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As a global mineral deposit, the benefits of jadeite jewelry have been known to mankind for over 6,000 years.

In ancient China, it was regarded as a royal gem and held the highest esteem, just like gold and diamonds in the Western world.

Emerald bracelets come in a variety of colors, mainly green. Other shades include blue, black, yellow, orange, brown, red, pink, lilac, purple and white.

Emerald's primary energies are purity, wisdom, healing, and protection for jewelry, but this versatile gem brings more benefits, as each color and hue has its own properties.

Let's take a look at how jade, once regarded as a panacea in ancient China, can benefit our lives.

The many benefits of emerald
The benefits of jade are very nourishing and protective, gently guiding us to the truth of our nature while ensuring that we are not overwhelmed in the process.

Metaphysically, Emerald comes into our lives to encourage us to be ourselves in any situation by teaching us about our true selves.

It sounds simple, but it is actually very challenging because we live in a very competitive world where the popular jewelry media and society are constantly telling us what we should be. To adapt, we often believe or do things that don't fit deep inside.

The result is a growing sense that we don't belong to ourselves or that something is missing. Of course, we are always part of the Universal Energy Bracelet, part of everything, but what's missing is that we've lost our way.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, Emerald can gently guide you back into your true inner self, so that you can re-emerge and take your well-deserved, happy place in life, unencumbered by external pressures.

Emeralds benefit us the most when we keep them close to us at all times, such as wearing a green jadeite necklace. Bring Jade close to you, its energy bead bracelet can penetrate your aura. Mediation with it can help you connect with God.Evil Eye | Shop Charm Bracelets and Pendant Necklaces | Luxa Wish

There are many ways you can use Jade benefits:

●Guide and protect you or your child from bullying
●Stay away from negative energy jewelry when going out
● relieve tension in new or unknown situations
●A study partner when preparing for exams
● Restore optimal balance in turbulent situations
●Reduces tension and shock after traumatic events or bad news
● Repair broken friendships and release grudges and resentments
Whenever you need to take advantage of the healing properties of jade, simply hold it in the palm of your receiving (left) hand, or hold it close to your heart.

Jade is associated with the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus and the planets Venus and Mercury. You can use it to honor and collaborate with the goddesses Venus, Isis, and Avalokitesvara, as well as the energies of the Archangel Raphael.

This enchanting stone is connected to the heart chakra, earth and nature, and in feng shui, to wood - the energy balance bracelet represents expansion, growth, health, new beginnings and nourishment.

In the tarot, the Emerald is aligned with the Wheel of Fortune and the Queen. The Wheel of Fortune tells us that life is constantly changing in ebb and flow. The Queen connects us to God and encourages us to be who we are while accepting things as they are. Combining these two cards with Emerald's ability to help us transcend our self-restraint is the perfect ingredient to promote spiritual crystal awakening.Evil Eye | Shop Charm Bracelets and Pendant Necklaces | Luxa Wish

Jade Healing Properties

The healing properties of jade revolve around infinite wisdom and purity. It does not bring quick changes or results, but rather encourages us to gradually find our way by opening the doors of consciousness and providing guidance. Emerald's protective properties persist throughout the healing process.

Apart from its core properties, the healing properties of Jade include:

● Fertility
● Moderate
Bring all or any of these energies into healing rituals, prayers, and meditation. For example, you can use Jade for any of the following:

●Understand and release anger and irritability
● Calms tense nerves and anxiety
●Identify and break negative thought patterns
●End self-sabotage through harmful behavior
●When facing fear and self-doubt during times of change
● lessen the trauma of loss, such as unemployment, divorce or death
●Cultivate integrity, first to yourself, then to others
●Discover spiritual jewelry and emotional maturity
●Cultivation of vitality good energy bracelet
● Find self-acceptance and self-love
●Build confidence and self-esteem
Jade is especially good for dreams. Whether you have recurring dreams or want to perform dream analysis, Jade helps make dreams more vivid and aids in later memory. Wear an emerald stone necklace, or place the emeralds under your pillow.

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Jade energy
While all emeralds have similar properties, different colors offer additional benefits. You can combine them for specific situations, or pair them harmoniously to enrich your life.

Black jade
Black jade has a strong protective effect against negative emotions. Use it to protect the body and mind from evil spirits jewelry and psychological aggression, including negative and obsessive thinking.

Blue Jade soothes the mind and enhances peace, contemplation, reflection and serenity. It supports honest communication and can be used to help us tell the truth. It is also used in dreams.

