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If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you will never have negative thoughts about yourself again. When it comes to money, many times we are used to believing and acting in a certain way.

Have you heard the term "money is fluid"? That means it's fluid and easy to access.

Well, the earth is also 71% water or liquid and your body is 75%. What does this have to do with you and performance money? a lot of!

There are no finite beliefs:
Limited thinking leads to limited beliefs, and this is when we create limited funds. We will do something about it.

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I am a money magnet:
It takes 18 to 21 days to change any habit. So, let's become super-achievers of money magnets, recite a positive money mantra bracelet every day for the next 30 days and watch the miracles manifest.

My money mantras and beliefs:
The trick to manifesting anything is to believe in it and try to make it alive. Let's start with "Believe" and say each Mantra bracelet aloud at least 3 times, then take a deep breath between each bracelet.

Let's create an area of balance or "chi" in your house. It can be your home office, personal office space or the area where you work. We are focused on creating wealth and abundance, so good airflow brings the money energy bracelet into your environment.

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My glass is always full:
Clean the area of ​​your choice and let the premium chi energy bead bracelet flow. If you have a comfortable plant, place it in the area you created. Plants emit oxygen. If not, don't worry.

Put a few $1.00 bills on the table with a glass of water in the corner of the bills. We will replace a glass of water with a new glass of water every day. You can use the same glass if you like. Just refill with fresh water.

This physical exercise reminds us that we can fill our cups every day with no limits.

Write your specific everyday Mantra jewelry on a sticky note or paper and place it next to your cash and water. Recite the mantra 3 times, taking deep breaths in between.

The next day, throw away the old Mantra necklace and replace it with a new one, repeating the vows of the Mantra Ring.

Let the universe know that you are serious. Let this 75% work for us.

it has started:
first day

Money is an infinite resource and it always flows in my direction.

Day 2

I am a money magnet.

Day 3

I love making money and getting paid.

Day 4

My passion can make me rich.

Day 5

I am now open and ready to receive payment.

Day 6

I am vibratingly aligned with the boom.

Day 7

Showing more money comes naturally to me.

Day 8

I am now open and ready to receive payment.

Day 9

Every dollar I spend is returned to me exponentially.

Day 10

I completely freed my money block.

Day 11

I am willing to accept abundance.

Day 12

Abundance is my right and I deserve it.

Day 13

My earning opportunities are limitless.

Day 14

I have set up a collection channel.

Day 15

Some wonderful jewelry is about to happen to me and I'm very open.

Day 16

I am a powerful bracelet charging magnet.

Day 17

My positive feelings about money draw me in every day.

Day 18

I deserve positive cash flow.

Day 19

I have a wealth of joy and love bracelets in the jewelry of my life, but also a wealth of finances.

Day 20

I am aware and open to new sources of funding.

Day 21

I release all resistance to attracting money.

Day 22

I appreciate my worth every day.

Day 23

There is more than enough for everyone.

Day 24

I get money from all sources for my best interests and my greatest pleasure.

Day 25

I see myself living a life of financial freedom.

Day 26

I live with confidence knowing that I am worthy of prosperity.

Day 27

There is more than enough for everyone.

Day 28

I respect the money I have and will try to save what I can while calling for more.

Day 29

I love making money and getting paid.

Day 30

I naturally attract money every day.

(Let's keep it at least another 30 days :)Crystal Earrings | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Never forget:

You deserve to be happy and prosperous. Fill your day with money and an abundance of energy balance bracelets with our Evil Eye Jewelry.

Much Love from our Luxa Evil Eye Jewelry

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