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Libras crave social life, and from September 23 to October 21, all 12 zodiac signs will experience a fun energy bracelet in the air, along with some intensity. But that won't stop you. :)

Hello, lovely Libra season. Let's celebrate with a party hat on. What might you ask? Libra says "whatever". has the most masters,

It also happens to fall near holiday jewelry, so you'll feel like you want to hook up and throw a Zoom party, happy hour, show off your Halloween costume jewelry, or, again, for absolutely no reason, now is the time.

Vientiane, use this time with an energy bead bracelet to smash projects, work overtime to impress your boss, and move your career forward. Some of you, Aries, Gemini, and Pisces, will have a strange feeling of wanting to clear your space, file away things you don't need, and clear the aura around you.

Since Libra is ruled by Venus, Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio may want to make sure to go further in your relationship. If you're not among them, now is the perfect time to pamper yourself and check out content online on matchmaking sites.

With Mars retrograde (ugg), you may feel like your workouts are more energetic than usual, or even try something new and artistic. Zumba, online belly dancing classes, yoga, or check out some fun prom videos on YouTube. After all, Libras are sensual and the perfect month to explore and break away from your daily workout routine.

Scroll down to see what's going on with your zodiac sign this month during Libra season.

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Aries: Creativity
Mars goes retrograde on September 9, which marks a critical phase in Aries, especially when Mars is in Aries. You'll find life classes and projects start to have problems, your usual way of doing things becomes ineffective, and there's some deep thinking; I wouldn't say soul searching because it's not that deep, but you'll have reasons to reconsider and deconstruct These problems to find better ways to deal with them.

There is a strong connection between money and creativity this month. A project you initiated recently or long ago with a strong personal flair and with a high degree of originality can now pay off, often unexpectedly.

Getting more rest and avoiding unnecessary stress is critical, so don't let yourself be at the mercy of those who are emotionally demanding or authoritarian. Don't take on more work than you need. Now is not a good time for a hard new job.

Aries enjoys a touch of romance this month, but you're only dabbling in; you're not ready for anything too heavy or too intense. You tend to quickly become interested in new partners and get caught up in the wind while you enjoy banter and conversation. However, even if you quickly become interested in a potential partner and want to answer their calls, you may ignore their calls and dismiss them. You don't want to encourage anything right now. It's a classic case of getting them hanged; you want to do enough to maintain a flirty friendship, but you're not yet sure you're engaged on an emotional level, so you want to stay free while staying connected on odd dates .

As you get closer to the truth about your relationship this month, things come into focus and you may be surprised by what pops up. These realizations are silent and often unexpected. Now is the time to separate what you think you should be doing in your Love bracelet from what you want to do. How many wishes have you fulfilled and how many wishes of your partner have been fulfilled, has the relationship become unequal, and could this be a source of dissatisfaction exposed?

Mars retrograde is not the wrong time to start a new job, project, or apply for a new job. However, you may find yourself lacking in confidence and may even change yourself by accepting a lower salary or less favorable terms. You'll also feel more anxious about making big decisions, though you can also be more thoughtful and strategic in your choices, and you're more likely to gloss over the downside.

The moon wanes between the 2nd and the 17th, which makes this a time to harvest rather than sow, so use this time to get back to work before you start over with anything or draw a finish line under something. Get the most out of your project.

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Taurus: Positive
Jupiter direct in Capricorn brings abundance and positivity; however, this does not bring good luck; you have to put in effort and forethought. You can't get what you want if you don't know what it is, and while it's a broad month with new opportunities and things moving in your direction, if you're passive or don't have specific goals, Nothing will happen.

Money matters this month; you may be dealing with large sums of money or important accounts at work, or you may close a home sale or even a divorce settlement, which means you have big numbers in your history and are facing "The next feeling". In some cases, you may get a layoff or a pension, or even some compensation. You should stop and think about your next steps wisely.

Don't let pride or stubbornness keep you from talking honestly with a health professional about any symptoms or problems you have; you need more information about your health. You should seek confidential and professional advice.

