Gemstone Jewelry - Labradorite: A Stone Of Intuition

Explore the cosmic oasis of labradorite jewelry

It's hard to define what makes labradorite so irresistible. First of all, its main benefit cannot be described in words as it is more than just prosperity, love bracelets, serenity or grounding. If only one attribute could be chosen to describe this remarkable stone, it would be it – otherworldly.

Broaden your horizons of possibility

Labradorite is a beautiful bracelet stone. Starting with a dreamy fusion of turquoise bracelet blue and moss green, it looks like an ancient artifact ready to unlock its benefits. This stone encourages you to swagger and pursue only what you really want. While this may seem contradictory to grounding, it is not. Labradorite will keep your spirit in reality, but will change your mindset. Your fears will be exhausted, leaving a void for your dreams and desires.

Increase your mindfulness

The inherent properties of this stone are equally valuable. While the previous attributes refer to your dream Gemstone Jewelry expression and aspirations to the world, this one is about the interior. The majestic light of labradorite will slowly outline your mind, body and soul, allowing you to know how to respond to certain feelings and perceptions of your surroundings. It will help you to feel all the sensations in your mind and bring you into a state of heightened awareness. This is one of the most valuable traits we can grasp, because with modern lifestyles and technology, every game tends to go faster than it should. The power of the mysterious labradorite helps you live in the moment and cherish every detail.

Meditation and Calm Help

The visual presence of labradorite is purely ethereal. It creates a sparkling light effect with a mix of greens and blues. If other micro-inclusions are present, these gemstones produce iridescent light. Because of its one-of-a-kind appearance, many spiritual crystal necklace guides use this stone for meditation purposes, as it can help you transcend the desired state of consciousness. As such, it will soothe your mind as your reflections on the problems and obstacles in your environment become more optimistic.

Level up your dreams and desires (even if you think it's impossible)

Yes, having a fantastic perspective can help you achieve great things. All of us have the ability to do things we thought were impossible, but here's the thing - not many of us realize it. So the presence of labradorite in the picture forces us to look up at the stars and see the infinite possibilities of your spirit. A little bit of daydreaming is actually a great stimulus for improving yourself, turning dreams into reality and ideas into action plans.

Chakra Connection

The magnificent labradorite is a stone in the Throat Chakra Bracelet and represents the center of communication between our body and the world, as well as the center of communication between the chakra necklace stones themselves. When blocked, typical problems with our reactions and dream manifestations arise. When that happens, it's hard to make decisions about most things in life. What's more, we become so judgmental about our own feelings that we can't tell the difference between what's good for us and what's not good for us.

Labradorite is the perfect bracelet remedy for these problems and a powerful crystal healer for throat chakra necklaces. Throat chakra bracelet treatments can be overactive or underactive, so labradorite works to get it in the best position. Also, this all-purpose gemstone is great for the crown and third eye chakra earrings as it aligns them with the throat chakra bracelet crystal. In this way, it infuses you with the energy you need to achieve your goals and get to the point where your mind wants you to be. Your intuition will be significantly improved, allowing you to align your mind, body and soul with the same goal and purpose.

Labradorite is a great stone to finish or start your day. For example, you can meditate or simply practice mindfulness with the labradorite mala, or in front of the labradorite tree of life bracelet. Luxa labradorite bracelets are also paired with other gemstones. Also, they are always enhanced with Gemstone Jewelry (Hamsa, OM, Lotus...), allowing you to feel the fusion benefits of special charms and labradorites.

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