Crystal Earring - 8 Simple Methods For How To Cleanse Gemstones, Plus Why You Should In The First Place

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In the centuries and generations before us, gemstones have been incredibly beloved in spiritual and overall communities. After all, they have the power to change our frequency, heal us, guide us, and give us the energy we need at all times.

Cleaning crystals is an important step in using them to heal and elevate our vibrations. Every time we use one as our healing stone and set an intention, it absorbs and transforms energy to our advantage.

So knowing how to clean gems and take good care of our Crystal Earring collections and jewelry helps us get the most out of them.

Why should I clean my crystals?
Crystals help us lift and change our vibrations. They easily absorb surrounding energy and are very sensitive to changes in frequency. To maximize their healing potential, we must take good care of them.

That's why we clean all our products through a special cleaning process before shipping to ensure that when they reach our customers, they are free of old energy. But more on that later.

They absorb negativity
Gems constantly absorb negative energy for us and convert it into positive energy. Therefore, when we use them in an unclean situation, we impair their ability to reach their maximum therapeutic potential.

Exposing a gem to a negative source for extended periods of time does not negate its healing power; but it reduces its full ability to heal and transform, so knowing how to clean a gem is a key aspect of crystal healing and collection.

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A clean crystal is a powerful crystal
The act of cleansing brings the crystal back to its natural state and enhances its healing powers. Crystals are formed under the influence of powerful natural forces. When a gemstone comes into contact with a natural source of high vibration, it releases old energy and prepares it for fresh, beneficial energy.

How to Clean Gems: 8 Easy Ways
Using crystals requires knowledge about how to clean new crystals and how to replenish and maximize their healing potential.

Well-executed cleansing rituals and blessings have an incredible impact on crystals and gemstones, as these practices are healing in themselves, they can be used to refresh the crystal and remove the low vibrations within it.

Selected holy objects, nature, spiritual tools and the power of our own positive vibrations are incredible sources of positive energy that can help us in this cleansing process.


Each sound has its own vibration, and the singing bowl is designed to produce high-vibration sounds that have a profound effect on the gem.

Our Crystal Singing Bowl collection offers a way to harness the power of vibrational sound therapy to improve our lives and the beneficial qualities of crystals. Made from the healing gem itself, they combine sound frequencies with crystal qualities to help other crystals achieve balance.

Thanks to sound purification and the use of this method of cleansing the gem, the singing bowl helps prepare the crystal for a new healing cycle, restoring its healing powers.

Each of our products receives divine blessings through a giant crystal singing bowl before leaving our factory. That way, when you open the package, you can immediately start enjoying the healing benefits of jewelry or home decor.

There is nothing that the power of the mind cannot transform. Everything is made of energy, and energy is nothing more than consciousness. This means that your crystals are energy and so are your thoughts. This means that only your mind can purify your crystal.

Gemstones resonate incredibly with positive vibrations. Set a clear intent from a place of peace, positivity and serenity, and send that energy into your crystal, allowing that positivity to overwhelm the negative vibrations the crystal absorbs for us.

Other crystals
Some crystals have the ability to act as energy batteries for others. Clear quartz is known not only for its healing properties, but also for its ability to amplify the power of other crystals. Large pieces of amethyst and citrine are the best gemstones for cleaning other gemstones.

To learn how to use other crystals to purify a gem, first place one of the crystals next to the crystal to be purified and let their energies intertwine. This will help balance energy, clear away energy residues, and prepare your favorite gems for a fresh look.


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For centuries, sage, Palo Santo, and incense have been used for cleansing purposes and spiritual protection rituals, and have the ability to clear and transform energy for us. Using them to clean crystals will remove energy blockages, remove negative emotions from absorption, and energetically strengthen gems so that they can provide us with the highest level of healing.

Water is a fundamental elemental force, a powerful purifying power that generates fresh energy and helps crystals connect with it. Through deep cleansing, it flushes out collected negative emotions, elevates vibration, brings tranquility, and helps the crystal return to its natural state.

Not all crystals can be washed in water as some break down in water, so make sure your crystals are safe to wash in water first.

Salt has incredible absorption capacity and is a powerful catalyst for energy exchange. Using it during cleaning exercises will help remove anything that is blocking the power of the crystal, as it will absorb all the weight that the crystal absorbs.

Like water, not all crystals respond well to salt, which is why it is crucial to know how to clean gemstones in a way that is in sync with their nature and to check if your crystals react with salt before proceeding.

The moon has magical powers. It symbolizes the divine feminine power of intuition and serenity, and its radiance can help restore its natural healing powers. Exposing a crystal to moonlight overnight, especially during a full or new moon, increases its potential to heal and change our reality.

Symbol of light and life, the sun is a powerful natural force that heals, lifts and purifies.

If you're wondering how to clean gemstones with sunlight, simply expose your crystal to direct sunlight for a while, then let it soak in the sun.

However, some crystals, such as amethyst, rose quartz, and citrine, fade in direct sunlight and work better in moonlight.Women's Luxury Fashion and Costume Jewelry | Luxa Wish

How often should you clean your crystals?
The more times a crystal is affected by various effects, the more energy it absorbs. In order to keep its vibration at an all-time high, regular cleaning of your work is essential.

Clean every 10 to 15 days
Each crystal should be cleaned at least every 10 to 15 days, even if you are not actively using it for meditation and healing. Ritually purify your crystals twice a month to bring fresh positive energy into your life and support the flow of beneficial energy.

You can choose any method to clean the gemstone that resonates with your crystal, or mix it up from time to time.

Clean it after every use
While not necessary, cleaning the crystal after each use is a good way to ensure it always vibrates at the desired frequency. This helps to enhance its healing properties, especially during turbulent times.

Clean after large energy transfer
To enjoy its full benefits, clean your crystals every time you come into contact with overwhelming negative energies or with others. Also, if you wear the gemstone while undergoing healing or energetic transformations, it will need to be cleaned.

Final thoughts
Take good care of your crystal and your crystal will take good care of you. Cleaning and recharging crystals allows their positive, healing energies to flow unchecked, freeing us from old energies that are useless to us.

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