Animals Jewelry - Lucky Charms: Are They A Myth Or Are They Real?

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When it comes to lucky charm bracelets, are humans as stupid as pigeons? Before you call PETA, let me explain why I'm asking. Early on, psychologists experimented with pigeons by placing them in a box with a food dispenser. The dispenser releases food when the pigeon pecks the button. So pigeons learn to peck buttons when they want food.

The psychologist then fixed the button to work only occasionally. As a result, the pigeons pecking at the buttons more frequently, hoping for food. But what if they took out the button and let the food be distributed randomly?

Some pigeons came to believe that whatever actions they took when distributing the food was the cause of the food distribution. So if they shake their head, spin in circles, or peck on the floor, they keep repeating this action.

When the food is actually distributed, this reinforces their behavior, thereby persuading them to repeat their actions over and over again. Some pigeons are so fascinated by this that if they repeat this action enough, the food will appear.

So my question again: Are humans as stupid as pigeons? I'd like to think we're smarter, but since many of us try to guess (and beat) the odds, it makes you wonder.

Humans are terrible at estimating odds - it's a proven fact. However, we are used to looking for causality in patterns. So when two things happen at the same time, we assume they are related and ignore when they are not.

Animals Jewelry - Do They Really Work?
Are you carrying some kind of lucky charm? Maybe a four-leaf clover or rabbit's foot? Then, when you have a good luck or a really good day, do you feel like it's that charm that makes it all possible?

What about those days when things went wrong? Have you come to the conclusion and forgiven that your lucky charm doesn't work every day? Do you just have to wait for good luck to come back?

Everyone has a good day, a lucky day. Everyone has bad days, bad days. This is the reality of everything. Is there a bracelet that can bring us good luck, or is it a lack of charm that can lead to bad luck? Some experts believe that if this is really possible, then humans may be like pigeons.

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