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Are you ready to own 2022? Here we are, another year is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin. While 2022 will be challenging (which year isn't), it's also a very good time to be based on the planetary alignment (more below) and how you interact with the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. Important jewelry years.

Before you scroll down and read your horoscope predictions, it's worth knowing how the planets align with us all, as it will help you make decisions and act.

At the heart of 2022 is staying grounded and balanced. Hopes and dreams aren't just possible in 2022; with Jupiter aligned in Pisces and Neptune conjunct, we'll all feel a positive shift taking place. A feeling of wanting to contribute, make a difference and show more Love bracelets than ever. Creativity will also be at an all-time high. Not only for creative people, but also for thoughtful practical people.

Do you want to hear the best news? Of course, you know. Abundance, prosperity and money are also your creations. That doesn't mean you can just laze on the couch and display all your wealth. There is mental, physical and spiritual jewelry work to do. More below, but keep reading.

Let's not take relationships out of the equation. With the retrograde Venus going direct on January 29 and Mars retrograde starting on October 30 and ending on January 12, we will deeply feel the bondage of the love necklace. Now, this minute is your time to focus on expressing love and taking your relationship to another level. Connectivity is the key factor. As we get closer to 2022, the question to ask yourself is, "Who stays and who goes."

Some important astrological dates to remember:
December 19, 2021 - January 29, 2022 - Venus retrograde in Capricornus
December 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022 - Jupiter in Pisces
January 14 to February 3, 2022 - Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricornus
April 12 – Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces
April 30 - Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus
May 10-June 2 – Mercury retrogrades in Gemini and Taurus
May 10-October 28 – Jupiter in Aries
May 15 - Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio
September 9-October 2 - Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo
September 17 to October 24 – Saturn square Uranus
October 25 - Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio
October 28-December 20 – Jupiter in Pisces
October 30-January 12, 2023 - Mars retrogrades in Gemini
November 8 - Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus
December 29-January 18, 2023 - Mercury retrograde in Capricornus

2022 will be an extraordinary and pivotal year for every zodiac sign’s transitions and changes. That doesn't mean you need to get ready and dive headfirst into making big changes in your life before January 1st. In fact, all changes take time. Because of the planetary significance of January and February 2022, now is the time to assess your position and hopes for the year. Slow and steady is fine, or warp forward is fine, whatever your card, make sure focus and balance are at the forefront of your intent.

Here's a breakdown of each zodiac jewelry sign and what to expect in 2022.

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Aries jewelry

Partnerships are your priority in confident Aries in 2022. Tolerance but also acceptance is crucial. Sometimes the forgetting part of Forgive and Forget is more important than forgiveness, so try to look beyond things and maximize your potential by planning for the future, not the past.

Someone you trust and depend on suddenly has a change of heart; in some cases, your partner may upset you by turning around, you may question their motives, or even feel like you've been stabbed in the back. However, things that often happen to you that you overlook can pop up. Past communication failures are at the heart of some turbulence in your relationships.

Remember, romances with authority figures are especially attractive to Aries, so you may find it easier to find your boss attractive. Looking to build relationships in the workplace with people who inspire you or possible mentors or even father figures.

However, with Venus retrograde, this is not a good idea and may lead to some disappointments. Often, the relationship between you and your work date isn't particularly real; you have to back off to a great extent because you know there's a professional element to your relationship that you don't want to jeopardize. Know your worth in 2022 and really focus on what makes you happy.

Aries, pay close attention to your finances this year and start taking a saving-and-spending approach. Since Mercury is retrograde, the ruler of your second solar house, this is not a good time for major financial changes. But now is the perfect time to be more flexible. Anything you can do to reduce obligations or expenses should be done so you can take advantage of opportunities in the coming months.

With Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius, Aries is eager to compete and win. However, you will often find yourself in conflict with others, leading to some resentment. Be careful because even if you think you won, you may still end up losing, simply because you isolated people or burned bridges. It will be best if you can keep your promise, because other people may lose faith in you for some reason. Remember to focus on the big picture of the year, not the "now" heated debate. This is huge for you.

Knowing your health and taking supplements and a balanced meal is crucial, but don't start a whole new diet or join a gym right away because you're not quite sure what's right for you. Instead, start by balancing your day with walking and keep exercising as you work to get stronger. This year is definitely a healthy and wealthy year. But, again, it's all about balance.