An excellent month for a new romantic jewelry relationship. You are more positive and enthusiastic in your love necklace; you embrace new experiences in the dating process and don't take any rejections or setbacks seriously.

Online dating, dating coworkers, and meeting people on a dog walk are all promising avenues for finding new love knot ring interest. Open-minded and happy-lucky types will appeal to you, and you seek out fun and adventure rather than serious, methodical relationships.

Mars is retrograde in Aries, making it difficult to go direct in September. So after the 9th it can be a tricky time in a relationship because you have this vague anger and exasperation that is not unreasonable because you can sense something is wrong. Still, you don't know what to do with it.

It can be difficult to tell who is right and who is at fault in a love necklace relationship; sometimes, you assert yourself and express a need or concern, but then you feel guilty and withdraw, and may even apologize and further damage your position. Dominant partners may now increase their control if you're not careful

Beware of partners who try to share responsibility or be passive-aggressive, don't be tempted into anger, and don't allow your needs or feelings to be minimized.

The moon wanes from the 2nd to the 17th, which is a period of completion and concentration; however, after the 17th, you can brainstorm like crazy and start some relevant ideas and initiatives. Think outside the box and use your luck. Be creative, use your charisma, and use your imagination to envision positive outcomes, because this month's creative visualizations work brilliantly -- quests that involve music, museums, galleries, and library farewells.

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Gemini: calm down
With Mars retrograde in Aries this month, it's hard to predict how massive an event will be. Organizing a large group of people is like releasing bees, because people tend to act in their own interests rather than the group's, or they're just numb, so they do very little.

If you want to achieve something, start the wheel and do it yourself, as you won't be relying on the usual places for support. It's best to avoid crowds, protests or group events as these can be frustrating and pointless.

You may need to indulge or pamper yourself a little to get over a particular difficulty. September money can be spent on trivial things, but hey, what if you deny yourself spontaneous fun.

Traveling can be exhausting and you may experience a lot of delays. So, on all trips, even routine ones, make sure to keep plenty of food, water, shakes, and medications like acetaminophen anti-nausea with you. Make sure to take a walk on your plane trip to avoid DBT or buy proper socks.

This is one of the best times for a budding romance in 2022. Still, there will be bumps in the road, so pay attention to the phrase, "The journey of true love ring gold is never smooth sailing", as early issues may not be a reason to worry about a lack of compatibility, on the contrary, they may indicate Rapidly developing depth of affection and passion.

This is a good month to talk about things related to children or have a baby. However, if you and your partner have very different values ​​when it comes to raising or disciplining your child, an impasse can arise. This may be the month you find you have very different ideas about when to start a family. So it could herald a new "Cold War" period where you both understand that there are fundamental differences, but you decide to keep going after what you want and ultimately win.

It's not easy to stay motivated about your long-term goals this month, and you may feel like you need a little instant gratification to make your immediate goal a reality, even if it comes at the expense of your long-term goals. Money invested now may not yield returns for a long time, which is why you may choose to enjoy your money now rather than invest it.

After this phase, the moon weakens from the 2nd to the 17th, best for new businesses and important decisions. After the 17th, public appearances, leadership and career achievements are favored. The past two weeks have been great for getting recognition or accolades and benefiting all of your careers in the spotlight. Progress after the 17th has been slow and steady, but determined to bring tangible results. This is not the best month to learn a new skill because you are more mentally exhausted and less receptive to more information.

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Cancer: Relax
With Mars retrograde in Aries, September's success depends largely on staying power. It helps if you have stamina and patience instead of force and hard work. Sure, it’s okay to work hard, but instead of working long hours, work smart and make sure you know when it’s time to sit down and save on energy balance bracelets. It's about choosing when to take action, not throwing the kitchen sink at every activity and hoping for results.

Money tends to be accumulated through traditional and rather conservative methods. So while you can have a great month, successful jewelry comes from doing the basics right and not trying anything too quirky or risky. Take care of your old clients and they will take care of you too. Don't waste money chasing things that have nothing to do with your current job.

