Gemstone Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli: The Guide To Wisdom

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Trust your intuition about lapis lazuli jewelry
Lapis lazuli bracelets are stones of inner peace and positivity. Known to represent the third eye chakra bracelet gemstone, it honors the spiritual energy bracelet and allows you to connect on a deeper level with your inner self, becoming more focused and present.

Feel your spiritual awakening with a lapis lazuli necklace. It is a water stone whose rich blue inspires you to look deeper into your own reflection. When you can feel what is really inside you, your spirit will open up and you will find your true desires.

When to use lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli earrings promote wisdom, good judgment, and problem-solving skills. Lapis lazuli can:

stimulate intelligence
Help with the learning process
Increased desire for truth and understanding
Promote greater self-awareness
Encourage compassion and honesty

spells used with lapis lazuli
Mantras are very powerful in focusing and channeling the energy balance bracelet we want. Here are some great spells:

I will trust my gut
I'm smart and my abilities are unique
I will share my positive energy bracelet with others
I am mindful and aware of my power
If you are looking to add more focus and self-awareness to your everyday life, a lapis lazuli ring is perfect for you. Check out our lapis lazuli collection here.

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