Gemstone Bracelet - Rose Quartz: Embrace The Power Of Pink

All you need is love...and maybe a little help. Meet the rose quartz bracelet, the holy grail of unconditional love in the world of crystal earrings. Rose quartz jewelry helps to evoke love, heal the heart, create a deeper connection with partners, friends and family, and aid in forgiveness. Love comes in many forms and this stone can help you get it from every angle.

Known as love magnets, rose quartz necklaces have long been the subject of romantic necklaces. Legend has it that Cupid, the Roman god of desire, gave the gift of human love in the form of rose quartz earrings. Another story says that the powerful stone was created when the goddess Aphrodite was injured while trying to save her love: her blood turned the white quartz into the pink stone we now know.

Rose Quartz and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Love and Relationship
Rose quartz rings are known for attracting love and strengthening relationships between partners. It vibrates with a healing, gentle and feminine energy. It enables people to see conflict from a different perspective. It opens channels of compassion and forgiveness, allowing you to connect more deeply with your significant other.

Self Love
Rose quartz doesn't just help with romantic earring love: it helps foster all kinds of love, including love for yourself. After all, your relationship with yourself is the longest relationship you will ever have. Rose quartz can help because it makes you realize how worthy of understanding and compassion you are. This makes it a great stone for those with low self-esteem.

Rose Quartz and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Heal the Mind
Rose quartz is most often associated with the heart chakra energy bracelet, which is where emotional memories are stored. Rose Quartz heals grief, loss, and all wounds of the heart. By banishing these ancient demons and fears, this stone creates a sense of trust and inner peace, making room for new love to come into your life.

Meditate with Rose Quartz
The benefits of rose quartz are even more powerful when you implement positive affirmations into your meditation practice. During your spiritual session, let any negative feelings about yourself or others turn into feelings of love and compassion. To connect more deeply with the healing properties of rose quartz, clear your mind and allow your emotions to flow through your body. As you focus on your breath, breathe in love and breathe out any resentment or negativity deep within you. Imagine inhaling the pink light of love that travels through your body, rejuvenating a weary mind and surrounding a wounded heart with unconditional love. When you're ready, repeat the mantra necklace: "I am open to all forms of love." At the core, we are able to give and receive love, and rose quartz deepens your connection to that part of yourself. When circumstances or other factors throw you out of balance, rose quartz can bring you back to the heart of your life. When you connect to that space of love and light, anything is possible. After all, is there too much love?

Rose Quartz and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Express Love with Rose Quartz Jewelry
The soothing vibrations of rose quartz jewelry will help you calm negative emotions and rejuvenate your body and emotions. By purifying and restoring your aura, it releases stress caused by negative emotions, including anger and resentment. These harmful feelings are replaced by peace, faith and hope for the future. Rose quartz jewelry sends powerful vibrations of love into your heart, enhancing your natural state of happiness and longevity rather than despair and pessimism. These properties make rose quartz jewelry especially suitable for wearing during times of stress and grief, as it provides the emotional support needed during difficult times. No matter where you happen to be on your spiritual journey, Luxa's Love & Loyalty collection uses the energy of rose quartz to elevate your awareness to a higher level and create the perfect frequency for your heart to thrive and growth.

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