This month is ideal if you are recovering from a health problem, especially one related to an accident or the flu. Your health is good and a positive attitude will help you recover quickly. Fresh air and outdoor activities are essential for all Cancerians this month, but even more so if you feel exhausted or unwell.

In a new relationship, you'll look for partners with whom you have direct chemistry - right away, or not; if that momentary spark isn't there, forget about it. It may even be that the "momentary spark" is a strong feeling of annoyance or anger towards a person that later turns into desire when you realize you are attracted to them.

Love and hate are so closely intertwined this month; you can go from one to the other very quickly, whether you've just met or you've known each other for a long time, which creates an exciting and dynamic relationship in Love earrings .

More time spent at home provides opportunities for deeper conversations. However, being so busy, it's easy to get distracted by guests, family events or even ongoing decorating. Forget couples who grab those private moments to say thanks and love rings, words that can heal but are often unspoken.

It's important to briefly mention, as it doesn't have to be sentimental and intimidating, why you love your partner and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Take time to renew your love ring silver and celebrate your relationship with a special glass of wine before your guests arrive, or a late night nightcap in your bedroom. Intimate conversations and verbal affirmations i.e. telling your partner they look good and admitting i know how hard you've been working lately is better than 100 roses so be thoughtful and say something your partner would love to hear .

You should be careful not to let the competition get out of hand to the point of poisoning the atmosphere. Your own desire to win or achieve a goal this month, even if you are aiming for a common goal with others, can become domineering and you may lose sight of what is important. You must temper enthusiasm and ambition with humility and diplomacy, and avoid seeking victory or success at all costs.

The moon waxes on the 17th, making it an ideal time to start fresh and fire the starting gun for a new project. This is not a good month to change careers or start a new life direction. Local travel for business or pleasure is very popular, as are sales, communications, contacts with the media, web and app launches, press releases and taking exams.

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Leo: Roar
Leos can often idealize what others have and become so obsessed with it that you make yourself feel inadequate. You should use this jealousy as a springboard for action, and maybe you should take action to start a new relationship, hobby, or career. It's better to compare ourselves to others because we all have our own unique life timelines.

You have a good taste for intrinsic value and can buy it cheap because you may see value in something that others miss. That means September is great for auctions, boot sales, buying collectibles, buying art or property. You might inherit things like paintings or luxury jewelry.

Get plenty of vitamin C and fluids this month, and don't forget to eat fruits and vegetables. You may be eating a lot of junk food in September because you have a big appetite, which can affect your immune system and make you prone to fever.

Take responsibility for your happiness this month and don't rely on your loved one's emotional response to your inner happiness or being flattered by a suitor or potential admirer.

New relationships can start quickly with sparking chemistry; however, if you need help emotionally right now, the relationship may not be satisfying for you, and you may hit the pleasing mode, which It's possible to set the wrong tone for the relationship because you'll start from the back. As long as you have some level of freedom, this could be the perfect month for a relationship. You need quite a bit of space this month, not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually as this is a year of learning to know yourself better, and when you always put your needs second, you cannot do this.

With Mars retrograde in Aries starting September 10, it's been a hard-working month, which can also be beneficial, but patience is required as results can be slow. Your boss's actions may leave you demoralized and a little undervalued, but it will only motivate you to go the extra mile and show your professionalism. Keeping your head up and not letting things down is where you can set yourself apart this month - it's not just trying to impress colleagues or superiors, you'll be very proud of yourself and dance for you You'll gain confidence now that you've passed every seemingly impossible obstacle.

The Moon begins on the 17th, making you fertile ground for new activities, especially those related to money, investing, networking, politics, group endeavors, science, and humanitarian work—a great time to buy a car or invest in precious metals . A great month to work with a larger team, attend a conference, or arrange a large gathering.

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Virgo: go
Control and safety are at the heart of your motivation this month, as you become more stubborn and resistant to change. You might try to micromanage or bootstrap events, but you'll miss out, as if you're willing to learn more and seek to expand rather than stick to the old status quo, you can make a lot of progress.

