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Manifest Money & Love On This Full Moon

From this moon to the next, daily self-care is essential. The Virgo Full Moon is healing, critical, obsessive, and a little talkative. With Virgo's planetary ruler Mercury going direct the same day, energy bracelets can be a little unpredictable.

The full moon is about letting go and releasing what is no longer serving you in your life force bracelet. It is also a time of celebration and climax. During this time, the universe is giving you a chance to see the people and situations in your Flower of Life earrings and do some house cleaning, both physically and mentally.

During this full moon, bringing the jewelry back into balance is the trick. Change up your energy balance bracelet and get out of the challenge's super time so you can focus on your strengths.


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This moon is directly linked to prosperity and letting go of the ego, allowing us to hold on to negative thoughts and self-doubt. There's also the chatter about letting go of the past in our minds, "I'm not worth it," because you sure are.

Unleashing this toxic thought into the full moon's light will also help to get rid of the constant nagging.

Then the written intent comes into play. The power of words is crucial to reversing our subconscious beliefs of "lack". When we allow our ego to convince us that we don't have enough money, why bother with setting goals, we prepare ourselves for failure.

Over the next 48 hours, we will shed these beliefs and unravel the literal "expression" of the Bracelet of Prosperity and Love. Here's how...


It Starts With Intentions To Manifestation


Grab some paper and a pen (yes, old school) and write down your wishes, i.e. more money, a better job, a new love necklace, etc. There are no limits, but we set for ourselves.

Start with the word "I deserve it" and continue creating your spell.

When you're done, paste it somewhere you'll see it every day. It will turn the idea of ​​"lack" into "what I deserve."

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Take A Moment For Conscious Meditation


Conscious meditation by acknowledging your worth and letting go of ego, lack of thinking.

Sit in a quiet place or play soothing music. If you have crystal earrings or jewelry with gemstone earrings, put them on your right hand and say "Thank you (insert your name), I love knot rings, respect you every day, I am being directed towards my highest intentions ."

Now you will align with the way the Universe feels about you.

Everything you need to create a better future for yourself is set in the way the universe already works. We see it every day in the wonders of sky, grass and sea.

As we clear our home and our negative thoughts, we open our hearts to the light of the world and absorb love necklaces, money, harmonious relationships, and more.

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The Power Of Moonstones

Continue to express your deepest wishes with our beautiful collection of Luxa moonstone bracelets and necklaces. Known for divinity, balancing necklaces, and gentleness, you can carry your intentions and good fortune from one moon to the next.

With love from Luxa Love and Loyalty Jewelry.

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