You manage your money successfully for a living, so make sure you clear all debts and monitor your finances. It's been a great formative year for you. Congratulations and have fun.

Taurus jewelry

This year's romantic jewelry is Taurus in the wind. You may wish to consider getting married too early because communication is so important to you. So make sure your future partner is equally good at communicating.

For couples, this is a good time to talk about your goals again and check to see if you both agree, as it could be that one of you has lost confidence or interest in a particular goal you both pursue. Now is the time you must be honest about these goals and whether you value them so you don't misunderstand each other's commitment to the plan.

Mercury is in your tenth house, so this is a time of change and indecision in your career. This is not a good time for you to make a major career change. Instead, this is the time when you should gather information, investigate, stay grounded, and be flexible about potential opportunities or issues that need to be avoided. You may wish to reconsider continuing your education in 2022, even part-time, and expand your horizons. Since you always enjoy learning to knot rings, this is the perfect time.

Designed to show more character and prosperity for Taurus. Opinionated and more willing to experiment rather than be stuck in predictable patterns. Although Taurus generally prefers more traditional things, there are several situations you may encounter this year. In the future, this will enhance and ignite some hidden treasures or unique features that you wouldn't normally explore or plan.

The Mercury retrograde period can be tricky for planning and meaningful relationship conversations and decisions. However, it is always better to have productive discussions after a retrograde period, as you are less likely to have misunderstandings or disagreements.

You will experience greater fluctuations and even surprises around you, stirring within you, and this unease will motivate you to break free from the limitations you see. This is usually a broad, optimistic period where you can foresee fundamental changes and opportunities may arise; when you are motivated, you can show unrelenting determination.

Pay close attention to the new moon cycle this year, as this is a golden time for your decision-making, goal-setting, and new initiatives. Plus, it will help you deal with dealing with authority and arranging job interviews or events where you give public speaking and impress people - good years to come. So take advantage of it, but don't be a cow in a Chinese store.

As mentioned above, there are advantages to marrying and making decisions with your partner. This may be a relatively reasonable new direction for you and your partner. For single Taurus, focus on what you want to manifest and harness the power of the full moon. Setting goals for Love Knot earrings in 2022 is huge. Otherwise, you will continue to splurge and fail when you should be showing and loving.

Legal and political affairs are favored, as are networking and community goals. This is the perfect time to connect with new people, team activities, and collective effort. So go find them, Taurus.

Gemini Jewelry

Well, well, Gemini, you definitely have a big year and your ego better take a step back. This is a natural sign of argumentativeness; now is the time to stay away from arguments and not waste time arguing. Often, there is much more going on in a relationship than it appears on the surface. Don't jump to obvious conclusions. Take a step back and take a breather in 2022, no matter how many times you feel like you are right, because being right is not the point.

Use your energy to work collaboratively on relationship issues; stay calm and rational even when your personal and professional partners are evasive or opinionated.

Move forward, because you may need help right now to achieve your goals; however, whether they respond to it or not will tell you a lot about the heart of the relationship. So process things in your mind and breath.

Good relationships are full of energy and energy throughout the year. So don't waste it on trivial conversations or trivial things. It's time to grow up.

Mercury and Venus retrograde may cause a small crisis in your confidence in your love necklace life. You may be unpredictably beautiful bracelets because you are restless, and may even seem to be going through a mini midlife crisis. You are attracted to instant gratification and may act recklessly, putting your current romantic necklace in jeopardy. You may be overconfident and may bite more than you can chew by racing to put on the Love earrings.

You tend to exaggerate or glorify, and you don't always have a good grasp of reality, although you may have sudden insights that are very inspiring.

You may not keep your promises, and you may disappoint your new partner by often failing to keep up with what you've been saying on a whim. But, again, this is a damn Gemini personality. So let's reiterate that it's good to be calm, calculated and smart in 2022. Not impetuous.

Gemini, you may like to take an unusual or ingenious approach, which can make it easier for you to break free from financial constraints now, considering that we are not the smartest when it comes to investing or even saving. This is a year of learning. Talk to friends and family and ask them to help you. They will love couple rings.

Great year of work progress, congratulations. This is a great time to sell a concept or idea to others. So this applies to getting investors excited about a project or potential product, or getting publishers to focus on book ideas or screenplays. Get ready to line up your ducks. Bring them back if they start going astray or swimming in a different direction. focus.

