Crystal Earring - How To Wear Crystals: Where To Place Crystals On Your Body To Access Their Full Power

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The beauty of precious gems and crystals cannot be overlooked, but we don't want to forget the more amazing role they play as healing stones.

Amplifying our style with gorgeous crystal earrings is one thing. Knowing how to wear healing crystals to enhance their value in our lives is another.

Find out where to wear Swarovski Crystal Earring in various combinations—like full jewelry sets and chakra necklaces with crystal balance stones—to provide protection and enhance our vibrations throughout the day, no matter where we venture.

How to wear crystal drop earrings? Is there a right way to make them more efficient?
Are crystal drop earrings more effective on the wrist or neck, or does it matter? What about ears, fingers or ankles?

These are the questions our audience has been asking on our social media channels. So, we now want to figure it out and clarify where to place crystal stud earrings on your body to get the benefits you're looking for.

Crystals and Chakras
Let's answer this question that seems to be on everyone's mind by looking at how crystal hoop earrings affect the energy points of the body...

Our wrists are probably the most visible part of our body. Think about it - from typing, using the phone, driving, cooking - how often we look at our hands during the day. Wearing a crystal bracelet will remind us gently in front of our eyes. Every time we glance at our bracelet, we are reminded to live for our intentions.

For the healing of chakra bracelets, the wrist allows us to transfer the frequency of energy from the Swarovski crystal stud earrings to every point of our body. Enhance healthy habits by wearing healing bracelets that combine powerful crystals with spiritual symbols from our extensive bracelet collection.

Crystal Earrings | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

When we wear a crystal bracelet, by placing our hand on our stomach, heart or head for a moment, we send a healing vibe to the chakra earrings we need to align. The bracelet is also placed on an important pressure point that circulates the energy of the wrist throughout the body.

Ladies necklace resonates with throat, heart and solar plexus chakra bracelet crystals. Whether it's charms and pendants, crystal teardrop earrings or beaded mara zippers, our women's silver necklaces come in a variety of styles that allow us to connect with changing intentions and join forces with other spiritual jewelry.

The women's crystal necklace touches around certain points of our neck and chest, allowing our heart chakra necklace pendant to share balance between the upper and lower chakras. Stones like lapis lazuli charge the throat and heart chakras in a way that channels energy up and down our chakra nodes.

Knowing how to wear jewelry with crystals is as simple as stylishly combining necklaces of different layers and lengths.

To heal our upper chakra jewelry, the earrings provide constant support for the third eye and crown node. The delicate and intricate designs in our earrings help deliver important spiritual messages from the divine realm.

A pair of earrings can simply come in the form of crystal studs or a longer dangling chain. Although small, they lead to powerful health and well-being by directing our thoughts toward positivity and intention.

Feminine rings work especially well on foundation chakra bracelet gems (root and sacrum) because placing our hands on our laps or hanging our hands brings them close to these points. Our wide range of rings features different shapes and gemstones that complement each other, and you choose to pair with spiritual bracelets and necklaces.

We can be more conscious of our treatment goals. Wearing a girl-friendly ring on your right hand can channel energy out of your system, affecting the way you relate to and love others. In your left hand, the crystal will draw energy towards you to promote self-love and motivation.

How to Wear Healing Crystals to Master Your Intentions
Now, let's look at some of the most common intentions people have for wearing crystal jewelry...

Happiness and Confidence

These intentions go hand in hand. To feel true happiness, we need to feel confident and comfortable with the people we spend the most time with every day - ourselves!

Part of confidence comes from our ability to express the truth. By activating our throat chakra, especially using a mystical crystal like lapis lazuli, we can have a truly heartfelt communication.

We have a collection of jewelry that will sparkle your aura and inspire you to openly express and demonstrate your spiritual purpose.

Protection and Peace
Experiment with how wearing crystals to activate chakras can expand your aura. This means it may absorb more energy than before. The only problem is that you also become more susceptible to negative energies. Still, that's no reason to give up this wonderful healing tool.

Wearing jewelry designed to provide protection and peace means that we surround ourselves with a powerful spiritual fortress to protect our complete chakra system while ensuring a calm, peaceful mind.

Health and Balance
The full name of the game here is Balance and Happiness. Intentional wearing of crystals to promote personal health and tranquility contributes to open, free-flowing chakras.

Knowing how to wear crystals that connect the points along the chakra system allows us to find a balance between the grounded root chakra and the ethereal crown chakra. Our Health and Balance collection features jewels with gemstones that gently vibrate in each chakra.

Love and Loyalty
When talking about being able to give and receive love, we mentioned important differences in the placement of jewelry on the left and right sides of the body. In order to find dynamic love, we need to attract people who are loyal and sincere to us.Crystal Earrings | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

The heart chakra invites us to explore our capacity to love, our third eye chakra allows us to think clearly about true spiritual relationships, and our root chakra keeps us firmly in our intentions. We have tailored a collection of fine jewelry for you, targeting these key points of love and loyalty in your life.

Luck and Success
Whatever success means to a person, we all want it very much. We've been told over and over about the hard work it takes to succeed, and that's true whether you want wealth, love, or enlightenment. It can't hurt to add a little luck to the mix.

We need to be ignited by our passion and muster our resilience to follow through. By focusing on our upper chakras, as well as the heart and solar plexus chakras, we train our spirit to recognize the opportunities and moments we need to embrace for success.

Our Luck and Success collection will help shed light on how to wear crystals and create a clear path to your dreams.

Strength and Stability
One of the greatest gifts of a healthy chakra system is strength and stability through the inevitable highs and lows of human life. By empowering all chakras with a steady and powerful energy, we promote whole body healing practices.

Find colorful pieces from our collection to protect, recharge and balance your complete chakra system.

How to Wear Jewelry for Full Body Balance
While the tips above can certainly help you amplify your intentions and live your best life, in the end, there's no right or wrong way to wear crystal jewelry. Wearing crystals close to each chakra will help your life by helping you keep your energy field in balance.

Crystal Earrings | Shop Women's Jewelry Online | Luxa Wish

Play around and learn how to wear the crystal for a holistic healing experience. Put the pieces together and see how your chakras communicate and help each other for optimal mental health.

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