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Welcome to the Lions Gate Portal
Talk about bringing premium Luxa into your life. While many of you don't know what the Lionsgate Portal is, you will surely learn what it is and how it can positively impact your lifeline necklace by the end of this article.

Best of all, it happens every year on August 8th. This year, though, it falls in the powerful constellation Leo, which is very rare, bringing unlimited abundance, incredible performance potential, and a high sensitivity to major transformations in life cycle necklaces and more New energy bracelet.

What does it mean?
Sirius, one of the brightest stars, is also the star of creativity, love bracelets and abundance, and will be perfectly combined with the belt of Orion. As they align with the fiery Sun in Leo (hence the name), the High Vibrational Energy Bead Bracelet will manifest, bring balance and enhance true transformation during this time.

While the Lions Gate Portal is open from July 26th to August 12th, you will feel the Intense Vibrational Energy Balance Bracelet appear, with its peak of Cosmic and Spiritual Crystal Good Energy Bracelet on August 8th. However, this portal will remain open for a few weeks to give you time to finally connect to this power stone bracelet, and we've given you some incredible ways to do that below.

During this time, the number 8 is important because it is about strength, balance and harmony. During your time at Lionsgate Portal, you'll have the opportunity to work on self-care and well-being, and get rid of the negativity and weight that's holding you back. New hope will prevail so that intent can be implemented and goals set and activated.

The celebration and growing popularity of Lionsgate has been considered a more "new age" in the practice of spiritual jewelry over the past few decades. Nonetheless, the number 8/8 has been the "spiritual" date of many ancient cultures for thousands of years.

The alignment of Sirius with Earth and the perfect alignment of Orion with the Pyramids of Giza, the alignment of the Trinity was tracked before any technology was introduced.

On August 8, the sun and the stars will align!
This day the universe will be beautifully lit, helping us to illuminate our ambitions and goals, and, with Leo's solid and noble lioness healing energy bracelet and experience, more vitality and transformation will take place.

Because 8/8 also combines astrology with numerology, the synergy of the fire sign of Leo is associated with wealth, wealth, and passion. It's like combining a crescent moon necklace with a full moon while the sun is still up, releasing all the confidence and self-expression you've been suppressing.

While August 8 is considered the peak season for harnessing this auspicious and mystical energy armor bracelet, it's a sparkling spiritual crystal necklace that gives you the opportunity to determine your intentions, practice rituals (which we'll set below) ) and make the most of the Lions Gate Portal Energy Care Bracelet

The perfect time to recognize your personal strength and let it grow from today to 2022

Oh! The numerology power of 8/8 gives you another spiritual rock and crystal boost. On its side, the number 8 becomes a symbol of infinity, a manifestation of infinity and connection to the divinity within you and the entire universe.

Isn't that beautiful jewelry as it sounds? Absolutely, it's all yours.

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What does the Lions Gate Portal do?
The Lions Gate portal is a massive influx of energy from the universe. What exactly does this energy do, while it is open? Can I take advantage of my proposed practice before this date?

love necklace energy
Amplify the Power of Love Bracelets: What could be more extraordinary than the power of a love knot necklace? No, during the portal you will be able to dive into your divine truth and light and accept the reality of your true power of understanding, courage and hidden powers that you are unaware of that exists.

As long as you are willing to do the work, you can reach a higher level of awareness, and a state of feeling more enlightened will bring you a fresh start. More on that below.

Chakra Alignment
Lions Gate Portal energies match the emerald heart and solar plexus chakra necklace silver to enhance and improve your self-confidence, willpower, inner strength, balance and love jewelry self-rock.

This is the true epitome of yin and yang, light and shade, balanced jewelry. As if all of that wasn't enough to prompt you to take action, here's something that will give you all the feel.

As the energy of the sun taps in Leo, it also activates the energy of your soulmate and you feel it directly. So whether you're in a love knot ring, falling in love, or looking for love, feel the comfort and warmth of the sun's alignment as it radiates over and through you.

List Money & More
What a day to focus on meditation and your intention to express what you truly love and want about the Flower of Life necklace. If money is one of them, it's time to take action and make it happen.

Harness that rich flow of energy by opening your third eye chakra balance necklace and using your source energy, your core and your heart. Lion's Gate Portal's high-vibration, high-frequency can help you set goals in no time, so you can pursue them easily with less struggle. So get that pen and paper out.

Purification and Cleaning
Sometimes the most challenging things in lifeline bracelets are the easiest to achieve, and overwhelming ideas hold us back. But, not during the portal; this is the time, if anything, to openly release the things that are frustrating you, relationships, bad habits, negative thoughts about yourself.