With Mars retrograde in Aries, this is simply not a good time to apply for a loan or borrow money. Accepting gifts or favors is also not recommended, and you should be aware of how the added benefit of work, namely a company car, affects your tax situation.

Be careful with record keeping for tax purposes and where you manage other people's money or act as clerk of affairs. This month is not a good month to be the treasurer or agent or co-signatory of any organization. Avoid money conflicts with unfamiliar people. Do not bond anyone or pay bail for anyone else. Anything that comes up with money right now is very complex and contentious, so be prepared and don't try to hope or rush out of the pain.

Often, we adopt a mindset that fits our situation and gives meaning to our struggles. Still, time gives way to new scenarios and new endeavors that require unique philosophies and beliefs to help us cope.

Privacy is essential for the Love Pearl Necklace to flourish, forget what your friends or parents have said or are doing and let your love life be a bubble just the two of you. Now, you may need some isolation from outside distractions to be able to focus on your new relationship. This is a great time to fall in love more deeply and experience emotional fulfillment. In love, however, some sacrifice is required because it is not easy and the test may be what the gift is and whether you are ready to do it.

Finding deeper meaning in a Love you bracelet relationship can bring you closer to your partner, or it can tear you apart. This can make you realize how compatible or incompatible the two of you are - maybe you match on the surface, but maybe your actual needs and goals or disagreements.

Sex is a flashpoint, but the problem isn't always sex jewelry; it's just an excuse. This can be a very transformative time for love heart earrings when you have the opportunity to learn what keeps your relationship going and deal with the key issues that stick year after year. Marriage counseling or joint psychotherapy can be beneficial for relationships and allow them to recover from a crisis. So if you feel like you can't take it any longer, try counseling, as this may be essential, as this month is ideal for addressing the complex emotional issues at the heart of relationships.

This month is all about motivation and underlying drives, and it's time to be patient and understand what's at stake for the person or company you're working with. You're probably dealing with more companies that are on the brink of default or bankruptcy, and don't extend credit to companies or individuals without guarantees.

The Moon waxes on the 17th, making you fertile ground for new activities, especially those related to the medical field, education, business administration, and services. A great time to buy a car or invest in precious metals. A great month to get engaged and plan your wedding. It's another good month for legal matters and hiring an advisor (i.e. tax or accounting advisor).

You may be involved in a business liquidation or a management buyout.

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Libra: Party!
Mars retrograde on September 9 indicates that your one-on-one interactions with others, both business and social, require a deeper understanding. It’s not enough to debate, discuss, and draw conclusions together; you have to question the entire ethos or foundation of the relationship. Maybe it's time to realize that you need to ask whether the assumption of the relationship still holds. While this period doesn't signify the end of a solid job or a romantic necklace relationship, it does signal the need to understand what drives both parties to stay in the relationship and whether those drives are healthy jewelry based on a movement of revenge, denial Relationships, or control, are often challenged and forced to find more positive ground or dissolve.

You tend to spoil others, now want to be kind to your friends, and spend money on entertainment, usually in your own home. Be careful you don't try to buy friendship or buy your way into a group. A strong sense of belonging or inclusion often affects how you spend this month. You can also spend more on activities related to your bucket list or pursuits to add a new dimension to your life.

What is contamination and avoidance involves activities in environments with a lot of dust or particles, not a good month to clean up elevators or garages. Hay fever and asthma attacks happen faster, so be careful.

In the new true love necklace, Libra wants to talk about sex necklaces, you are willing to open up about what you want and even how you want to experiment. You can enjoy sex jokes and playful exchanges via instant message or text can be very exciting. You can get a little impatient with coy and evasive partners. A new relationship has to offer some adventure and something exotic and daring; this is not the time for a Libra to go after the girl/boy next door.

You and your partner tend to work on different purposes; this is because understanding is broad but not deep, and when you agree, you tend to be half-hearted, so you can get into trouble quickly. The problem is that this month you feel the need to reconcile, and you often agree to go with the flow for the sake of a peaceful life. However, by not silently committing to these agreements, you subconsciously sabotage the effort. So there are a lot of unconscious interactions that determine events without you having to make a direct decision.