You're good at selling or getting people excited. If you're stuck due to planetary alignment to help you, this could be a good career progression for you. You're a Gemini social sign, and Covid is sure to make you miserable. Consider quitting and socializing cautiously in a safe environment.

You are more in line with your hidden or often overlooked needs, which you can indulge in using your imagination or escapist tendencies to feel a release, even a personal catharsis.

The new moon is your golden ticket for decision-making, goal-setting, and new initiatives.

2022 is not a good time to make major adjustments to your personal goals. But starting in February, keep reinventing yourself throughout the year to achieve your goals, be it health or wealth.

This is an opportune time to hire or fire and restructure your business. New roles with opportunities to learn new skills or build better relationships with colleagues are favored. It's also a good year to change jobs.

This time is good for dealing with authorities, gaining recognition, and improving PR for your business. Be more visible in terms of optimistic predictions on your resume and career as you may be headhunted.

Hone your intuition this year, Gemini; you know you're one of the most enlightened signs yet. Use the energy of the full moon to meditate so you can prioritize more efficiently.

Cancer jewelry

Setting priorities and understanding your relationship and its meaning in life is critical. Relationships are more than a way to cooperate and avoid loneliness; often, they are the key to your development and destiny, so try to understand how your relationships shape you or influence your behavior or outlook on life. Welcome to Cancer 2022. Your super sensitive side will do some reality checks that can be very beneficial in the long run.

Influenced by the eighth house, this time is a good time for honest discussion and a psychological perspective. Gaming and manipulation are common at this stage, so you need to be vigilant and honest about this. You may occasionally use emotional manipulation and very indirect methods to achieve your goals. This will most likely be the case during January, February, and March, but knowing that and knowing your "self-worth" is huge this year.

The eighth house is also associated with money and prosperity, but it comes down to values, and flashpoints about money often reveal a deeper rift between you and your new partner. Focus on your strengths and focus on what you have to offer, whether in your current job or when looking for a new one, that's a lot. If you are married, discuss and agree on your financial situation this year with your spouse. This is the perfect time to bond and grow.

This is an excellent time to start a course of study, which may involve research to start a new career or forge a different path forward. You are very inquisitive and willing to study at all levels, especially those subjects that you have previously ignored or felt irrelevant. Strange things are suddenly very interesting and important to you. If you love the occult (not crazy witches) and expand your spirituality, then you are in this zone and it can lead you in a very positive direction.

Don't shy away from or be afraid of the truth because it has to happen for you to move forward, but this truth cannot be found from the mouths of unreliable people and from gossip, so you have to be a good judge of who you are relying on for information.

Pay attention to the new moon cycle each month, as this is your prime time for decision-making, goal-setting, and new initiatives. You have a strong desire to do good and make a difference in the world. In 2022, delving into politics, charities, and anything else that lets you focus on change is in your wheelhouse. If that doesn't resonate with you, then research your local charities, i.e. food banks, shelters, etc., it's helpful, always loving, so much better.

Single ladies, this is a great time for romantic earrings, a new relationship, and a date or social event. Stay safe and have fun.

Take care of your health, Cancer. Eat healthy and become more active. The stars are aligned in your favor.

Leo jewelry

Lioness of the jungle. Start purring more and bashing less in 2022. The new moon cycle is powerful because your golden period for decision-making, goal-setting, and new initiatives is very powerful. So mark all retrogrades on your calendar (scroll up) and spend time on your self-care and spirituality. It can be challenging for a Leo to sit back and make things happen. But, sometimes, that's the best plan.

This is a great time for renovations, home improvement projects, home improvement and entertaining the family. It is also good for businesses related to travel, dining and hospitality and has your shining personality. Just be safe.

Married Leo, spend as much time as possible in your relationship in February, March and April. Literally put a spring in your footsteps this spring to reinvent yourself and your spouse.

Watch out for office romance bracelets.

This is when other people's advice may be useless. So it's good for you to get a second opinion or even a third opinion so you can create with certainty.

Venus retrograde affects the parts of your chart ruled by Venus, including authority figures and communications. So it will be best if you are very diplomatic and accurate in any dealings with your superiors. When it comes to job interviews, you must be well prepared. This might be a good time to avoid doing anything controversial or talking on social media, as these may come back to haunt you.

2022 is the best time of year for recovery, so it can be a good time to start any healthy eating regimen or take a specific alternative medicine or therapy to improve health, increase healing and become an alternative ninja.

