Gift for Kids - 13 Back To School Gifts For Students Of All Ages: Give Them Confidence, Protection & Style

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The past year has completely changed the way we look at education and what we worry about in the classroom. For many students, back-to-school anxiety now includes more than just health, safety and good grades, but also fears of loneliness or isolation.

But you can give back school gifts that inspire purpose in students and give them the energy and vibe to attract like-minded, spiritually-focused friends.

We want to ensure that every student has the protection, energy and enthusiasm to find success and joy in their studies. By enrolling in our student program, any verified student can experience the benefits of crystal healing jewelry by saving 25% on their purchase.

Back-to-school gifts for elementary school students
From kids graduating from preschool to teens preparing for their final year of elementary school, we've got a range of gifts for our youngest spiritually-focused friend.

Check out these great options for elementary students...

Children's Chakra Bracelet

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The human body develops chakra nodes along the spine, linking our physical form to our spiritual aura. Balancing the flow of good energy through the chakras can help a young mind and body stay healthy and focused.

Chakra bracelets infuse each chakra with subtle vibrations. Because each chakra corresponds to a different color of the rainbow, chakra bracelets, such as our Happy Protective Kids Bracelet, serve as colorful protectors to match any back-to-school outfit.

Children's Red String Bracelet

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Every day at school comes with new adventures and challenges. As parents struggle to get their kids out of bed, eat breakfast and catch the school bus, many families struggle to afford food to fuel their kids throughout the day.

That's why we created the Red String Protection Bracelet - every bracelet sold contributes three meals to a family in need. While protecting your loved ones with powerful spiritual symbols, the kids' red string bracelet will add to your back-to-school gifts for other students. Our collection of red string bracelets for children features enamel charms for a unique protective quality.

The combination of ladybugs and daisy flowers in the Eternal Imagination bracelet will bring good luck and positivity to students, while the charm of the evil eye can deflect negative thoughts. This is a great bracelet to wear on the day of the spelling test, and there are many other great accessories to choose from to suit your child's own style or everyday intentions.

Charm Necklace

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Bracelets may be a safe bet for younger elementary students, but as kids grow and hone their personal styles, back-to-school necklaces can inspire new elegance and creativity for any first-day school ensemble .

Charm necklaces are a subtle, sophisticated option for students to wear. Depending on a child's future at school in any given week, different charms can evoke significant meaning and intent to help them succeed.

Forever Playful Fish Necklace features a turquoise enameled fish with glowing fins and tail. It can be a good reminder for students to go with the flow in life and learning. Bright colors inspire creativity in learning new lessons.

Glamour earrings
We know that for some grumpy kids — the ones hanging upside down on the bar and doing cartwheels at the gym — bracelets and necklaces can present an extra challenge. Parents may worry that their child's jewelry could slip into the grass on the playground.

That's why glamour earrings can be a great option to provide your child with a safe protective talisman. Let the Devoted Affection Teddy Bear Earrings echo your love for your children throughout the day. With a variety of accessories available, you can let your child's personality and spirit find energy and a good vibe from the accessories earrings.

Protect Jewelry

Given the uncertainty of the past year, it's no surprise that parents and students alike are feeling anxious about returning to in-person learning. Knowing that you have taken extra steps to strengthen their physical and mental bodies with protective jewelry will allow your students to succeed and grow in joy.

For our youngest learners, we have special bracelets, such as the Caring Protection Evil Eye Bracelet, which fit securely and comfortably on slender wrists and provide a shield against negativity. The Protected Childhood Evil Eye Brooch is another safe option for kids. Depending on the child's protection needs for the day, it can be a talisman that the student attaches to the backpack or to different clothing.

Children who are energetic and sometimes struggle to sit still in class can experience a sense of grounding with the protective balance of the stabilizing healing stone in the Persistent Protector Onyx Evil Eye Boy Bracelet. This and other great back-to-school gifts are styled for boys, using stones to balance masculine energy.

Back-to-School Gifts for Middle School, High School, and College Students
Our upperclassmen may experience increased anxiety during the school transition. For those who are moving to college, we especially want to give them a sense of security and love, even if we have to be miles apart.

Back to School Necklace

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As students graduate from school, their style can also be upgraded. They need extra protection for precious gems and symbolic glamour to survive adolescence and academic stress.

Young women may want to tap into their femininity, and lunar energy can bring a calm balance as girls experience hormonal changes and learn to trust their intuitive nature. Channeling the energies of the Moon Goddess, the Gold Plated Serenity Moonstone Moon Necklace is a delicate necklace that can be layered with other trendy strands for any style (or school uniform).

It is also important for young people to freely explore their own unique style. Help them find the strength and courage to work hard and be successful. The Personal Strength Lion Medal Necklace will generate confidence and help your students grow into spiritually guided leaders.

Back To School Bracelets

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Bracelets can be worn as individual, delicate strands or stacked in pairs for a powerful protective combination. We have many styles that combine healing crystals with powerful symbols to infuse your students with an aura of optimism, compassion and strength.

Adolescence is transformative, so commemorate a young girl's transformation with the Spiritual Transformation Amethyst Butterfly Bracelet. The royal amethyst gemstone inspires unique beauty, while the butterfly reminds her that obstacles are never permanent, but make way for pure joy and happiness.

For boys, the Spiritual Vitality Red Tiger Eye Bracelet balances the energy spikes and lethargy they may have as they grow up. This back-to-school gift will evoke their natural abilities and creativity to elevate their mood and sense of worth.

Back To School Earrings

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Let your students learn some sophisticated style options with more intricate earring designs. These back-to-school gifts feature ancient spiritual symbols and precious crystal gems to make students feel elegant and protected every day at school.

The Divine Understanding OM Earrings send out positive thoughts and reminders that listening to and trusting in students' spirits will help them live with integrity and meaning, even outside of what they've learned in books. Universal Protection Lapis Evil Eye Earrings offer edgy style while protecting young people from negative, misleading thoughts.

Final Thoughts
Make this new school year even more special with back-to-school gifts that not only show off your students' style, but also protect their spirits from the stress and uncertainty that are inevitable in their youth. Remember, if you enroll your students in our student program, you can let them explore our collections and define their intentions, all while receiving a great student discount.

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