Give your partner some points for trying; Mars is retrograde this month and libido tends to get out of hand, and you may hit each other's notes wrong, but intentional bracelets are usually pure and in good spirits, so forgive and laugh. Sex earrings can be awkward and awkward these days; it's more Woody Allen than James Bond.

With Mars retrograde, business negotiations or agreements that have hit a wall can fall apart relatively quickly. The desire to compromise is minimal, and you may end up haggling over meaningless details.

The Moon begins on the 17th, which allows you to pursue new activities, especially those related to hospitals and nursing homes, social work and the public service - this is long-distance travel, publishing, advertising, earning academic honors. Sports games after the 17th are also lucky for you.

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Scorpio: Money!
Mars retrogrades on September 9; this means you have to know how to pace yourself, as stress is high and it's easy to overkill, ie put more effort into tasks or chores or even unnecessary help. This month you have to make sure you do enough to get things done, not more. Don't try to be the hero of overdelivering and saving the day because you'll just burn yourself out.

Jupiter, which rules your finances, is direct, bringing clarity about money, especially when it comes to your long-term goals. It's easier to understand how the pieces fit together and how your plans and broader economic and social trends are changing. You may have more knowledge or confidence in the political situation in your country, which helps you be more assertive about your long-term outlook.

Health is an important area of ​​concern; you may have headaches, migraines, nosebleeds or high blood pressure. It is important to have a regular and regular diet. Taking magnesium supplements, most importantly, also increases the complex of potassium, manganese and B vitamins.

Unrealistic expectations can ruin your love prayer jewelry life as you wear earrings that are a little romantic, creatively, anything is possible; coming to earth with mundane relationship problems can be challenging, you May be impatient or forgiving.

This is the perfect month for new same-sex relationships, in part because same-sex relationships are often transformative and part of an important life theme about identity.

In some cases, a Scorpio may stay with an ex and find that the passion is still there and that a relationship can be built even better than the first time.

There are some unexpected events mid-month that may cause your marriage to be temporarily separated or divided. One of you may have to leave for work or family reasons, which means you're separated when you didn't expect it. This can be a refreshing time to embrace the opportunity to own your own space.

Your partner may be more eccentric or even distant this month; you have to resist the tendency to be suspicious or jealous, it's just a phase that encourages you to explore your goals and interests more. There is no "me" in this month's TEAM, love healing jewelry; it's all about the two of you as individuals.

Be patient, take your foot off the gas pedal, and stop, because a stop-and-go, stop-and-go motion gets the job done, not in one go.

The people you work with can be reactionary and easily flustered, so be calm, calm, don't get caught up in the office hysteria, it's just a storm in a teacup, you need to identify what's necessary and hone it.

Mars retrograde makes it tricky to work with animals during this time, be careful with them as they are more unpredictable.

The moon turns from the 17th, making you fertile ground for new events, especially those related to joint ventures, financing, auditing and investment management - great for networking with industry professionals and attending seminars and events opportunity.

This is an ideal month for political events and group events. Scientific affairs and R&D are favored.

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Sagittarius: Health
Your drive to learn and make creative and original choices is high this month, but tension as a subconscious element can destroy you. You want to be more open, open, and take more risks in life, especially when it comes to challenging conventions, but parts of your ego are clinging to the past, and that needs to be dealt with.

This month is tough when it comes to making money and achieving goals. You have to put in a lot of effort to keep your goals, deadlines, and goals because it's slow going. While short-term results can be disappointing, you must move on; you must also understand why it is so difficult now, and what you can do to avoid similar problems or problems in the future.

A great month for team sports and social sports. Wellness is about being proactive and being included, and you prefer activities that contribute to successful outcomes rather than the joy of your success as an individual. A sense of belonging, purpose, and being needed by the team is rejuvenating and inspiring.

During Mars retrograde months, your feet lose their vitality in romance and you will feel cold. The wind disappears from your sails and you feel the need to reflect and think about where you are now and whether it is right for you. In September, you'll reconsider, perhaps choosing a new direction for your romantic bracelet life, or asking for a cooling-off period. You don't necessarily have the right to change the order, as the dye may have already been cast. If your partner's expectations are already too high, it may be difficult for you to get through this thoughtful cooking period without jeopardizing the relationship.