This can be a great time for a break or vacation to recharge your batteries, build strength, get plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and take nutritional supplements and health supplements. If that's not possible, then it's an accommodation.

Virgo jewelry

2022 is a great time to study, research and learn languages. This is also a good time to edit reports or view information. The goal of education, that is, to educate oneself or others, is consistent. If none of these resonate with you, then consider promoting yourself online with something you are very passionate about and/or interested in.

When Jupiter moves into your solar seventh house in January, this is an excellent time for new initiatives in your relationship. So if your relationship is going well, this might be a time to encourage your partner to start a business together or set some new goals for yourself, like a plan extension, an important vacation, etc. so you have something exciting to do Years of working towards this goal.

If you're struggling in a relationship, now is a great time to talk and figure out what's next. This year is about building relationships, connecting and moving towards happiness. Getting stuck is not a good option. Virgo, you have excellent communication skills. use them.

Because Venus is retrograde in Capricornus, it's retrograde in your fifth house of romance rings, which means this special time isn't suitable for romance or new relationships. Therefore, if you meet a potential partner at this time, the relationship may start off quite a bit, as you are not very affectionate, may be shy, and are not particularly expressive. So even if you do have a crush on someone, in 2022 you're less likely to take action because you're more cautious about your feelings. Spiritual bracelet alignment can help you get through tough times and raise your vibration for a deeper connection with a new partner.

This is also not a good time for any speculation or gambling.

Instead, 2022 is a perfect year for Virgos to learn how to invest and manage money. Learn and then do, not the other way around.

With Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde, diplomacy and being taken seriously is extremely important this month. So, whatever you do, think twice before speaking and make sure your words are clear and subtle; this is not the time to be very direct in terms of your approach to people. This is an example of leading people to drink water and then expecting them to drink water without putting any pressure on them. The transformation is coming, Virgo, love it.

This year has been very good for the creative industries, and you don't have to use judgment or rely on fact-based decisions. Sometimes it's easier to do activities that involve design, creativity, ideas, learning or charity work on your own than with your head. It tends to be easier and more successful.

Libra jewelry

Calling all single Libras, you are likely to meet someone new this year because you are very curious about love ring silver and eager to get into the dating game. 2022 favors online and online romance brooches (navigate carefully), even dating agencies. You're picky, and you want to know a lot about your new relationship, which is why extensive communication over the Internet provides a solid foundation for love.

You're hesitant about love pearl necklaces, which is why long-distance relationships are developing so well these days. There is that distance, that angle, from which you can assess the potential of the relationship without getting too close and too close.

During this time, you need to love your bracelet with your mind, put emotions and sentimentality aside, and be objective. If you're a rather sentimental person, be careful because you won't necessarily make good decisions in that mindset.

Venus retrogrades this year in Capricornus, in your fourth house. This is the realm of family, family and property affairs. Usually during this time, family affairs are a little bit tense. This may not be the best time for the whole family to come to an agreement, as people tend to be more selfish and less willing to cooperate.

You often need support from your family, and without it, you can be a little withdrawn.

If you enjoy shopping with your partner for home improvement catalogs or shopping online to research ideas to improve your home entertainment and general home convenience, 2022 will be a great year.

Libra, this year will place great emphasis on money. This is a great time to discuss any concerns you have about money. If a problem you're having with your work or home finances is frustrating you, talk about it. But do it rationally, because you may let it affect you psychologically.

In other words, a lack of financial success can inhibit your ego. However, your horoscope has a lot of money this year. enjoy.

You may be periodically unsociable this year, and may like to hide in the study, read, or just hang out and take a little time on your own terms. Self-care is key, and, oh, so, enjoyable.

Focus on the new moon periods this year, as they can be prime times for decision-making, goal-setting, and new initiatives about money, careers, and relationships.

Scorpio Jewelry

Yo, Scorpio, listen carefully. 2022 is a huge year of growth for you, and with it comes a lot of responsibility. So it's all about how you communicate this year.

This is an excellent time to start a new income stream that has nothing to do with other income streams, especially when it comes to your initiative and ideas. A lot of success this month comes from confidence, so the more confidence you have in yourself or your ability to build something completely new, despite the lack of support, the more successful you will be.

Venus retrograde in Capricornus occurs in your third house of communication and daily activities, as well as relationships with colleagues and neighbors.

