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In order to maintain Love and Loyalty Jewelry and nourishment, friendship should be celebrated every day. But wouldn't it be a good excuse to actually remember and honor the behind-the-scenes part of our most precious friendship once a year? Without a doubt, this is definitely a reminder of how we should appreciate our friends more and restore old friendships in the digital age.

But how did the story of the International Day of Friendship originate? In the 1930s, Hallmark came up with this seminal idea and fixed it on the second day of August. Due to the aftermath of that decade (the Great Depression and overall political turmoil), the International Day of Friendship was gradually forgotten. However, it was updated in the 1950s by the World Friendship Crusade, an organization designed to encourage stronger friendships around the world.

Naturally, the next question is, what should we do on this special day? Well, the answer is not as straightforward as Christmas gifts, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr or Diwali celebrations. How appreciative behavior is formalized is not precisely defined. Instead, it's up to you, as the appropriate format for celebrating this happy day is tailored to each true friendship.

So whether you choose to organize a party, play a nostalgic video featuring you and your friends, or send them something, remember that it's all a matter of personal choice, and each person is enough to reflect how you feel about friendship.

If you truly understand what the day means and want to mark it with symbolism in a sacred piece, choose a beautiful red string bracelet from our Luxa Red collection. Given our charisma, it's clear why these pieces are the epitome of protected relationships and stable emotions. By deflecting the negativity of proximity, it ensures a steady flow and vibration of positivity in your friendship, and it gets even better if both your friends and yourself wear it. Additionally, our red string bracelets are often paired with charming charms such as the Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye or the Tree of Life symbol. These powerful pieces will make you feel connected to your friends every day of the year!

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