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Your date, time and place of birth are as unique as your DNA and fingerprints. We are all born special and have purpose. Yet we are born to figure out what our life means, the people we attract, and how to express what we want and even need to satisfy our greatest desires.

Now, we've given you the great advantage of knowing your true strengths, awareness of your personality, and how your zodiac sign becomes an element of your essence. Your destiny is written on the stars. continue reading.

Does my Evil Eye Jewelry mean anything different to me?
Absolutely! ! Your specific zodiac bracelet sign can give you insight into your journey, something you might be interested in that you wouldn't know or tend to do, and enlightenment. 🙏

One of the key reasons why most people seek to read their daily horoscope is because they feel like they need guidance. Even unbelievers secretly take advantage of this resource. Our Zodiac Necklace signs help us access many areas of life: love bracelets, health, talent, challenges and an overall focus on those areas.

While constellations, or astronomy as it is better known, help scientists navigate the stars with precision, we are amazed and puzzled by our choices and free will. However, you can also use your specific constellation (see specific signs below) as a barometer for making changes and navigation targets.

The mysterious journey that Zodiac Earrings takes us on is very entertaining and offers a keen insight into the vast universe where the moon and star jewels dance beautifully with sheer chemistry and some destruction. Even so, it has a purpose, much the same as each of us and why we are here.

Your stars and Ascendant also play such an important role in your personality, which is related to your natal chart. It gives you the bigger picture of the Bracelet of Cosmic Energy, what it stores for you and your role in this vast plain where we are so small, but so, so, so important.

All 12 zodiac signs have their own strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, and compatibility. Some signs can bounce off each other like Libra and Gemini, and some can mix like oil and water, like Scorpio and Aries. Ouch! However, when they do come together in some capacity, they may benefit each other immensely. However, it may not be suitable for dating. Put Taurus and Gemini together, and everyone better clean up the room because it's going to be passionate and explosive. Although both Cancers and Pisces are sensitive, they are born to understand each other.

Much Love from our Evil Eye Jewelry

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