Brown jade
Brown jade is the cornerstone that connects us with the earth. Use it if you feel isolated and need comfort or want a deeper connection with nature.

Green jade brings good luck, good fortune and prosperity. It also encourages friendship and supports new love relationships. Furthermore, it guides the natural cycle of birth, development, creation, death and rebirth. It's also a powerful aid when nurturing a new business, forming a new relationship, or having a new baby.

Lavender Emerald
Lavender Jade relieves emotional hurt and pain, provides spiritual crystal necklace security, and nourishes the soul. Use it to strengthen your connection with God.

Orange jade
Orange Jade brings spiritual protection jewelry and teaches the value and interconnectedness of all things. Use it to enhance power stone bracelets and inspire happiness.

Purple jade
Purple jade purifies the aura and inspires fun and happiness. It dissolves the Bracelet of Negative Healing Energy and enhances the sensitivity of the Spiritual Healing Crystal by dissipating judgment.

Ruby means life force energy. Use it to drive away the fear of self-sabotage and the courage to take action or let go.

White jade
White jade is a filter stone that helps us distinguish what is relevant from what is irrelevant. It can be used when useful, positive information is needed to facilitate decision making.

Topaz brings positive, harmonious energy to any situation. Use it when you need to adapt without judging people, circumstances or things.

Light and dark emeralds
Lighter emerald properties promote divine energy, spiritual development, faith, perseverance, and connection to a higher purpose. Darker tones are better associated with material things, including growth, luck, maturity, inner strength, and material abundance.

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Emerald magic through history
Revered for thousands of years for its magical properties, the benefits of jadeite have a place in every culture of the world.

Of all cultures, the ancient Chinese held the most respect for jade. A large number of ancient artifacts have been discovered, all of which have far-reaching and symbolic meanings.

To this day, many Chinese still give each other gifts with jade jewelry, amulets, amulets and items.

Among the more popular bracelet emerald amulets, a necklace that is still popular today is the "Two Brothers in Love", which depicts two men and is often used to strengthen friendships. The other is Yufeng, which is given to adult girls.

The image of a man riding a unicorn is also a popular earring for newlyweds, symbolizing the birth of a new heir. Finally, give a small jade carving padlock to the baby to wear around the neck. This blessing is said to bind the child to life, protect him from all dangers, and strengthen his resistance to childhood diseases.

At traditional Chinese weddings, the bride and groom sometimes drink from jade cups engraved with the image of a rooster. This is in honor of the tradition of a beautiful white rooster that a young breeder would jump into a well when she lost a lover. The cock loves her so much that it follows her into the well rather than living without her.

Merchants and merchants in ancient China held jade talismans when conducting business negotiations to prevent shady deals and keep their heads clear.

Emerald stone butterflies symbolize success in love and lasting relationships, and Chinese grooms often gift it to their brides. The tradition stems from the legend of a poor young man chasing a striking butterfly into the garden of a wealthy mandarin. There, he meets the beautiful daughter of the official, and they fall in love immediately. Instead of being punished for trespassing, the officials agreed to the young man's request to marry his daughter.

In ancient China, jade was also used to make music through stone bells. These are made from a series of sixteen jade stones cut into different lengths and thicknesses. When struck, they produce different notes and are used in various rituals. There are also song chimes made from 12 to 24 pieces of carved jade.

Ancient Chinese burials often included placing a piece of jade in the mouth of the deceased to protect the jewelry from evil in the afterlife and prevent the corpse from decaying.

A ring still very popular today, the Jade Dragon represents strength, health, good luck and masculine energy.

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The rest of the world
Ancient South American priests used jade-carved knives, ornaments and objects in religious ceremonies to worship and win the favor of the rain and sun gods. Archaeological excavations throughout the region have also unearthed jade tablets, jewelry, weapons and samurai masks.

Maori from New Zealand use jade neck carvings to represent deceased family members or ancestors. When the head of the household or the head of the household died, it was buried with them, only to be exhumed and passed on to the nearest male relative after a while.

Final thoughts
Emerald is a versatile, deeply healing and spiritual stone that serves the higher good in any situation.

It brings clarity and focus to the user and clears away emotional and mental debris, allowing us to see the heart of the problem. In doing so, however, it protects us from harm by only revealing what we are prepared to accept.

Therefore, emerald benefits all aspects of life and is your ideal companion for life.

At Luxa, we appreciate the benefits of Jade. That's why we only use authentic gems handcrafted by artisans with love and care.

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