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A Guide to Retrograde Planets and Crystals
Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by the motion of the stars and planets orbiting the Earth. Significant celestial bodies are tied to our experiences, emotions, and motivations, but these don't always happen so smoothly. When you feel like something in your life is out of balance, it may be because a planet is retrograde.

Retrograde planets appear to rotate backwards in their orbits around the sun, and these periods occur multiple times throughout the year. Astrologers recommend paying attention to retrogrades when considering major decisions. For example, Venus retrograde can exacerbate problems in romantic bracelet relationships and bring back past partners, meaning it may not be the ideal time to propose.

When dealing with negative energy, it's always good to have crystal earrings on hand as a secret weapon to get through tough times. Since each Swarovski crystal earring can provide a different level of comfort, using earrings specific to what you want to avoid or achieve with each retrograde can help your year go as smoothly as possible.

With eight planets (yes, including Pluto!) to track, retrograde can be hard to prepare for, but this quick guide to those tricky planetary movements will make it easier for you.

Mercury Retrograde
What to expect: As the planet closest to the sun, Mercury is most often retrograde. It rules communications, travel, and electronics, so people are bound to get caught up in misunderstandings, get lost, or have problems with their gadgets. This will be a good time to think twice and put your travel plans on hold.

What crystals to use: Crystal drop earrings that protect you from stress and help you focus are most useful during Mars retrograde. Amazonite can help you filter out distractions when making decisions, and fluorite can focus your attention to do the same.

Venus retrograde
What to expect: During Venus retrograde, you can expect to start thinking about your more meaningful relationships, especially the romantic necklace nature — even if the relationship is over. This retrograde can bring old friends and past lovers to your doorstep and make you idealize what happened in the past, so think about the meaning of your connection instead of rushing into a new one.

What crystal to use: When Venus is retrograde, crystal drop earrings can protect your heart chakra while keeping the avenues of learning and growth open. Keep a rose quartz nearby to help heal emotional pain and rose quartz to strengthen and attract unconditional love.

Mars retrograde
What to expect: Mars affects our passion and our ability to stick to our goals, so retrograde may lead to a lack of motivation or ability to create new ideas. The pressures and expectations you may have been dealing with also seem more overwhelming, but being aware of your insecurities can help you in the long run.

What to wear with Swarovski crystal stud earrings: Let obsidian illuminate all the negative energies that Mars retrograde can bring, and consider carnelian to ensure your ambition and courage remain steadfast during this time.

Jupiter retrograde
What to Expect: As the planet that influences our friendships, travel, and luck, Jupiter focuses on our outward growth and expansion. When it's retrograde, you can expect more inner thinking and re-evaluation of morals and ways of living, so use it to influence your luck moving forward. Friends may also decide to drop out of travel plans, so it's best to avoid them altogether during this time.

What pearl and crystal earrings to use: As the quintessential gemstone of happiness and imagination, citrine can help you stay positive throughout the retrograde season. Malachite can help you reflect and clear lurking negativity.

Saturn retrograde
What to expect: Known as the most energy-sensitive planet, Saturn generally keeps people focused and calm, but when retrograde, it can bring regrets about past mistakes and a sense of a lack of control over the current situation. Difficult and exhausting situations can also arise during this time. Keep track of your schedule and personal daily activities, and you may find stability during this difficult time.

What to Use Swarovski Crystal Jewelry: To ensure your temper (to yourself and others) is under control, use hematite to keep you calm and composed. A protective dark stone like onyx can also strengthen your boundaries and help you feel in control.

Uranus Retrograde
What to expect: Because Uranus is the planet of rebellion, chaos, and change, experiencing it retrograde can be an unwieldy territory. When Uranus is reversed, you may be uneasy about new opportunities and motivated to seek out new landscapes, and all you have to trust is your gut. Use this time to try new things and discover opportunities and interests that weren't there before.

What to use for healing crystal earrings: For a season full of unexpected natural opportunities, clear quartz is your best friend. Perfectly flexible for any use, these Swarovski crystal hoop earrings bring an openness to different possibilities and energies.

Neptune retrograde
What to Expect: Fall into the fog of daydreaming, Neptune is the planet of love, mystery, and art. While Venus focuses on romantic earring love, Neptune does the same in a more general sense. During this retrograde period, some of your nocturnal dreams may start to become confusing, but it should encourage you to think about your artistic pursuits and how they can enrich your life.

What Crystal to Use for Statement Earrings: Labradors can guide you to harness your inner magic and strengthen your intuition, but amethyst will come in handy to make sure you don't get carried away when making important decisions.

Pluto Retrograde
What to Expect: Known as the planet associated with our dark side, Pluto rules transformations, secrets and new beginnings. In retrograde, you may need to reassess your entire self—good and bad—and realize which areas of your inner and outer life need to get better.

What Long Crystal Earrings to Use: Tourmaline is a type of Austrian crystal earring known for protecting the wearer and ideal for transformational journeys, and onyx can keep you in balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

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