But honesty and truth cannot be avoided right now, so be diplomatic and explain yourself without necessarily expecting understanding, at least not yet.

You are quite passionate this month, you seek stimulation on a physical level, not necessarily sexual, but you enjoy massage and even dance with your partner. Sagittarius is a sign that thrives primarily on communication, freedom, and optimism; however, this month, you'll become more aware of how wonderful it feels to be physically close to your partner in all the ways you like to be close.

If you are building a new business, this can be a very productive phase where you can quickly discover resources (both physical and informational) that are critical to your future success. The difference between someone who does a regular job or a business job and someone who builds a business is that you don't expect quick results when you start out. You are alert to everything; however, as you build, you expect it to flow, and you may stop innovating or observing, so the message is that even if found, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The moon waxes on the 17th, which allows you to start new activities, especially those related to hospitality and dining—the perfect time to start working from a home office or community project. Jobs in social services and family law are favoured.

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Capricorn: Thinking
Mars turns retrograde in Aries on September 9, which may hinder your plans and things will slow down, but the message is to be more thoughtful in your approach. Taking things down may feel like a release, but now you need to make sure that what you're building will truly reflect your needs. Now is the time to let the dust settle and calm down and reflect. Now is a great time to use your imagination as a tool for envisioning options; speed isn’t everything, nor is progress; it’s important to align your emotions, needs, priorities, and goals.

The money spent this month should be used for goals and projects that are already in progress, not anything new. Focus on your most important priorities and get them done first; chances are you'll have plenty of time outside of work to find new opportunities and avenues for your business and hobby.

Psychotherapy may be beneficial now, and this is a good time to deal with anger issues. If you find that issues between you and your parents resurface with other authority figures, especially about bullying, now is a good time to address the issue.

The love relationship from now on is stronger and the feelings run high; the romance affects you more. It can dominate your life and thoughts, and it can be a distraction, but you have to go on because the new lover is obsessed with you.

New Love relationship necklaces have their ups and downs from the start, and they tend to affect your life in weird ways. With this new relationship quickly approaching, you may feel suddenly jealous or even possessive, and you may become very irrational and vulnerable to potential problems.

You are more aware of the factors that affect your relationship. The attitudes and ingrained behaviors that tend to guide the relationship often determine the outcome, as it filters to the surface and is better understood by you, so it's more visible. It's a sudden thing in terms of your deeper understanding of your partner that can help you navigate tense and awkward moments that come more strategically rather than subconsciously.

Now is an excellent time for creative writing, as Capricorn loves writing alone as a pursuit, and your imagination is very active. You may find it interesting to write fiction or to write about emotional and psychological issues.

Your ability to negotiate, communicate and coordinate with others is enhanced. This month is great for team leadership and organizing team events. September is ideal for those in careers where finding solutions by balancing needs and extracting compromises is essential.

The moon waxes on the 17th, making it fertile ground for new events, especially those related to art, music, design, and alternative fields.

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Aquarius: Finance
Mars retrogrades from the 9th house of Aries. Working independently is much easier because coordinating others and leading teams is full of pitfalls, and people work on intersecting goals. It's been a grumpy month with more contentious issues. Feelings tend to run high and surface, while emotions often triumph over objectivity.

Resolve long-term financial issues this month, namely your child's pension, property, education funds. Let's say your current earnings aren't growing or you've reached your cap. In this case, you may need to take this more seriously and start reviewing the options available to increase your financial prospects through further education or training or new initiatives. You may also want to consider how secure your source of income is and what are your job security prospects for the next five years?

Take into account any tax changes, increases in medical and other insurance contributions, and inflation. You may soon need to make some big decisions to improve your ability to meet the financial challenges of the next few years, and these will be more fundamental than just cutting a few areas. While you may not act right away, this is the perfect time to start adjusting, not just coasting month by month.

