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Oh, how nice it would be to quit your job and travel the world with Lotus Flower Jewelry! Pick place after place from your bucket list, city at a time, country at a time, village at a time. Sadly, that's not the way of life...for most of us.

The average person might stop by on their travel bracelet list every few years or ten years. But with all the places you can see on this planet, it can really be a checklist approach, a worthwhile effort to see everything you can.

There are so many incredible places to visit that you should research them when picking a destination from your bucket list. Learn about their beliefs and habits, their religious beliefs and ways of doing things. This can help you decide which experiences to complete first.

Asia - a continent worth seeing
Distributed in 50 countries, more than half of the world's population is in Asia. It's a continent full of food, history, nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities. Some of the most beautiful earring cities in the world can be found on this continent. On this continent, you will find Buddhism at the highest level. For more than 2,000 years, the Chinese have believed and practiced this religion in three parts:

• Korean
• Tibetan
• Southern Buddhism

Buddhism is not just a religion. It is a culture that affects its followers in three main ways:

• Art
• Ideology
• Literature

Buddhism's famous jewelry ideological basis, poetry has ideas. Many Buddhist stone statues symbolize that it still has a huge influence on many people to this day.

China - not your grandmother's gift China either!
China has been a multi-religious country since ancient times. It was here that the native religion of Confucianism began and remains the soul of Chinese culture today. Each city in this country has its own way of following and practicing a different religion. Many of the other religions found here have many different dynasties and fit the different groups of people who live here today.

China's capital seamlessly blends old and new. This is where the Forbidden City is located, an ancient palace that represents the royal architecture that China is known for. The emperor used to call this home. Today, you'll find restaurants, shops, and teahouses in the narrow alleys known as hutongs that form private courtyard homes.

Hong Kong is often described as "restless" as fast-paced energy bracelets sweep the city. For night owls, this city should definitely be on the travel bucket list. Many people start their night by reaching the Peak Tram. They positioned themselves at Mount Taiping, just before sunset, watching the city lights. When you ride to the top, the skyscrapers feel as if they are collapsing, an optical illusion. "Symphony of Lights" begins at 8:00pm. Every night, is the world's largest permanent light and sound show.
India - the basis of all Luxa beliefs

Bollywood is here, the city's sprawling film industry. You will also find the largest tropical forest, Sanjay Gandhi National Park and many different architectural styles. One of the best ways to get around Mumbai is to visit the many bazaars here. You'll find a wide range of colours in the world's palette and lots of bargains on silks, souvenirs and spices at Chor Bazaar, Crawford Market, Lamb Street and more.

It's nearly impossible to escape the horns and other sounds of the city. But take your time to look for the coastline and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves and sunsets at Juhu Beach in the Arabian Sea. Spending a little time here will give you the peace you seek to relax and understand the many meanings of Buddha bracelets and other Asian religions.

Bangkok and its 24/7/365 food availability make it one of the most visited cities in the world. Here you will feast, then sleep and feast again. The Chao Phraya River flows through the city, feeding many other canals, where you'll find floating markets such as Klong Lat Mayom. Take a guided boat tour and visit popular markets where coconut water and other tropical fruits can be bought.
Besides Buddhist temples, you can also find ornate architecture in modern skyscrapers. The city is said to sink about 3 inches a year, so you might want to put it on your bucket list before it disappears!

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