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A good friend of mine called her in great desperation because she was in a relationship that wasn't working. Note that this relationship has not worked out over the past year. A few months ago, I bought the Radiate Love Moonstone Bracelet and Charming Five Necklace for her birthday jewelry.

She kept complaining that her ended relationship was disturbing and I knew the moonstone gem would help. I hardly know how many.

That night, I had to call for help because she was depressed. The three of us answered the Zoom call and gave her the space she needed to talk. A few minutes later, I asked her "Hey, where are the birthday bracelets and necklaces we have for you." She said, "In my bedroom, they're too pretty to wear, so it's only for special occasions."

I told her "It's a special occasion and they'll help, now wear them back."

While the three of us really wanted to support our friend's plight, we knew this person would never give her what she wanted in this relationship. We also know that something about her Flower of Life necklace got out of hand, like her job and her finances, because she's obsessed with this person and nothing else matters.

I mentioned the famous quote by Russell Simmons, she sat down and started fiddling with her bracelet. "Do you think I'm in need?" Oh boy, how do we answer that without hurting her feelings?

"That's not the point of that sentence," I explained. "The point is you don't need him to be happy, in fact, he makes you miserable. Why would you go after something that doesn't work? Girl, it's time to erase and replace. You deserve it."

Our sage and master of daub started chanting the mantra bracelet "Don't chase, erase and replace." Ha! Great, we all chimed in. There are 4 people on the Zoom call, it's very loud and the energy bracelet moves. Instead of leaving her in a space of sadness and depression, we started having fun. I put on some music and asked her to stand up and sing with us. "Don't chase, erase and replace."

She felt energized when we calmed down, and in that moment, we knew now or never. We need to break through.

"When you don't need anything, you have everything," our smartest friend told her. "You don't need this person. You don't need anyone. It's a mindset shift from 'need' to 'awakening' and 'believing in miracles', 'believing in yourself' and 'believing in a bracelet of mutual love'. Nailed on the head.

We were all moved, and it makes sense. "Once you don't need him anymore, you let him go." A beautiful jewelry and spiritual jewelry moment we all embraced until she said, "Anyway, this guy is a total loser." Yeah, Here she comes, our never-shrinking New Yorker.

I noticed a change in her opinion. She got hold of what we were going to convey and finally got home. Needing something creates despair around it, and the Negative Energy Bead Bracelet or what we like to call "ambience" isn't pure, it's dark. These are the moments we speak of

Don't Chase: Erase and Replace
She asked us "So, I should start looking for a better person" and we all yelled, "No, that's not the point." I'm sure my neighbors have heard enough.

"The point is that you stop chasing what you think this person has to offer and let him go. You remove him from your life charm bracelet and energy balance bracelet, you replace your thoughts from 'I need him' to" I've realized what a true love necklace is and I'm willing to let the universe bring me my perfect couple of love rings' and you just let it go. "I was impressed with myself for a while. Four years of ministerial school paid off.

I suggest we all put it on paper and stick it at home to remind you that when you realize that you don't "need" anything, but "crave" for something, the universe responds.

I knew she had understood the concept, and I pointed out her moonstone necklace and bracelet. I explained to her the origin of the Moonstone Chakra, which is known for being divine, balanced and gentle. I told her to wear it every day so the gems would protect her good energy bracelet and she deserved to be surrounded by the silver ring of unconditional love.

I explained that in the moments of weakness we all have, if she wanted to reach out to him, she would close her eyes and touch the moonstone crystal necklace while repeating her love spell jewelry so she could get rid of the negativity The "needed" power stone bracelet reached out to him, opening itself to her enough "awakening" energy.

Our nearly 5-hour Zoom meeting was productive and ultimately fun. There may be a glass or two at the end to celebrate her renewed healing energy bracelet and understanding of the "Don't Chase: Erase and Replace" concept.

A few days later I sent a text to all the girls to see how our friends are doing and keep our support and love pearl necklaces. I didn't tell her I was following her on Instagram and Facebook and noticed that she had deleted all his pictures and changed her status to "single". Or she has been quoting our conversation.

We all zoomed in later that afternoon and she looked completely different. She had a relaxed atmosphere and a smile on her face. "What's wrong," we asked her.

She told us that she broke up with him the very night we talked. He didn't respond well, as we imagined, and started to be "needed", promising her the world that he would "change" and pay more attention to her. She said it was the hardest thing she'd ever done because she really fell in love with the necklace.

She sticks to her Tibetan mantra bracelet, wears her moonstone earrings and necklace, and knows there are others out there who would be perfect for her. She was embarrassed when he started chasing her, which gave her a firsthand look at her past year.

We all started talking to each other to convince her not to feel that way. Our smart friend said, "We know what we know, and what we don't know always shows up. There's no reason to punish yourself for loving someone." As usual, Wowza kicked it out of the park.

This true story doesn't end with telling you that she found an amazing person. But it would end with the fact that she did fall in love, and she prayed deeply with herself about jewelry. It wasn't easy, and it didn't happen overnight, but it did happen, and she persevered through the hardest with her spell bead bracelet and moonstone crystal ring gems. She revealed to me that some nights she wants to give in and give in. Yes, we get it.

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On a private Zoom call, I asked her why she didn't call me, and she said she's starting to understand how important self-love is, and that her bead necklace keeps her focused.

She also told me that she researched the Tourmaline Feng Shui Tree of Life for self-love, positivity, strength, and was obsessed with the gems and energy diagrams that came with it, and focused on that every night, not her relationship.

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The moral of the story is: you "don't need" anything, but you "deserve" everything that makes you happy. So if there is an area in your life force bracelet that doesn't satisfy your needs with love healing jewelry, just stick with it and chant "Don't Chase: Erase and Replace" your thought process, and feel free to put the moonstone and Keep the tourmaline handy.

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