For some Aquarius, you may be a therapist or therapist, but working with someone experiencing grief, stress or trauma can help your understanding, allow you to grow and gain awareness.

You have a desire to be pleasant and easygoing, and you often do more in the relationship than you deserve. You will do your best to avoid arguments. However, this often leads to resentment and eventual outbursts that are more serious than necessary.

There are two core goals in pleasing others. You crave enjoyment and you have a greater psychological need for harmony and affection, which means you become resilient, easygoing, and avoid conflict.

However, you are also very possessive and you seek to develop an intimate relationship where your partner is either dependent on you or obsessed with your attention. So, likeable people have needed factors and aspects of control. However, you can only please people for so long because it's never a viable option in the long run, so pay attention to what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Aquarius must be wary of bullying and manipulation in love bracelet silver. As a sign, Aquarius tends to attract dramatic and emotionally expressive characters with strong views on things; you value intensity and enjoy it. Still, you can't be overpowered by it. Please don't let dramatic partners dominate through their tantrums or outbursts; you have to resist the emotional stress of tantrums. It's easy to agree to lower the temperature, but it creates a bad precedent and further encourages the behavior. Avoid confrontation because you will get worse; even if you stand up for yourself, you may feel bad later. It's better to walk away and not put yourself in heat, because in the first case it's not even your problem.

Job satisfaction is an important wish this month. Aquarius who work in the digital and paperwork world can be so disappointed that you may make up your mind this month to pivot your future toward something more rewarding, where you can get instant feedback from real people.

The Moon waxes on the 17th, making you fertile ground for new activities, especially those related to money, investments, savings plans, and income. Funds should flow in faster and debtors will pay to improve working capital. Sales are improving, and you should be making more profit—a great time to hit your sales goals.

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Pisces: money
This is the perfect month to earn recognition, and you are a welcome voice when it comes to team initiatives. Your popularity is high. In any new situation, you can make friends quickly; you should welcome more social opportunities, attend meetings or engage in negotiations, because your pennies are worth a long time.

Now is the perfect time to host a celebration at home for family and friends. If you've already started a home-run business, this month is a great time to promote it or host an event.

Mars turns retrograde in Aries on the 9th, which suggests that you should give it a go when it comes to your financial strategy. Relax any business spending and be more cautious about investing. Reduce financial risk, hedge your bets, and stay safe.

Try not to conflict over money or resources; rather than fighting for your rights, compromise. Usually this month, being "right" doesn't guarantee you'll stand out, and it certainly isn't worth arguing over issues of principle. If you can get a chin loss, do so and move on.

This month, especially the second half of the month, is an ideal healing period on the psychological level. Therapy, counseling, hypnosis or past life regression may be beneficial. Focus on addressing the root cause of your anxiety and dealing with any residual guilt that is ruining you. It's good to talk to professionals who are good at guiding you through key triggering issues that require more understanding and resolution.

Love is a learning experience, and you tend to learn about yourself through new intimacy. A relationship that starts now has a good chance of success. Often, you both come from completely different backgrounds, with religious or cultural factors, and this is part of your fascination and broadening of your horizons.

After the 17th is the best time of year to meet a new partner, so it's a good idea to go to a social event, a date for two or a singles night to put yourself where Cupid might strike.

This is a great month to get engaged or married; you're more eager to share your life with someone special and promise to take it to the next level. Marriage this month is all about prosperity; your partner may be wealthy or successful both materially and as a valued member of society.

With the opportunity to expand your connections, someone may introduce you to influencers who may offer advice or practical help in the future.

This is a great month for research; you may need to flip through old papers, newspapers, or manuscripts to solve a problem or get to the heart of it. Now is a good time to look for answers in obscure, unorthodox methods that often lead to results.

This is a great month for creative writing, especially children's books, fantasy, dystopia, and science fiction.

The moon waxes on the 17th, making this a fertile and prosperous place for your events, especially those related to real estate, home improvement, decorating, or moving. Creative projects are favored. Best to work in libraries, archives and anything mysterious. Family decisions can be made successfully - charitable and humanitarian work selected for green activism.

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