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A few months ago, we wrote an article on how to embody more money, jewelry for peace, and live a rich lifestyle. We have received so many incredible responses and requests for our money buddhist mantra necklace and performance #2. We're elevating it to "My Super Money Spells and Manifestations".

Times are so difficult and uncertainty hangs over us all, now it’s about creating a peace of mind for jewelry and letting the chaos subside. Most of us are concerned about our financial situation and where we are going in the future. Would you be surprised to know that you can create a quieter, more peaceful feeling around your fears?

While you may or may not know that meditation has been scientifically proven to calm the body, lower blood pressure and have many health benefits, we won't be doing it here. We have been focusing on manifesting prosperity, and hopefully, with this, you will begin to feel at ease and witness miracles manifest.

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We are all made of energy bracelets and how to use it wisely is up to us.

These mantra necklaces are very important and should not be taken lightly. It takes focus, positivity and belief to achieve. let's start.

We're doing LUCKY 21 Days of Mega Money Spell Bracelet so we're going to win the proverbial jackpot.

Remember, you must complete the full 21 days, open your mind to a positive shift in your mindset, and most importantly, believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen.

In order for your mind to actually shift into money mode, you need to repeat these spells 3 times, one in and one out.

It is recommended that you write it down and place your spell jewelry somewhere around the house so you and anyone living with you will keep the money energy bead bracelet alive and flowing. It's also an incredible reminder that stress may ease over time.

You’ve got this. Let’s begin our Mega Money Mantras.

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Inhale, chant necklace, exhale. Inhale, chant the mantra, exhale, inhale, chant, exhale.

●I am a money magnet
●I choose to live a rich life
●I believe in me, I am financially free
●I do not apologize for wanting to live a full and fulfilling life
●I have the ability to create my success
●I am already rich and show more every day
●Money supports me, I accept
●My money will create a balance for me and my loved ones
●I am happy to accept what the universe has to offer me
●I am worthy of everything I desire
●I am fully connected to the universe and willing to accept my prosperity.
●I save money with my heart and spend with my heart
I am in full alignment with the money energy balance bracelet and it flows through me
●I am motivated by making money
●I will strive to create prosperity, and the universe will provide more.
●I know exactly where my money is going
●I will share my wealth
●I am financially free
●I live for happiness and live in prosperity
Money is fluid and there is a lot
●I am a money magnet, my money sticks to me

All caps because money is celebrated. You are not ashamed of wanting more in your life, you know you can make anything happen and you will thrive.

These Mega Money Tibetan Mantra Bracelets are worth every moment you put into them. after your 21 days. Repeat for another 21 days.

Much Love from your Luxa Evil Eye Jewelry

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