciate the rest, and when you're done, don't be surprised if your grandma has fresh cookies and tea waiting for you!

Plant a tree together
In grandparents' day ideas, it's a timeless symbol of your family that can last for hundreds of years. Purchase a sapling or seed to plant, either on home property or in a park (with permission).

Plant the tree with your grandparents and agree to look after it together. It will be a reminder of that moment as the years pass and the tree grows. As your grandparents transition to another realm, you will keep this tree as their natural monument and can show offspring a true representation of the family tree.

Go fishing together
This time of year is great for the outdoors, so soak it up with an afternoon of fishing that kicks off a slew of grandparents' day activities.

Whether you're hopping on a canoe (maybe not -- grandpa probably doesn't like celebrating dunks) or grabbing a few chairs by the pier, fishing can be a relaxing, peaceful time just immersed in each other's presence.

While you want to keep your voice quiet so as not to scare the fish, sit and wait to have enough time to talk and learn more about your grandparents.

Plus, you can pack snacks and drinks to enjoy. If you're lucky and successful, you might even have dinner with your grandparents that night!

Look at family photos together
We take a lot of pictures on our phones these days, but grandparents often store photos from decades ago. Spending an afternoon flipping through old photos and albums will guide you through memories and learn about your family.

You can even digitize photos of your grandparents to ensure they are protected and kept somewhere. As you progress through the story, you'll show them what it means to you to protect your family history.

Final Thoughts
Whether it’s biologically or spiritually, it’s really important to acknowledge the older adults who help guide and shape our lives and goals. Celebrate family, traditions, and ancestors by trying these Grandparents Day ideas for extra thought and effort for a meaningful gift.

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