Gemstone Bracelet - Sacred Colors Of The Cherokees And Their Meanings

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For the Cherokee, there are sacred colors, and they follow these beliefs in every aspect of their lives. According to James Mooney's "History, Myth, and Sacred Formulas" in 1900, there is an important color symbolism in the shamanic system the Cherokees follow, with a corresponding color for each cardinal direction. Each color has a symbolic meaning, and shamans use the knowledge of these symbolic colors to conjure spirits that pair with the color.

The following is the symbol color system:
· The East is red, representing success jewels and victory

· North is blue, representing failure and trouble

· South is white, jewelry representing happiness and peace

West is black and represents death

Here, we'll take a look at each and what each color and orientation means for the Cherokee:

Reds live in the East and are considered jewels of power, Gemstone Bracelet of success and the spirit of victory. Red in battle symbolizes success and the color of the war club as they strike the enemy and the warrior's protective shield. It is believed that red beads can summon red spirits, ensure longevity, recover from illness, and bring a necklace of success in love or games.

Smurfs live in the North and are a symbol of disappointment, failure or unfulfilled desire. The expression "they never turn blue" is an expression that a person never experiences failure in their efforts. Love talismans are red and intended to make the opponent's lover blue, so disappointed in their efforts for the same love.

The south is Bailing, which means happiness and peace. Tribes would eat white food in a ceremony, then they would dance and play games before following a white path back to their white houses. When a man wants to impress a woman with his love charm, the man will brag "I'm white," which means where he is, happiness. While making beads, he would wear white beads the same color as the stone pipes used in ancient peace treaties.

Black elves live in the West and have always been a feature of death. The black war club will continuously beat the soul of the enemy to destroy it, the priest uses black beads, summons the black soul to tear the soul of the person and take it to the west, put it in a black coffin, bury it in the black mud, and then Wrap a black snake around it.

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