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Calling all zodiac signs, calling all zodiac jewelry signs. From April 19 to May 20, Taurus is the time to channel your inner Taurus. Vibration will shift from the chaotic, super-energetic sign of Aries to a more determined, money-making and stable month where you can begin to manifest your future purpose and find love in all the right places.

Venus (hello, lover) will enter Taurus on April 14, and Mercury on April 19, with the fiery sun juxtaposing them.

What does this mean to you? a lot of things. Venus rules Taurus (see above), the planet of girlfriends, beauty (with a touch of ego) and happy love. Known for sensual, earthy, and love story jewelry, Taurus can buy luxury costume jewelry as long as they can afford it. This seems like the perfect time to absorb energy for yourself. It's common and ready for you to take it. how?

Get a cute haircut.
Start walking more and even add some weights.
Get rid of your old wardrobe and give it a new look.
Do the long-awaited spring cleaning.
Sitting in the sun and reading a romance novel. We'll tell you why below.
Harness this Taurus energy by focusing on your goals. Money is the key to this stubborn sign, and each of us can draw energy from it and run with it.

Remove the obstacles that stand in your way. Writing them down can be a good way to start. Then put them in a plastic container with water, cover, and put in the refrigerator. Spring is here; in Taurus season, there is no time to waste a minute of negative energy or something that brings us down. Get rid of the baggage.

Here are some more key dates to watch out for. Come back to this post every day as a reminder and write them down too. We've added some money mantra jewelry below, because Taurus love symbols jewelry their money and they sure know how to make it.

Express your wishes.
April 14 - May 8: Venus transits Taurus and Love earrings are in the air. Since Libra is also in power this time, you can focus on material things:

Gathering with friends (aware of Covid) and having fun
buy yourself what you want

Women's Luxury Fashion and Costume Jewelry | Luxa Wish

While you may wish to rest on a laurel or couch, now is not the time. This is a time of great creativity and the perfect atmosphere to get projects started or finished as well as to meet and present with talented like-minded people.

Also, (ahem) you may feel more aggressive than usual. The fusion of Libra and Taurus will do this during Venus. Don't forget to tap into your more emotional side and explore. So we recommend that romance novel.

Dates to watch out for:
The full moon in Scorpio (the stubborn sign) on April 26 is the perfect time to discover this side of yourself. This doesn't give you carte blanche to be mean; it just means that it may be time to put your feet down and start believing in yourself.

We'll have an article on the full moon spell that you can use to improve concentration during this time.

Here are some money mantras to recite at the upcoming full moon. While in Taurus season you will want to get a head start, now is a good time.

I have a healthy relationship with money, and I'm careful with my spending.
I know my worth and should pay for my time.
I think it has something to do with the general money supply.
I choose to live a rich and fulfilling life with a charm bracelet.
I don't lack, I have enough, and I show more.
I know that I am rich in every way in my beloved jewelry of life.
I'm naturally lucky.
Money flows freely to me.
I am a money magnet.
I am financially free every minute.
I am open and allow myself to thrive and grow.
I deserve and deserve positive cash flow.
I am not afraid of money.
I now release all resistance to attracting funds.

Women's Luxury Fashion and Costume Jewelry | Luxa Wish

May 6: Venus trine Pluto. Listen carefully. The day may be filled with more emotions than usual, so pamper yourself, meditate to bring harmony and balance, and focus on self-care.

Take a warm bath with Epsom salts.
Lather up that delicious balm.
Do yoga stretches.
Mani/Pedi and face shields always work.
Apply extra conditioner to your hair and listen to soothing music.
May 8 - June 2: Gemini energies are also very prevalent during this time. During this Mercury transition, you may begin to feel more social and warm. Communication is key, and technology is probably the best way to connect with people, flirt online (be careful), and maybe join a dating site if you want. Also, stay centered and focused during this energizing time, as this is a great time to tap into your intellect and instinctual energy. Show them your depth and wisdom.

May 11: Now, let's take a look at the Crescent Moon necklace in Taurus. Goals, goals, and more goals. Perhaps after reading this article, you might want to make a list of things you want to accomplish this year. On the night of the new moon, go outside if you can, or sit inside and meditate on gratitude. We'll have a whole article on this as well.

April 23 - May 3: While we are in Taurus energy, on May 3, Gemini will also pass. You'll feel a flood of creativity coming your way like a storm, and this is the perfect time to let your creativity flow. With that, plus what we've said above, it's time to clean and tidy up the house. It opens your mind, feels good, and allows new energy to come in. Go to that closet!

Women's Luxury Fashion and Costume Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Use your senses during Taurus season as the planets align for this purpose during this time. Get outside; it's spring and beautiful necklaces. Use a nature bracelet to express gratitude and take time to worship the earth and yourself. When you learn to focus on what's important to you, the rest will fall into place.

Your zodiac sign is most important to your personality. Never lose sight of your wonderfulness. Wear your destiny every day with our Zodiac Constellation Women's Choker.

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