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As we finally begin to gain some hope and healing from COVID 19, the past week has left us with rage and anger over the death of George Floyd and the injustice behind it.

The news and social media are inescapable because it floods us with information and fuels unrest, making us feel genuine concern and fear. Their worst feeling is helplessness. Not just for the current situation, but for each of us and the ongoing challenges we face. It seems that we are all united in grief.

What a lot of people don't realize is that our minds and bodies can penetrate all this anger and hatred and store it. Especially if we use it every day and we can't find a way to free it.

The good news is that by changing our minds, we can change the energy ornament of the negative energy bracelet to a positive energy bead bracelet, thereby dispelling negative energy and only seeing, feeling and releasing different levels of positive energy.

The Positive Energy Balance Bracelet is much stronger than the Negative Energy Bracelet as it gives you the Energy Bracelet and strength that the Negative Energy Bracelet depletes and leaves you feeling frustrated and exhausted.

We are all doing our part to deal with the current situation and now we will reclaim our energy necklaces by healing our energy stone bracelets and sending them into the universe so we can heal ourselves and others. A smile, a laugh, and a couple's love ring can heal almost anything. That's what we're going to do.

In unity we find strength
Starting each morning with positive affirmations can help our minds gather positive healing energy bracelets and embody them in our minds. Writing them down and keeping them close can help us keep our bracelets balanced throughout the day. To make the transformation happen, we recite these affirmations 3 times each morning, taking a deep breath each time.

Share these daily affirmations with friends and family so they can create positive vibrational energy armor bracelets for themselves. Write these positive affirmations and mantra jewelry on your social media feeds so your followers can support you and you can infuse positive energy into their lives.

"Everything is energy, that's what it's all about. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can't help but get that reality. There's no other way. This isn't philosophy, it's physics."

Let's go back to living in love and laughter together.
Healing Pledge:
"Today, I choose to feel healthy and positive in my mind, body and soul."
"I'm calm, I'm confident, I'm holy."
"I'm healing my spirit and healing those around me."
"I know I'm strong and will handle anything with light and the Love Ring Silver."
"I embrace everything this day has to offer and I am protected."
"Today I'm going to focus on all the good things."
"Today I will inspire others and lift their spirits."
"I hope a miracle will happen today."
"I'm safe."
"Today I will maintain faith and healing energy."
"I am an awakened soul, open to miracles."
"Not only am I strong enough to know I'll get through this, but I'm also strong enough to help others feel strong."
"I surrender to the universe and release my worries and fears."
"I felt happy all day today and spread happiness all day today."
"I will show myself the Unconditional Love Pearl necklace and others today too."
"Infinite blessings surround me."
"I choose to make all my love decisions today."
"I accept that change is inevitable and that's how I grew up."
"The universe supports me and will help me see things clearly."
"I always have enough, I don't lack."
"I allow myself to rest and refuel."
"I choose to forgive my own judgment and the ignorance of others."
"Today, I will allow myself to dream of a bright future and take a step in that direction."
"I can control how I feel and I choose to stay positive.
"Everything is in my favor."
"I have a lot to be thankful for, and I spread the joy."
"I release what I can't control and put love on it so it might heal."
"I don't have room for negative energy, but I have a lot of positive energy to spare."
"Today I focus on today and feel the extraordinary positive energy surrounding me and my loved ones in prayer jewelry."
"I'm enough, I love healing jewelry."
You are one voice who can manifest thousands of voices, turning voices into positivity and fear into faith.

Much Love From Our Luxa Evil Eye Jewelry Collection

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