Gemstone Jewelry - Super Full Moon in Libra

Are you ready to step into the footsteps of spring this spring? Then you don't want to miss the brightest and largest super full moon of the year on April 7.

This particular jewelry moon, in the Gemstone Jewelry of Libra, is all about jewelry, support and company of each other as a token of love.

While isolation makes us all fear the unknown, we don't need to succumb to this belief. Let's be consistent and positive in April by trying these energetic full moon necklace rituals.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


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One day soon, we will all be back together and social distancing will be a thing of the past. But for now, we will remember that we are still connected and will get through this together.

The trick is "how do I stay in a good space and lift other people's spirits." By recognizing that "you" are very special universal truths.

So, how do we start?


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By giving back. It will make a huge difference to someone's lifeline necklace.

Does someone you know need help near you? Especially seniors? Be a warrior and serve them. Go buy food, help them with the lawn, and take them away if they have pets.

Keep your distance, wear gloves, and sanitize front and back to keep both of you safe. They may reject you, but ask anyway and they'll recognize that someone cares.

Keep it simple and stay in love earring studs. If you can't actually contribute, see what you can do to raise awareness of someone's plight on social media. Every bit helps. Especially calling someone you know can be lonely. You have time now, use it for love earrings stud earrings.

Never forget the power jewelry of prayer. Especially if you know someone who can help us. Ask the universe to keep them safe and bring them what they need. It helps a lot.


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These moon earrings are the perfect time to sit down with white candles and a hot cup of tea. It's time to get rid of those who disagree with your positive energy bracelet.

Diplomatic Libra will guide you as you write down a list of people you think are dragging you down. If it's on social media, analyze what's going on about them and their feeds. Then decide to unfriend and unfollow if it worked for you.

If it's someone on your Flower of Life necklace, write your question and see if you can talk to them. If not, wrap a heart bracelet for her on paper and ask the universe to help you unfold your future with them.


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Want to bring your stylish fashionista with you? This is the perfect time to change up your look and explore fun hairstyles, makeup and clothes.

What does that look like? up to you. Dye a little pink in your hair, or tap into that happy super-spiritual jewelry hippie inside of you? This is a great time to play with fashion jewelry.

Get super creative on this full moon jewelry and go for up to 3 days afterwards. Dress it up, baby, show it off. Put your new look on social media and let your friends and family see your happy side. You will inspire others.


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This full moon lets you clean your house and even your closet. How fitting considering we were inside almost 24/7.

You may not like it. Clean anyway. Find a room or rooms and dig in, if you feel inspired, move things around and create a more balanced feng shui.


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Hey, we're all doing it. Stress Eating. Make an appointment to start clean eating tonight and for the next 30 days. Staying at home has us all eating too much. From this super perfect full moon to the next, try conscious eating.

Create a great meal plan for yourself, either on your phone (with the help of tons of apps) or on paper and stick to it.

More vegetables, fruit, high-quality protein, and balance with any sugar you love. This will take your positive emotions to another level and you will feel so much better.

If you're ready, start tonight with a few minutes of yoga and then expand at night or during the day. Yoga Rock! While our influencer Melanie has made it, you don't have to be a yoga professional, but you do need to get started. You will feel better. Engage your friends on social media.

We are not "social" media distance, we are physical distance.


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Let's make the most of our quarantine situation. Change your mind, change your life glamour bracelet, this full moon begs for that. Our vibrations are greatest when we respect jewelry, accept and love those we are on the road.

Right now, our egos and fears are ruling our day. Create something remarkable for yourself and those around you with this super full moon energy balance bracelet. This will pass too, so keep you happy and keep the power stone bracelet positive.

Honor bracelets this moon and honor necklaces for yourself and those around you right now. The universe always finds a balance, so let's make sure you do the same in the meantime.

Much Yoga from your Luxa Gemstone Jewelry family.

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