So you're not always as friendly (shocked) as you should be, you may be withdrawn, abrupt with people, and you're less likely to pay attention to diplomacy and detail. But, on the other hand, you may be pretty earrings because you like to call your shovel a shovel and may be very reluctant to deal with deceitful or indecisive people.

This doesn't have to be a good time for a leisure trip or to arrange an outing with immediate family. It may be better for you to spend time alone to relax because you can easily get stressed and irritable with people. So in typical Scorpio fashion, this is a good time for you to retreat, keep your advice, and take a break from people. Repeat the words "I'm going to focus on my self-care this year."

Your romance is in the air this year. If you're considering or currently dating online, be extra vigilant about communicating and getting to know the person on the other end. While you might get really nervous, and now that's not a bad thing, use diplomacy and have fun. Meet via Zoom or Facetime before venturing out, because prefer joy over shock.

Remember, the most important part of Love heart earrings is compromising this month, marrying Scorpions, we know you're not the most giving when it comes to giving and receiving. However, the planets are aligned to bring communication and attraction. So grab your partner, bring out your Scorpio seduction skills, and have fun. But then, get out of your head. Your marriage and spouse will be forever grateful.

2022 will focus on your "emotions" and the deep house. This once again gives you reason to think deeply, think deeply, and even think deeply. You may be obsessed with the past. A certain level of self-pity and inevitability is associated with this retrograde. You may not be very aggressive or forward-looking at this stage, as it encourages nostalgia and even rough behavior. Scorpio, use the mantras of the new moon and full moon this year and will definitely help you a lot. Literally, let us keep your feet on the ground.

The family situation can be a little shaky this year, especially since there's still a lot of tension in the air. Love your family and let them love your heart. As we mentioned, 2022 is all about communication.

Sagittarius jewelry

This month, Venus retrogrades in your second house of Capricornus, the house of finances and values, so you need to be vigilant about your money. 2022 will limit your spending, instead, it's good to consolidate and think about ways to save money.

This may also be a time when you look ahead to the year and you may want to review your various income streams and the time you spend on each. You may want to start refocusing on the most efficient ways to make money and consider smarter ways to use your cash or resources.

It's important to note that money issues often dovetail with self-esteem issues at the spiritual necklace level! So if you feel like you're in a low-paying job, you're being taken advantage of, or your employer doesn't appreciate you and isn't paying you enough, it could be a reflection of your lack of confidence and self-esteem. So deal more with these inner emotional issues and use the sacred spiritual places where you know you are safe and build with incantations and affirmations.

This is a great time for your social life and friendships. If you have a suitable partner in your circle of friends, be aware as the relationship may start to develop; however, please be patient as you have been very conflicted and emotionally unstable this year.

As far as your business network is concerned, you may need to remove the wheat from the chaff; not everyone is what they appear to be. It's easy to waste time going to meetings, attending conferences, or even attending seminars on the wrong premise. Fundamentally, when it comes to cutting-edge or technology-related joint ventures or events, you understand the real value of your involvement. You must fully understand these businesses from a professional point of view, otherwise they can easily mislead you. If you're ready for it, it's been a year of growth for you.

This year is a great year to start a spiritual earring pursuit like yoga or chakra balancing. Philanthropy is successful. Communication is essential, and discovering yourself is the path to greater power, newer and better opportunities, and great relationships. Remember, you are perfect and a powerful sign. 2022 will be a growth year for you, you will rise to the challenge and have a great time in the meantime.

Capricorn jewelry

Venus is retrograde in 2022, and it is retrograde in Capricornus in your first house, so this is especially relevant to Capricornus.

This affects your image, independence, and the way you project to others. Venus retrograde isn't necessarily a good sign for a date; it could indicate a lack of self-confidence, or that you'll act in a romantically awkward way. The good news is that it will subside in February, so stay awake and vigilant for the next few months.

This is a good month of the year to reset the image. So, for business, this is a great time to revamp your website, take a new photo for your social media, or pay more attention to the modernity and appeal of all your platforms. So, in terms of business, this can be a great time to impress your clients with a little more thought for your presentation online, in person or in the office.

While this is a great way to develop more self-awareness, during January and February you may not be hitting the right note or understanding what is going on, which is why you may be a little sensitive, almost shy.

You are less inclined to be a team player. In relationships, you can even be a little selfish; sometimes, you can also be a little self-indulgent, focusing on how any situation affects you, not the couple. You tend to be very individualistic, which also hinders shared decision-making.

