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The rich, vibrant deep azure hue of lapis lazuli sparks curiosity first for this perfect semi-precious stone, and second for its healing properties. Lapis lazuli is a combination of rock types such as calcite, diopside, lapis lazuli, and pyrite. This semi-precious mineral is popular for its mysterious appearance and striking energy.

Faith healers often use it because they know that lapis lazuli has a deeper purpose that hasn't dissipated for centuries. Furthermore, they demonstrated its calming properties, revealing inner truths and empowering the senses.

What are the healing properties of lapis lazuli? When you have a stone like this, you get a lot of benefits. It boosts the immune system, increases energy, and helps with inflammation. If that wasn't amazing enough, this gorgeous stone is known for its intellectual enhancement, memory boosting and even clearing your mind, elevating your creativity to unprecedented heights. Metaphysical properties have made lapis lazuli one of the most sought-after gemstones throughout the ages, and even more so today.

Known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Deep Communication, Lapis Lazuli encourages emotional healing by allowing you to tap into the honesty of your true spirit and unlock the many things that are buried deep within you, such as your hopes, dreams, and desires. It is a protective stone that helps relieve anxiety and deepen self-awareness, inspires clarity and brings balance and protection, promotes wisdom, good judgment, and aids in problem solving.

What do we know about the capabilities of Lapis Lazuli so far?
• Stimulate intelligence
• Help with the learning process
• Increased desire for truth and understanding
• Promotes greater self-awareness
• Encourage empathy and honesty
• Boosts the immune system
• Enhance creativity
• Helps relieve anxiety
• bring balance
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Aesthetic, Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Lapis Lazuli
Wearing lapis lazuli will undoubtedly enhance any outfit you choose, and there's a good chance you'll get a lot of compliments and questions about your jewelry. So let's deepen your understanding of healing energy and give these delicious gems something beyond their gorgeous color.

This way, when your colleagues, friends and family ask why you are so energetic, you can share your newfound knowledge that wearing lapis lazuli can strengthen your mind and give you more positive energy to achieve your work Target. Or your mind, body, and soul feel balanced at the end of the day and have enough energy to do what you love. By the way, sharing increases your karma.

Mind, body and spirit
Your thoughts:
For thousands of years, royal families have coveted lapis lazuli for its healing properties and connection to the energies of heaven and earth. They are obsessed with the knowledge that lapis lazuli produces positive vibrations, activates the mind, and brings calm inner peace and tranquility when needed.

The healing crystals of lapis lazuli have been found to ease anger and negative thoughts as they calm the senses and open the mind to knowledge and self-awareness. Also, healing stones are used for those with emotional disturbances and for enhancing empathy because they help a lot. That's why they're called anxiety-proof stones, because they inspire clarity and objectivity, and help reveal the truth about a person.

With mindfulness meditation, you can clear your mind of negativity so that you can think clearly, resulting in a sense of determination and achievement of your goals. Additionally, the healing properties of these gemstones can inspire your body to be more alert and active at work and at home.

Your body:
At Luxa, we are big fans of Feng Shui in your home. But did you know you can apply the same principles to your body? The high vibrations of lapis lazuli help balance your chakras, bring you more energy, reduce fatigue and dullness, and are a wonderful body booster.

Wearing this mineral gem around your wrist or neck can also help boost your immune system. If the stress of the day is increasing, simply touching a stone, closing your eyes, and breathing for a few minutes will fill you with serene energy and you can instantly recover and feel refreshed.

Lapis also relieves inflammation and fights for the respiratory and nervous systems. It addresses throat chakra and thyroid problems. If you suffer from a sore throat or vocal cord problems, this gem is known to help flush your system.

Placed on the third eye, lapis lazuli expands your awareness and conscious attunement to your intuitive self, sparking enlightenment and enhancing dreams.

