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Do we really "need" jewelry? of course not! It is not as essential as air, food or water. But it's also not part of something as explicit as our own self-actualization. Jewelry is to some extent an agent of the wearer's personality.

This is something we identify with, such as our birthstone bracelets, class rings, wedding rings, etc. A random survey found that 64% of us wear jewelry as a fashion jewelry statement, and 36% wear jewelry for good luck.

The use of gems and gold can be traced back to ancient cultures such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. Since then, it has appeared in every corner of human civilization. Regardless of our class, culture, gender or religion, we adorn ourselves with jewelry. Jewelry is constant in our daily life today, just like the Aztecs and Tibetans.

What should we expect from jewelry today?
Just like clothing fashion bracelets, fashion necklaces have their own predictions every year! From Hollywood red carpets to New York runways, and beyond, jewelry trends are all guesswork. But what determines its success is the consumer, the everyday fashionista. Still, fashion earring experts are rarely unaware of what's going to be a hot topic, such as:

B&W: Designers, rock stars, and the rich and famous are all starting to use the newer black rhodium that's popping up on the Paris runways. Combine this evergreen color with Art Deco-inspired jewelry, including enamel bracelets, silver necklaces, or white stud earrings, which achieve a full rhodium effect.

Earrings and Studs: These have proven to be a consumer favorite! They love the versatility of wearing studs alone, or adding a jacket for another cool look. Even better, this latest fashion ring statement is available in a variety of prices!

Chokers and Necklaces: Yes, they hit the runway in 2019, but because they made such an impressive debut, there was still demand and designers responded.

Layers of Gold: Many artists and designers have left behind silver jewelry this year. When it comes to the warmth of gold, we have delicate Crystal Necklace and delicate bracelets that bring out the layers of gold perfectly.

Oversized Earrings: If you've seen the Oscars, you can't miss the oversized earrings. The intricate necklines of the world of fashion brooches and the simplicity of all white shirts are the perfect match for big embellishments hanging over the ears in Milan, New York, Paris and anywhere.

Asymmetrical: This is a fashion statement that makes no statement! Not matching our earrings is no longer a mistake, but a modern statement. Combining different metals with the color of beads and gems allows us to look young while remaining mature. It's our way of maintaining individuality while showing our super creative way of using minimal materials. Some call it an unbalanced look, others call it ear trim. Either way, we found it to be a beautiful irregularity.

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