Sometimes you tend to judge other people, so you may often dismiss someone the first time you meet them because your gut says they're not for you. However, these intuitions are often wrong, so even if you go the wrong way with your partner in 2022, there's a good chance you'll like them a lot, but you'll initially be ostracized by them because your romantic earring radar is off. This month Someone you don't like might be someone you're secretly sexually attracted to. So you shouldn't jump to conclusions about anyone right now because your romantic necklace instinct is leading you in the wrong direction.

Mercury retrograde in 2022 can cause some instability in your finances, which could mean increased stress. Money management, budgeting, and financial planning take up so much of your spare time that you can feel stressed and alienated.

You might as well diversify and spread your risk; now is a good time to talk about money. On the other hand, you may be reluctant to take on additional financial responsibilities now, so it's not a good time to start a major purchase.

Let your guard down in 2022 and focus on tactful and respectful communication. It will get you very far. If you're considering a new job or starting your own company, 2022 is the year to start. Put your focus on the "how" to get started and build it. Don't dive right in; it may not work well.

You are a social entrepreneur. Remember what we said above about your social media and improve your appearance.

Aquarius Ornament

Venus retrogrades in your 12th house of Capricorn in 2022; now, it's a major retrograde because it ties into the year-round theme that the return of the past pushes you. This could mean that a past relationship is overshadowing and needs to be dealt with, or it could mean that you are about to enter a new year after just leaving a relationship.

However, you still have baggage associated with relationships that you haven't dealt with yet. These questions will continue to stick with you throughout the year because you have a lot of sentimentality about the past, which sometimes distorts your assessment of the future, so it's hard to draw the line under things. If you choose to cut the cord once and for all, use compassion and diplomacy. Your zodiac sign has a lot to offer in the romantic world this year. Sometimes using your ring ninja skills to leave the past behind can be the way to go.

You have something bordering on sentimentality, you are very nostalgic, but that nostalgia is sometimes even less helpful because it represents a good view of the past, but it is not accurate.

This is definitely not a good time for any self-promotion, especially if you're asking for feedback and want to go public with any of your artistic or business ideas in January and February. You may not get a particularly good response. However, starting in the spring, around March, and the rest of the year, this is a good time to move forward. Take the time to figure out what's holding you back. New moon and full moon mantras and prayers can help you move forward.

Postpone any travel in January and February during the retrograde period.

You enjoy deep conversations and learning. Explore this further in 2022. Taking an online course is the perfect way to open up, learn (the necklace you really love), and expand your horizons.

You'll make plans, analyze alternatives, and start weighing options, but it's too early to jump ship and commit to any new direction. Take some time to focus this year. Then come fall, and you'll be ready.

You are certainly open to new options, and friends and colleagues have important opinions and advice for you. However, when it comes to dating, getting involved during January and February can be quite tricky (remember what we said above), so proceed with caution as your partner may be playing with you or just trying on a love chain necklace. Don't worry though, because your relationship is on your card this year. Just be fully aware of what you want and need.

Pisces jewelry

In January and February, Venus retrogrades in Capricornus in your eleventh house of associations, networks, and higher ambitions. During this time, relationships and collaborations with friends or professional colleagues who work in your network can be strained.

Pisces in 2022 may need to reassess the people you associate with. You may find that they are no longer interested in things that interest you, or you may realize that they are showing insincere or over-promising. So while you may have additional responsibilities, you'd better go it alone now and let some people go with the flow because they're not helping as you expected.

Focus on your own goals and remove distractions, often caused by friends' expectations or "keep on trend." This is when you want to be true to yourself and not be drawn to any wrong goal just because a friend is heading in that direction.

Pisces, this year is in many ways a big year for independence. Whether you're married or single, you'll feel a hunger for improvement and a desperate need for self-control or protection. The stronger you feel inside, the more you'll emulate it on the outside.

Spiritual brooch initiation is a powerful and important part of your journey this year. It will help you gain the confidence you need to move forward in many areas of your life. As a result, work, love prayer jewelry, and friendships all improve.

This is a stage where you need to keep the paint dry and feel it out. It's impossible to see the whole picture, so some indecision is entirely forgivable. Avoid putting pressure on yourself.

2022 is a good year for you, Pisces, and you need to take advantage of the alignment of the stars. Self-care and self-love are your two favorite words. Most of you love infinity necklaces for physical fitness, be it exercising or walking and eating healthy. So move it to the charts this year - meal prep and moving. enjoy.

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