Once you open your third eye chakra, you have unrestricted access to your intuition, psychic abilities, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life as a whole. you and everyone around you. More on this, but keep reading so you can stay consistent.Handcrafted Charm and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Your spirit:
Throughout history, lapis lazuli has been considered a magical gem brought to us by the gods, and mining this gem has been challenging due to the fact that they lived in some of the most remote and dangerous places on Earth. However, when rumours of such powerful healing and spiritual properties are heard, royals, priests and healers not only seek out lapis lazuli for themselves and their families, but also covet their secrets.

They were intense and passionate at the time. Today, the properties of lapis lazuli are also known as enhancing your senses and enhancing your mental abilities. We all have; it's just a matter of using and trusting your gut. These giant gems can improve your self-awareness and help you access your spiritual truth in many ways.

Connecting your desires to your Divine Self will increase your confidence and thus your authenticity. When this happens, you will feel a shift in your spirit/soul and have more courage to make moves that you might be afraid to make. Your motivation will soar.

Open the third eye chakra
The word "chakra" means wheel in Sanskrit. The third eye chakra, also known as the brow chakra, is the core and center of our perception. While our subconscious mind is essential, our conscious mind (conscious mind) is our relationship to ourselves and the people around us and the decisions we make.

Placing lapis lazuli on your third eye chakra can help open up energy, bring clarity and better understanding in some situations, and help make healthier choices, especially in emotionally charged environments middle. Most people don't know that we can control the flow of energy in all the chakras, and that lapis lazuli can play an important role in bringing about new ideas, clearer visions and colorful dreams. It's time to open up.

The best way to open your third eye chakra is to use your lapis lazuli bracelet or necklace for visualization meditation. Place it lightly between your eyebrows, where this particular chakra is located. Whether you choose to meditate in absolute stillness or in calming music, the goal is to focus on where your lapis is placed and where you breathe. Don't let your mind wander too far, try to focus on specific goals and intentions. Memorization is definitely helpful too.

Spells and oaths used with lapis lazuli
Mantras and affirmations are effective in their ability to focus and direct our desired energies.

Here are some beautiful spells:

• I trust my intuition to guide me.
• I am smart and my abilities are unique
• I will share my positive energy with others
• I notice and realize my power
• I am open and strong
• I radiate positive energy every day
• I live in my authenticity and integrity

Handcrafted Charm and Crystal Bracelets | Women's Jewelry | Luxa Wish

Open the throat chakra
We all want to say so much, but most of the time, we either don't know how to express it or are afraid to expose ourselves. The throat chakra is the voice of the body and your center of expression. When your voice is blocked or your senses are out of balance, it affects the rest of your chakras. There is nothing better than free speech. The lapis lazuli gemstone can help you naturally release energy flow and unclog your throat chakra.

Journaling, writing and meditating with lapis lazuli are the best ways to open the throat chakra and express your feelings freely (exit). It can be beneficial to take 5 to 10 minutes out of the day a few days a week and find ways to release pent-up energy.

With time and focus on healing your throat chakra, you will be able to communicate your deepest emotions, beliefs and thoughts and express the power of truth within you. Stop suppressing your thoughts because now you have a strong voice and confidence to go along with it. You might even find yourself muttering to yourself sometimes, which is pretty amazing.

Live in lapis lazuli
We all have different gifts and abilities that we are afraid to use or have yet to discover. Wearing lapis lazuli not only has the health benefits we've mentioned in this article, but it can also encourage compassion, honesty, and a clearer perspective that can improve your psychic abilities.

This will lead to healthier friendships and relationships. However, raising the limit again is the key. Living in the ethereal blue energy of lapis lazuli enhances honor and integrity, so we can radiate compassion and grace without directly sinking into the negativity we often do when faced with challenges.

We should all strive for a higher consciousness and inner divinity.

Choose to be grateful and open the door to cosmic power and wisdom. You will begin to realize that you have all the answers you are looking for.

By deepening your connection to divine purpose, lapis lazuli will take you on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Feel your spiritual awakening with lapis lazuli.

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