Our souls do not evolve because we sit still. Evolution comes from pain and pleasure, life charm bracelet. So use this day to channel your love knot earrings and release your fears.

There are more ways you get this than you know, and the only way you can honestly figure it out is by secretly trusting yourself. Harness the energies of Leo and Aquarius immediately, knowing that you are a divine force to be reckoned with and that "fear" will be replaced by "love necklace."

transition time
This is one of the luckiest times of the year for transformation and manifestation; it's time for a personal power ceremony on August 8. As the Earth is bathed in this magnificent energy, it is time to harness its power, accelerate the changes you fervently desire, and shine like your natural superstar without hesitation.

Embrace the Power of Portal Meditation and Ritual
From July 26th to August 12th, the universe is opening its doors for you, the most important day is August 8th, the day of balance and infinite possibilities, and the day you have to make time for yourself to find you so Desperately seeking balance and embodying everything we discussed above: love ring gold, money, peace, health, and more.

Let's get ready for 8/8 and record our goals before the ceremony
List 8 achievable goals you can achieve right now and 8 steps to achieve them. Don't hold back either; now is not the time to keep your will. It's time to be unabashedly bold.

Now that you've got these written down, let's start some freeing ideas and document them. Here are some to help you start answering them honestly. Start from a new page.

I forgive myself...
I am getting stronger and stronger...
I can show myself more love by...
I like it when...
I am here to release my deepest fears because...
I fit my...
When I was the strongest...
I'm getting better at...
I am releasing...
Now that you're done, let's do some meditation and mantra bracelets to confirm your place in the universe and claim your due.

Your transformation is just a meditation and a mantra
πŸ™πŸ½ Meditation and Intention: Keep your journal close to you. If you can do it outside, do it; if you can't, find a comfortable and quiet place at home. Next, clean your area (if you have an applicator or crystal, this will help, if not, use the palm of your hand as it also has a lot of energy) and repeat this spell necklace 3 times. "My space is purified, I am protected; only earrings of light and love can stay here."

πŸ™πŸ½ Make sure to set aside time to meditate or chant mantra earrings for 8 minutes on 8th August. Set a timer on your phone and forget about it. Just focus on your meditation and prayer. If your mind gets lost, don't worry; bring it back and wake you up. Wear or hold your favorite gemstones and crystals, as they greatly help you stay grounded and focused. If you don't have one, click here to see the manifested energy you are looking for.

πŸ™πŸ½ Offering the "Make it happen" mantra: Now that you've radiated positive energy, stay put and let's do some positive affirmations and mantras to bring it home. First, reset the phone for 8 minutes. Next, place your left hand on the heart chakra gem necklace in the middle of your chest and take a few deep breaths. Finally, wear your gemstone bracelet on your left hand and let them absorb energy and put positive energy back into your heart.

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Here are 8 mantras for you to chant. Write these on a large piece of paper in bold, large font and place it in front of you. You don't need to close your eyes for this. Instead, make sure to put your hands on your heart's true chakra jewelry, as described above. Repeat these 8 minutes on your timer, 8 more times if you wish, to better gauge the blessings that the number 8/8 brings us.

I regain my strength and embrace a new beginning
I'm showing everything that aligns with my highest potential.
I invite abundance of all forms into my beloved Jewel of Life.
I forgive myself for the past and I am open to a better future.
I let love fill me.
I have the ability to shape my reality.
I am gentle with myself and compassionate with others.
I am open to all things that serve the purpose of my soul.
πŸ™πŸ½ Once you have finished your meditation and chanting mantras, make sure you say "thank you" to the universe and sincerely thank you for having this time and space. Then, open your journal and write down your thoughts or anything that may come to mind during your meditation.

πŸ™πŸ½ Drink a glass of water or herbal tea to replenish your body and keep yourself in a calm state.

πŸ™πŸ½ Take a bath or shower if you wish and keep the mantra energy by your side as you clean and be grateful.

πŸ™πŸ½ When you are ready to sleep, remove your gems/crystals and place them beside your bed. Before you gradually become happier, repeat, "I am so grateful and grateful for everything I have and for all that I have for my highest and happiest version of myself." Then have a good dream while the universe turns.

Heart Chakra Moon Necklace is the source of love necklace gold. This is the place within you that has vibrations of warmth, altruism, compassion and joy. It connects and deeply enriches bonds with other living things.

Now, Lionsgate energy gives us the opportunity to radiate pure magnetic golden light. So make the most of this time and consciously embody your highest version and your innate strength.

It's time to show up and live the life power bracelet you want and never forget to express your deepest desires with the clearest statement and intent.

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